Dog tail anal plug: become a nice doggy

Dog tail butt plug: become a nice doggy

He is loyal, devoted to his master and can be trained to do anything and everything. Like dogs, you or your partner can also be trained to please your master. Being a pet, especially a dog, can open up endless possibilities for you, whether individually or as a couple. You may or may not be familiar with Pet play . But in case you've never heard of it, Pet Play is a sexual lifestyle that involves creatively stepping into the role of a pet. With such a plug, you will have to choose which place you want to occupy in your sexual role play . Dominant By offering the plug, submissive by buying it, wild for very exciting role-playing or even well trained to please your  master . This kind of sex game has a lot of followers because it allows you to have naughty and perverse sex which will make your antics much more erotic .  

Dog Tail Plug

Dog tail plug: the necessary element for good sexual role play

Pet Play requires equipment and planning so that the immersion is perfect to satisfy your fetish fantasies. First you need to choose which animal best suits you or your partner. Once decided, all you need is the right sex toys . Almost all pets need a cage or basket to rest in, as well as various items like leashes, ears, collars and of course pet tails.

Dog tail anal plug: how to use it?

Now that we have touched on the subject of animal tails, we offer you the object you need to bring out the good little doggies that lies dormant in you, the dog tail plug  is the ideal sexual accessory you need. need. Show your master that you are a good dog or a naughty little dog.

Dogs are the most loyal companions for men, treating your partner like a dog is like saying they belong only to you and no one else. But be careful, dogs are jealous animals if they see you paying attention to someone else. No polygamy is allowed in dogs.

Dog tail anal plug: what materials are used?

Why silicon? Because silicone is the only material flexible enough to resist the movement of your favorite dog, indeed the tail of our dog tail plug  moves like a real dog during its movements! Thanks to the sturdy yet flexible material design you can wear the plug and wiggle your cock without worrying about losing it when running to pick up the ball. A minimalist yet innovative design so ingenious that your life will have less meaning without a tail. Like a real dog, you will have to behave properly with this tail . Doggy style or being on all fours will be your new favorite sexual positions . Using this queue causes very many sexual emotions because pet play is a very exciting sexual activity . This rigid tail can be put in the position of a happy dog ​​or a submissive dog who has made a mistake. Before inserting it, however, always use lubricant

Diamond Anal Plug

Dog tail anal plug: the sensations 

Despite the fact that this is a dog tail plug, it is above all an anal plug intended to provide you with sexual pleasure during your antics . The dog tail plug is first of all very interesting for the excitement it will provoke in your brain; indeed, taking on the appearance of a domestic animal causes great sexual excitement . Moreover, it is the fantasy of many people and it is what will make your penis erect or else what will stimulate your clitoris until it becomes very sensitive. There's no doubt about it, the best position to practice sex with a doggy tail butt plug is doggy style . However, you can use it to offer a blowjob to your partner in order to excite him completely just before your sexual intercourse or you can also perform cunnilingus on your partner if it is a woman. Our dog plugs are made of silicone and hold well once in the anus, they are not painful and are ideal for beginners. However, sexologists are clear on this: the use of anal sex toys requires the use of lubricant conventional or water-based lubricants. Don't be afraid to realize your real fantasies anymore and stop watching them in porn movies: try this plug in reality! 

In women, taking it at the same time as she wears the plug will give her a feeling of double penetration that can often lead to an anal and vaginal orgasm. 

Let your master know you're happy by wagging your tail 

The shapes of our dog tail plugs  are designed to ensure that your plug does not go away despite your pirouettes, rolls and other tail wags to attract the attention of your master. You can jump, lay in your doghouse and even run around the park without ever worrying about your plug. But the real pleasure is that you can make your dream come true by sharing an intimate relationship with your partner thanks to our dog tail plugs. Don't wait any longer and go for a walk proudly displaying your tail!

Pompom Anal Plug

Our range of high quality dog ​​tail plugs  are perfect for taking full advantage of all aspects of Pet Play whether in your bedroom or away from it, each of our tails are fitted over an anal plug, and these plugs are all available in different sizes so that your plug is perfectly adjusted to your body. This tail is also very effective in preparing the anus of your submissive for anal penetration . Indeed, if your submissive is a mean poodle, you will have to penetrate him severely with your erect penis . Her anus will already be dilated from wearing the dog tail anal plug. There will only be to inflict a wild sodomy on him as a punishment.  

If your submissive is actually a submissive, you can apply the same process. With women, however, you will have to be gentler by showering her with caresses , because your submissive will have to be a nice bitch . To reward her, what better than to stimulate her clitoris with a languorous cunnilingus  then continue by removing her cock and offering her a rim-job to fill her with fantastic anal pleasure . You can then opt for vaginal penetration or directly anal penetration, you are the dominant one after all. 

Dog tail plug: not just for the bedroom! 

Some tails allow you to use the muscles of your anus to wag your tail like a real dog, and thus show the immense affection you have for your partner.

Please your dominant master and be an exemplary submissive by presenting yourself to him by surprise, previously penetrated by the dog tail anal plug. However, this plug is not only there to excite your dominant. It will give you real intense anal sensations by stimulating your many nerve endings present in your anus.

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