Butt plug: What sensations?

Butt plug: What sensations?

Whether you are a man or a woman, you certainly know that it is very simple and relatively easy to penetrate your anus with an anal plug, but a question intrigues many beginners… What sensations do you feel with an anal plug ?

Human beings are very curious. Regarding the plug, curiosity is not simply based on the desire to insert a sex toy in the ass. No, we absolutely want to know what effects it has?!

Until today, you have certainly heard a lot of more or less silly nonsense concerning anal penetration with a sex toy, sodomy or even anal orgasm . Don't worry, we are going to disentangle the true from the false and bring you all the answers to the questions you have about the sensations with an anal plug  !

 Diamond Anal Plug

The sensations of the anal plug: Difference between men and women

That's an excellent question. First of all it is important to understand why the insertion of a plug causes a whole explosion of intense emotions in the whole body. The anus has  much more sensitive erogenous zones than those found in a woman's vagina, but it's also filled with nerve endings .

They are present almost everywhere between the sphincter and the rectum , so at the entrance as well as in depth. Which means that a mini anal plug can be enough to trigger intense sensations (yes, it's not the size that matters…)

At this level, men and women are equal and you should know that anal pleasure is unisex. It was created to satisfy the sexual needs of both, but there is still a slight difference. And it is that of the pleasure linked to the stimulation of the prostate which is reserved for men.

You have to use anal plugs that are long enough and curved enough to reach it, but it's still relatively difficult, because the plug isn't dedicated to stimulating it! For that gentlemen, it is better to direct you to a prostate stimulator which will fulfill your perverse fantasies wonderfully!

No jealousy! Ladies, let's not forget that  vaginal  and  clitoral pleasure  can be exceptionally pleasurable. A sex toy is dedicated to them and it is the famous  rabbit vibrator , it guarantees extraordinary sexual satisfaction...

To go even further in the discovery of new sensations, we invite you to bring BDSM accessories into the heart of your sex life.

There are dozens of them, such as handcuffs, collars, whips or sex swings for the greediest... Enough to satisfy everyone's perverse desires.

 Pompom Anal Plug

Why use an anal plug? Advantages and Benefits

The benefits of the anal plug are numerous, let's start with you ladies. Did you know that keeping a butt plug inside your buttocks during sex has the effect of tightening your vagina ? Indeed, when the sex toy is correctly anchored in the anus (always using a little anal lubricant ). It stimulates and contracts the muscles of the anus, but also those of the vagina, which causes a strong increase in perceived and felt sensations. Yes, the anal plug is a real “doping agent,” which will spice up your sex life, be careful not to become addicted…

The use of a plug also increases the power of the orgasm, it is comparable to a time bomb which ends up causing an orgasmic explosion! Men who practice anal sex know very well how crazy anal orgasm can drive you. It's a feeling… inexplicable.

What is important to remember is that  the exciting anal plug is not a simple “sex toy” used to stimulate the anus. No, it's much more than a sex toy , it's an accessory that accompanies all anal addicts, couples, solitaries and even BDSM practitioners (with the XXL anal plug .)

The plug brings to all its enthusiasts the same benefits  :

  • New sensations 
  • Tenfold orgasm
  • Spices up sex
  • Strengthens the bonds of a couple
  • self discovery
  • Calms the mind (“liberating” effect)

Metal Anal Plug

So what are you waiting for? You too can transform your sex life now!

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