Not to mention the moments of happiness to share with your partner,

the simple use of an butt plug has very beneficial effects within a couple .


In addition to increasing the sensations of sexual pleasure, it also helps to strengthen complicity, intimacy and trust.

This provides a more torrid atmosphere in the bedroom, a (very) strong libido, naughty ideas to lose your mind, and leads to doing surprisingly amazing things....

You have the feeling that your sex life is boring because as it becomes banal and routine? Or that it lacks spice, because there is no renewal during coitus, or on the contrary have you already gone around the Kamasutra positions?It might be time to introduce the Butt Plug in your relationship if it hasn't already been done.

Because yes, thanks to its different varieties, the use of an Butt Plug also makes it possible to increase the sexual desire within a couple to the ceiling.

Versatile, it can very well be used to set up a Pet play role-playing game, especially with a Fox Tail Anal Plug.This allows both to add a touch of Fun, but also of BDSM with a form of submission.

It also allows you to discover new sensations, especially by using a Glass Butt Plug, because this has a special feature, and that is to absorb the temperature.It can very well be hot or cold and inserting it into the anus in one of these states is particularly special.

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My Butt Plug™

Born from an idea originally 100% USA, My Butt Plug™ is a sex shop specializing in the theme of anal sex and its flagship ally: the Butt Plug, which is our favorite little sex toy.

Our mission is to break the taboos as well as the widespread false beliefs around anal sex, because many questions gravitate without finding an answer on the subject.

We work to make the practice of anal sex accessible, to be able to practice it without danger while enjoying it whether you are a man or a woman, homosexual or straight.

In our shop, we will guide you on the subject of anal sex with detailed explanations on subjects such as prostate massage, stimulation of the man's G-Spot (P-Spot to be exact (designating the "Point- prostate"))with new tricks to discover sensations that perhaps you have never discovered before.

Because it is during these moments that all your senses are awakened, your eyes widen, your lips pucker, and your fists tighten...

That's what we guarantee you, sexual fulfillment deep, as well as an unequivocal sexual experience.

Anal sex does not allow reproduction, but it boosts the humanitarian system and provides many benefits unknown to the general public...

You should know that the G-Spot of the man allowing to reach the "super-orgasm "is only attainable by anal masturbation, and that it is much more powerful than a classic ejaculatory orgasm.

Women can also have anal orgasms, because the anal wall is closely linked to the vaginal cavity, stimulating it causes very, very intense sensations.

All this is possible thanks to the use of the Butt Plug (in part) and its varieties, offering a unique Masturbation:

Prostate Simulator Vibrating Butt Plug Tailed Anal Plug Inflatable Anal Plug...

If you want to know more, we let's answer all the most frequent questions around the use of the butt plug but also about sexuality in our Blog (talking about the risks, the advantages, but also the disadvantages...) until the increase in the desire to your partner (to shake up a daily routine that has become banal).


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XXL Butt Plug

Anal sex...

Often fantasized in secret, we decided to take the leap.
To demystify it for you, in order to liberate your sexual practices..

Indeed, it should be known that within a couplet he anal penetration is often fantasized in secret by one of the two partners, but that the latter do not dare to cross the course, because there is this natural fear. .. which has been prevalent everywhere within society, and by society.

These main fears, you know them, are the judgment and the words around anal sex.Surely you have heard one of these words before?

"Does anal sex hurt?!""Sodomy is dirty?!""It's not a natural practice""Anal sex is reserved for homosexuals"...

Of course, each of these assertions is false.
There are many benefits to the practice of anal coitus, which we let you discover if you are interested, through our Blog or our Newsletter.

What is ESSENTIAL to remember is that there are good practices to put in place, as well as masturbatory and anal informers that allow us to obtain all these benefits, these are called anal plugs, or simply butt plug. This is what we offer on our shop: My Butt Plug™.
Sex-shop specialist in Butt Plug and Anal Sex.

Diamond Butt Plug

  • Ashley D.

    The plug is cute and fluffy, the fur is soft, does not cling, does not smell, evenly cut.

  • Will M.

    It's really cute and the plug is very small.

  • Peter J.

    Great, like most of the plugs in this shop.

  • Nathan C.

    Superb, as are most of the cards in this shop. Clearly in number, size and colour. My package was shipped quickly. I will be ordering more!!!

  • Column

    An amazing product, of superb quality. It's a solid plug and the feel of the weight inside is amazing. The silicone handle is soft and flexible. Comfortable to wear while seated. Very happy with my order (with fast and tracked shipping as well).

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