5 unexpected things that can bring a woman to orgasm

5 unexpected things that can bring a woman to orgasm

Sex is the most famous way to reach orgasm, because the sensations a woman receives 'at the height of pleasure' cannot be compared to anything else. However, some other things familiar to everyone can also offer otherworldly pleasure.

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We have collected five unexpected facts that will literally shock you.

Physical exercise

Strangely enough, it is entirely possible to achieve an orgasm in the gym. If you think that the main way is direct penetration into the vagina, you are very wrong! Muscles are responsible for the state, as are various nerve centers located in the human brain.

Here is a list of exercises that can give you 'unforgettable emotions':

  • Pull-ups and squats.
  • Torsion of the pelvis.
  • All types of planks.
  • Rope climbs.
  • Yoga asanas (mainly those aimed at improving the press).

Some women notice that they had an orgasm while exercising on the simulators. This is due to the fact that pressure on the clitoris and intimate muscles increased during training. However, no clear instruction entitled "How to reach the Olympus of pleasure in the hall?" no. Perhaps you yourself will choose a complex that will not only improve your health, but also help expand the horizons of pleasure.

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In 2013, Sexologies interviewed midwives who gave birth to French women. 1,000 specialists took part in the experiments. So some of them noted that more than 660 women out of 200,000 themselves admitted: they experienced sensations very close to those that can be felt during sex.

But this figure, of course, is approximate: not everyone wants to confess, many are trying to 'face it'. There is nothing strange or shameful here, because during childbirth there is pressure on the internal muscles that are able to contract.

Even the pain felt by a woman cannot influence the natural process and reaction of the brain. So it is pointless to resist, nature will still take its toll, regardless of whether or not there is vigilant supervision.


Many of us simply love to yawn and sneeze: with the help of a natural reaction to a pathogen or fatigue, the body is discharged. It's incredible, but having sex until orgasm is not at all necessary, because you can simply open your mouth and ... yawn properly.

But we are not talking about a simple 'mirror effect' or the consequences of tiredness, but a reaction to taking antidepressants. About 5 per cent of the patients noted: as a result of taking drugs, they can actually reach the peak of pleasure. This information was provided not only by women, but also by men. Perhaps the effect is justified by the fact that there is irritation of the nerve endings responsible for the 'zone' of pleasure.

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Such an unusual claim is supported by the research of Norman Sussman, a professor of medicine who teaches at the School of Psychology (New York). They are published in a scientific journal and are available to the widest possible audience.

Drugs for Parkinson's disease

Manufacturers of drugs to combat Parkinson's syndrome probably know how to bring a woman to orgasm. This is a serious disorder caused by reduced brain activity and problems with neural connections. Gradually, a person forgets his or her past, stops recognising relatives and friends. All over the world, drugs are being developed every day to eliminate the problem.

This is surprising, but science knows the case when a 42-year-old patient started complaining of a 'non-standard' side effect: after 10 days of taking the pills, she started to experience spontaneous orgasms that lasted up to 20 seconds. The patient's libido improved and she felt much sexier and more attractive. Unfortunately, we do not know whether the woman recovered, but the scientists accurately identified the 'side effect' and probably mentioned it in the instructions.

Sexual fantasies

Sure, women don't think about sex as often as men, but their fantasies are much brighter. All right, you often imagine yourself by the sea, with a sensual macho man or your soul mate, in a luxury hotel with a soft mattress... Yes, the simplest 'visualization' can offer a whole range of new sensations to the owner of a wild imagination.

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Sexologists at Rutgers University (USA) conducted a study in which they discovered: 11 respondents, the oldest of whom was 74 years old (!), can achieve an orgasm just by imagining sex.

To confirm the dreamers' words, the scientists asked them to obtain pleasure in two ways: with the help of sex toys and 'mentally'. The device recorded that the vibrations are identical and the orgasm of the presentation is no less strong than that of real actions.

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