Anal plug for beginners, everything you need to know

Anal plug for beginners, everything you need to know

La My Plug Anal™ is very happy to welcome you here. We work with sexologists, and therefore, we have prepared all the information you need for an optimal anal experience.

You've probably browsed through our collection and can't help but feel intimidated by what you see. With all the different sizes, shapes, features, and materials, it can sometimes be daunting to choose an anal sex toy for a beginner. You are here for one reason and one reason only: to find a butt plug that is suitable for a beginner like you. Anal sex can be intimidating to some, but for you to consider trying it is already a brave step on your part. We congratulate you on that. To help guide our newbies to experimenting with anal sex, we've put together a collection of simple, small-sized, and very secure butt plugs for you.

Diamond Anal Plug

The introduction

First, here is some information about anal plugs. They all work the same way: the plug enters your buttocks then will be maintained automatically because once in your anus, your sphincter muscles will tighten. There are many models of plugs, first of all the size varies according to the model, then there are also variations in the shape of the plug (this can affect the pressure and the sensations you feel). The color (because aesthetics also play an important role in sex toys so that your partner also benefits from the experience). The material (if you want it to be stiffer or more flexible) and any other additional features. When you're a beginner, features don't matter. 

Our selection of plugs for beginners

Most of our small butt plugs for beginners are made from medical grade silicone as this material is soft and flexible for those just starting out on their anal adventure it's just perfect. We've also included glass and stainless steel beginner butt plugs in this collection that, despite their toughness, are still quite small if you're brave enough to take it to the next level already. Beginner plug shapes are designed to fit easily even if your anus has never been penetrated. The most common are the classic teardrop shape; if you want to start with the easier route, flared or tapered butt plug shapes are perfect for you.

Still not convinced? 

Fox Tail Anal Plug

You should never feel uncomfortable and shy about having anal sex. In fact, you should feel proud and accomplished that you can enjoy free sex and do whatever you want, as long as you're fulfilled! Not everyone is adventurous enough to try anal sex, so it's understandable to lack confidence the first time around. With our wide variety of choices, your next tough decision would be which beginner butt plug to try first. Oh, and did we mention they come in different colors? Choose black, purple or pink to match the silicone to your style and preferences. Welcome to the world of free sex! 

We all have to start somewhere, and it's no different with butt plugs. But when you're just starting out, it can be a bit of a pain. Do you want a short or long plug? Thin or thick? Blue or black? Long or short stem. So many questions, all requiring an answer, which is why each of our descriptions is detailed to the maximum thanks to the precious advice of our sex therapist and the experiences of our team. 

The My Plug Anal™ team is here for you! We've thoroughly scoured our entire catalog and curated a selection of the newest and best products for you, perfect for an inexperienced user. Simply choose your favorite butt plug from this collection, lubricate it, slowly insert it into your anus and get ready for the most pleasurable anal experience of your life!

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