Anal plug

Butt plug: what is it?

Butt plug is an interesting sex toy that is used to stimulate the anus and prepare for penetration. It is very popular among both men and women, being universal.

Diamond Anal Plug

This type of sex toys is considered one of the most popular. It will help make your sex life brighter by making it more vibrant. In this article, we will tell you about what an anal plug is.

Anal plug: what is it for?

According to existing statistics, many couples practice anal sex. This is really very pleasant, because a large number of nerve endings are concentrated in the anus. For this reason, lovers and practice anal sex. It allows you to get a strong feeling for both partners.

Why do you need an anal plug? The use of this sex toy, like all others, is aimed at obtaining maximum pleasure from intimacy. It allows you to prepare your partner for sex by relaxing and stretching the sphincter muscles. Using an anal plug will avoid injuries and other unpleasant consequences.

A wide range of

The assortment of butt plugs is really intimidating for some buyers, especially newbies. Sex shop consultants are familiar with cases when visitors are simply lost at the sight of a huge assortment on an exhibition stand. They just don't know what to choose.

How to decide on a purchase? In this delicate matter, customer reviews, advice from girlfriends and friends, and, of course, common sense will help. To buy a suitable stimulant, you need to pay attention to it:

  • Dimensions.
  • Material.
  • Form.
  • Additional options.

When choosing a butt plug , consider your experience, the anatomical features of your body and partner, as well as the purpose of the purchase. There are products for beginners. There are varieties of products to prepare for anal sex, increase the pleasure of vaginal intercourse, as well as to create an appropriate entourage during role-playing games or for use as decoration.

Shape selection

Pompom Anal PLug

In sex, everyone strives to get maximum pleasure, for which anal plugs are actually used. To reach the peak of pleasure, you need to purchase a product of a suitable shape. Do not confuse corks with dildo-immitators. The latter are used for frictional movements, which have an exciting effect. Butt plugs have a slightly different purpose. They are used to make the sphincter muscles flexible and create a fullness effect.

Corks have different shapes. Cone-shaped plugs are designed for accurate insertion into the anus. They gradually give flexibility to the muscles, stretching them. The use of these toys allows you to prevent the occurrence of injuries in the form of cracks or breaks.

Plugs with curly protrusions are designed to stimulate the prostate gland in men and enhance the female orgasm.

Beginners should choose toys of minimal size: premature use of overall “gadgets” can lead to the formation of microtraumas. It makes sense for lovers of anal caresses to purchase sets consisting of several products of various shapes and sizes.

Inflatable tubes are often found on sale. They have a lot of positive reviews. The use of inflatable plugs provides for the possibility of a gradual increase in diameter without tension and pain. Big toys are preferred by lovers of more extreme pleasures. When choosing such plugs, you should be careful, consider the capabilities of your body.

Production material

The products in question are made from various materials. The most popular are products from:

  • plastic;
  • metal;
  • solid gel;
  • glass;
  • rubber;
  • silicone.

The listed materials have different properties, density, their elasticity changes. An important parameter is the thermal conductivity of the material. It is most pleasant to use toys that quickly adapt to body temperature. In this regard, a metal product would be a good choice. If you read customer reviews, fast heating is not in last place.

Collections Anal Plug

When buying a toy, pay attention to the structure of its surface. It should be free of seams and other defects. Such "deviations" are often found among the cheapest products made from plastic. The use of such a product is dangerous. They are hard to take care of. Silicone products, as well as cyberskin toys, are one-piece. Gel plugs work well. The listed products have a smooth surface, devoid of flaws. They are comfortable to use with high-quality lubrication.

How to use the toy?

When using the cork for the first time, we recommend inserting it yourself, without resorting to the help of a partner. Choose the smallest item. Treat the surface of the cork with an antiseptic, dry it. Then apply a lubricant. It is advisable to give preference to silicone grease.

Don't rush. The sphincter muscles do not stretch quickly. You need to use the cork in the most convenient conditions. Take the most comfortable position. So you can evaluate the feeling of using the product. After the first experience, you will decide whether you will use this toy in the future.

If the cork is used correctly, then you can get strong and vivid sexual sensations.

Some people want to use stimulants on a daily basis: girls like to go about their daily activities after the introduction of the cork, while getting spicy sexual sensations. Not every toy can be used for this purpose.

You need to choose a product that is suitable in size and shape. The plug should not slip or fall out of the anus. You should choose a toy with a secure latch that will prevent the stimulator from slipping completely inside. Otherwise, it will be extremely difficult to get it back. You will have to seek help from doctors.

After removing the cork, it must be thoroughly cleaned. To cope with this task, use special compounds that do not spoil the material from which the cork is made. The product should also disinfect the surface of the toy with high quality.

How to choose a lubricant?

To use corks, you need to buy a special lubricant. We strongly do not recommend using a regular cream or oil as an alternative. These substances contain fat that can damage the material. The cream does not create the necessary sliding effect. Its use can also cause allergies, since such a tool is not intended for use on the mucous membrane.

Fox Tail Anal Plug

We recommend not to abuse the use of lubricants with different flavors. A strong smell of exotic fruits or chocolate indicates an excessive amount of synthetic flavors. They negatively affect the mucous membrane. If one product is used by two people, we recommend buying additional condoms. This way you can protect yourself from infection.

Myths about the butt plug

The topic of using sex toys is still quite taboo, so there are many misconceptions about anal sex. Below we debunk the most popular of them. It is believed that the anal plug:

  • Improves spermatogenesis in men. The production of spermatozoa has nothing to do with the stimulation of the anus. Most of all, it is influenced by the hormonal background of a man.
  • Stimulates the prostate. Most plugs are not suitable for this purpose. Special massagers are used to stimulate the prostate gland.
  • Provides prevention of hemorrhoids. This is the most stupid of all myths. It is forbidden to use a cork if there is any disease of the rectum or sphincter.

The product is often used during preparation for anal sex. However, for this purpose it is better to use inflatable models belonging to the category of expanders.

The opinion of sexologists

Sex plays an important role in the life of every person: it is a “source” of bright, positive emotions, contributes to normal self-esteem. The use of anal plugs allows you to expand the horizons of pleasure and relax.

Sexologists agree that in any case you should not go to extremes. Toys will not replace full-fledged sex, but they can become an alternative to it for a while. You need to start using corks very carefully: bring your partner to this. Haste in such matters can only hurt. Restriction and complexes can be removed only gradually.

Experts believe that if the use of corks occurs without any frills and violence, this will help make the couple's sex life more vibrant and harmonious.

XXL Anal Plug

Opinion proctologist

Extraction of foreign objects from the rectum for some proctologists has become commonplace. Patients in such cases are very embarrassed and blush, because not every person can calmly explain their problem to the doctor.

Proctologists recommend not to use objects that are not intended for this purpose for insertion into the anus. Do not experiment with jars and bottles made of plastic or glass. Doctors also do not advise using vaginal toys for insertion into the anus: such products do not have clamps that block the complete penetration of the product into the rectum.

Butt plug will allow you to make your sex life brighter and richer.

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