Butt plug at work

Butt plug at work?

Many people derive incredible sexual pleasure from wearing a butt plug for long periods of time. The durations vary according to the capacities of each one sometimes it lasts 2 hours, sometimes 6 hours or 12 hours and for  the most experienced rascals  it can last up to 24 hours (yes, it is possible to sleep with an anal plug) .

Some  fantasize  about wearing the plug in unusual places like the cinema or during a dinner with friends, but the biggest fantasy is to stimulate the anus during working hours! It's understandable, imagine  the excitement  you can feel when you talk eye to eye with your boss or co-workers knowing they have no doubts about your  little secret ...

Is your job difficult, tiring? Everyone knows it's never easy to work full time, but now you'll be able to see your job differently. Throughout the day, your anal plug will offer you  intense sensations  that will quickly make you forget all the daily annoyances. 

Keeping his plug at work is comparable to a permanent dopamine pump, provided you are at least active. For your  anal toy  to give you the  emotions you  so desire, there is only one condition, to move! Indeed if you work in a seated position for 8 hours in a row, it will be relatively difficult to reach  anal orgasm .

In order for your butt plug to stimulate and caress the  nerve endings  inside your butt you have to be in motion, the more active you are the crazier it will  drive you  !

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Wearing a Plug at Work: Tips and Tricks

If you are still reading our article, I deduce that you are interested in  wearing a plug at work  and therefore for hours. For this there are good practices to put in place in order to live this  new experience  in a pleasant and  orgasmic way  !

First of all, it's very important to start your initiation gradually, even if you're super enthusiastic (and that's great). You will have to measure your  motivation , you will not be able to wear your anal plug for a whole day from the first time. Ideally, you should start by going  out in public with your sextoy  well anchored in the anus for 1 hour.

If the experience was pleasant , start again, but this time you can wear it for 2 hours and so on until you are completely comfortable to keep it in your buttocks for 8 hours. If you feel a little discomfort or discomfort, remove your plug slowly.

Forcing yourself is not a solution to achieve your goals, the key to your success is patience, in  anal sex  you have to learn to listen to the sensations that the body provides in order to live an  anal experience  always more agreable.

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We also advise you to use a  quality anal lubricant  , this is particularly important when you decide to wear an anal plug for long periods of time. Your plug must provide you with  intense vibrations  at all times and without the slightest discomfort.

Start with a small butt plug and make sure the material is healthy for your body. Your  sex toy  will be in contact for several hours with your anus, which means that it must be made of  stainless steel ,  silicone  or  glass , other materials such as plastic are to be banned, as they may contain chemicals.

Our last piece of advice is of paramount importance! Be ready to  remove your plug  at any time, you are a human being and therefore sometimes have “unforeseen needs”… In other words, you may need to go to the bathroom at any time. Make sure you have  easy  and  quick access to it  and plan a plastic bag or other to store your anal plug if you ever have to remove it for any reason.

You now benefit from all our little tips to enjoy  anal pleasure  at work without any worries. Apply them with lots of love and we can guarantee that you will never see your job the same way again!

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