Can you sleep with an anal plug?

Can you sleep with a butt plug?

You may have noticed or seen videos of People wearing Butt Plugs in some Public Places .

Especially in Workplaces, Schools, Shopping Centers, on the go, and many more...! It may seem amusing at first, but you should exercise Great Caution if you are thinking of doing the same, as Prolonged use of Butt Plugs can be harmful to your health, one of the most common Prolonged Uses. More common when you sleep with an anal plug .

1)  How long can you keep an Anal Plug?

We recommend that you remove your Anal Plug at least once an hour , (Hard to respect if you plan to sleep with it, isn't it?) and if you want to keep it longer, avoid exceeding the duration of the 2~ 3 hours, even if you feel just as comfortable, or don't feel like or need to take it off.

  • Why ? Because the walls of your Rectum, and especially your sphincter, are more likely to have Reduced Blood Flow 🩸 when there is pressure inserted for a certain amount of time.

2)  What are the risks of keeping an anal plug longer?

The results :

  • This can damage the Rectum , you may even have Ulcers as a bonus. Which is not desirable.

Therefore Sleeping with an Anal Plug in place is far from a good idea , and should be avoided at all costs, even when well lubricated. For the 7 or 8 hours one would spend sleeping, the pain receptors are not functioning, and that leaves you with no way of imagining the depth of the possible damage, before you wake up.

In addition, it is Mandatory (Highly Recommended) to Remove your Anal Plug as soon as:

  • You Feel Pain 
  • Or Any Discomfort

Some people go so far as to clench their teeth, hoping to no longer feel discomfort or pain over time. Think again, the feeling of discomfort will not disappear as if by magic.

If you manage to feel better, so much the better, the sad news is that there may be damage to your butt plug. The damage does not always occur, but it is very important that you monitor your feelings and your state of health.

There is an area that is a few centimeters deep inside the rectum, this area has weaker pain receptors than in other parts of the body.

  • Because of your minimal feelings you may think that you are not causing yourself any harm, due to the lack of pain, but the reality is quite different because you could cause a “distress” reaction in this area.

This is one of the reasons why you should always respect the recommended time to keep your Anal Plug in order to avoid any worries.

If you're looking forward to an adventure with your Butt Plug, it's important to make sure you have a place to take it off in case you need it.

And even more after the time of 2~3 hours passed.

It's also very important to have a place where you can easily store your Butt Plug , outside of your anal orifice (no pun intended) in case you need to remove it. 

You should always clean your Sex-Toy immediately after use. If it is a Silicone Plug, Hygiene is extremely important. 

2)  Treat yourself to Naughty Moments

That said, Wearing a Butt Plug Outdoors is Particularly Exciting , walking around in public without people around you suspecting that you have a Small Rectal Beam is a lot of fun so don't be discouraged to go there with your jewelry and have fun.

The most important thing to do is to plan in advance when to take it off and clean it privately, which is the best way to do it .
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