Can a sex position help you get pregnant

Can a sex position help you get pregnant?

Many myths exist around procreation. For example, certain positions are said to make it easier to get pregnant. Unfortunately, the only certainty that exists about fertilization is that for it to take place, vaginal penetration is necessary! Jokes aside, getting pregnant is important for many women, but certain factors can prevent you from achieving this goal.

Don't limit sex

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For some women, getting pregnant becomes an obsession. The reports are then programmed according to the period of ovulation and the sexual relations are no longer dedicated to pleasure but to procreation. This can generate stress and even, sometimes, psychological sterility. This will concern both men and women, perhaps even more the first than the second. A passive woman during the act may become pregnant, a man who no longer feels desire will find it difficult to have an erection and therefore to ejaculate afterwards.

Remember to save your couple

In theory, it is possible to get pregnant every cycle. In reality, it's more complicated, there is a lot of chance when an egg is fertilized. Admittedly, this happens most of the time during the ovulation period, but this is not fixed and it is even possible to ovulate twice or more during a cycle.

Your life shouldn't become a pregnancy race, you should think about living while trying to get pregnant. Your couple can quickly suffer from your too intense desire to give birth and your spouse will then feel abandoned, which can lead to certain conflicts. Unfortunately, no one can predict how soon you will become pregnant. Sometimes the first try will be the right one, in other cases it will take months or even years. If you think that you or your spouse may be sterile, do not hesitate to consult a doctor to reassure yourself.

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