10 facts about sex you didn't know

10 facts about sex you didn't know

Sex is one of the most fun activities, yet it can be viewed not only from the point of view of pleasure, but also through the prism of science. We have prepared 10 unexpected and curious facts that are not known to everyone.

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Men can also boast of having a G-spot. 

Rumors that the 'G-spot' is a woman's control button have been circulating among men for more than a year. But hardly any of them know that such a point, which allows you to experience incomparable bliss, is also among the representatives of the stronger sex. According to studies, it is located directly under the bladder and its correct stimulation gives a much brighter and longer orgasm.

Girls think about sex more often. 

It is believed that lovely women are trembling prudes who do not indulge in playful thoughts. Survey results show exactly the opposite: it turns out that women think about sex not only no less, but also more often than boys, and many of them would like to do it more often.

The orgasm is the eighth wonder of the world. 

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Achieving orgasm is a well-studied and repeatedly described technology. However, the orgasm itself, as it turns out, is no mean achievement in itself. According to statistics, about 70% of men enjoy every sexual intercourse, but for women this figure is twice as low. Thirty percent of women can experience an orgasm.

Sex is the cure for oblivion. 

PS Only for girls. Not long ago, scientists discovered that regular sex can improve memory. This effect is achieved by the intense blood flow in the area of the brain responsible for storing information.

Spermatozoa are faster than salmon. 

The female body is a real sperm activator. Spermatozoa that have entered inside develop an unprecedented speed - up to 5 mm/min. The salmon, one of the fastest fish, swim at about the same speed.

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Size does not matter at all. 

The myth that women prefer men with impressive dimensions remains a myth. As it turns out, more and more girls are ready to make a choice in favor of guys with an average penis size, since genitals "generally" cause "pain and discomfort during sexual intercourse".

Oral sex contributes to penis growth. 

This is the feeling that men have. According to surveys, guys who frequently perform oral sex with their chosen ones perceive their penis to be larger than its actual size.

Apples are natural aphrodisiacs. 

To increase your libido, it is not at all necessary to spend money on strawberries and oysters, which are considered one of the most powerful dietary aphrodisiacs. They can compete with plain apples. According to research, girls who eat 1 apple a day want to have sex much more often.

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Ovulating women are a magnet for men. 

Scientists conducted an interesting experiment and found that ovulation is the most attractive time for women. To do this, they counted the tips of strippers in clubs: girls on ovulation days received many more tips.

Socks are the key to orgasm. 

The most ordinary socks can be the best helpers to reach the peak of pleasure. The fact is that the speed of reaching orgasm depends on the temperature of the legs. Scientists have confirmed this information.

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