5 things to do after sex

5 things to do after sex

Women who want to maintain a pleasant aftertaste after sex, protect their bodies from infection and strengthen their relationships with a partner should follow five mandatory steps.


Any woman with an active sex life knows this rule. In order to prevent pathogenic bacteria from entering the urethra, it is necessary to shower within 5-10 minutes after sex. Water procedures also help to clean the genitals of lubricant. If it is not possible to swim immediately after intercourse, it is still necessary to perform at least minimal hygiene procedures. In this case, wet wipes will help.

Sex toys that have been used must also be rinsed thoroughly. Otherwise, they can later cause genito-urinary infections to develop.

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Checking the integrity of the condom

Remembering the things to do after sex, many people forget the need to check the integrity of the condom. It is worth remembering that this method of contraception does not guarantee 100 percent protection against pregnancy and infection. If you discover that the condom is torn or deformed in any way immediately after sex, you should take emergency contraception and get tested as soon as possible.

Restoring water balance

Sexual intercourse is a colossal physical activity, after which some recovery is necessary. Immediately after sex, dry skin may be evident. Therefore, it is necessary to restore the water balance in the body, and it is not just a matter of drinking. For example, certified sex trainer Sunny Rogers states that you should urinate immediately after sex. Thus, there is a 'cleansing of the pipes', the flushing out of toxins and pathogenic bacteria.


If you have a question about what to do after first sex, you should know that American scientists have established a surprising fact: hugs are one of the most important components of a quality sexual relationship! No foreplay, no sex, but hugs! Such caresses contribute to the full satisfaction of intimate life. This is because a hormone is released that contributes to the emergence of a sense of unity. Therefore, do not neglect such caresses!

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Often, after rough sex, partners have an irresistible desire to eat. In such a situation, it is not necessary to remember the promise 'don't eat after six o'clock'. After intense physical activity, it is necessary to restore one's strength. Moreover, the joint preparation of dinner is an excellent continuation of a romantic evening.

Nutritionists recommend snacking on fermented foods that contain bacteria good for the vagina. Look for yogurt, cereals, cornflakes, peas, beans and bread. After sex, chia seeds are particularly useful. They contribute to a faster replenishment of energy reserves.

What else should you do after sex?

The above five things are in most cases a must. But a woman can perform a number of other actions that will allow you to relax, enjoy the incredible sensations after sex and restore your physical strength:

  • Bathe in a warm bath with essential oils. This pastime helps to soothe and reduce the risk of urinary infections. The warm water will help prevent vaginal dryness and irritation in the genital area.
  • In order to prevent pathogenic bacteria, it is recommended to use cotton underwear immediately after sexual intercourse. Synthetic panties contribute to nappy rash.

What not to do after sex?

Girls who want to make their intimate life brighter and richer are also advised to familiarize themselves with what not to do after sex. Firstly, after sex, you should not ignore the occurrence of even mild discomfort. There is no need to take risks and repeat sexual intercourse. Perhaps the problem is not enough lubrication . If you regularly feel pain or dissatisfaction, consult your gynecologist.

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Secondly, immediately after sexual intercourse, partners often forget the need to talk to their soulmate. This is due to high levels of the hormone oxytocin in the blood. Therefore, immediately after sex, you should pay some compliments to your partner. There is no doubt that your soulmate will be very pleased. At the same time, it is not advisable to discuss the moments of the past relationship.

Thirdly, while showering after sex, it is not advisable to use soap. It can cause dryness of the delicate genital skin, irritation or an allergic reaction. Gynecologists remember: the vagina is a self-cleaning organ. Therefore, for washing, it is sufficient to use water and ordinary hygiene products, which we have already discussed.

Even immediately after sex is not worth it:

  • get away from your partner and fall asleep (even worse - go to another room);
  • be ashamed of your nudity;
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