Everything you need to know about the diamond butt plug

Everything you need to know about the diamond butt plug

Diamond Anal Plug

The butt plug is every anal lover's dream come true. There's nothing better than seeing your anus  swallowing the shape of the plug accompanied by the feeling of a full rectum. For men, this means stimulating the prostate and having an instant orgasm . For women, the diamond anal plug has the ability to put pressure on the G-spot via the anal wall and thus intensify the sensations during penetration. The anus is narrower than the vagina, and since it's an organ that can't self-lubricate like the vagina, you'll need some lube. However, practicing anal sex can sometimes be scary or impressive, but a hundred times more fulfilling if successful. Additionally, there are different types of butt plugs, some will help you prepare for your first anal penetration , others are there to enhance the pleasure once your anus is used to it.

So, let's say you already have your own collection of plug-ins. You have the usual anal sex toys, animal tails, anal beads and a vibrating plug. Now what? Well, there are plenty of other designs out there, so why not complete your collection? What if you could introduce some class and freshness to your anus? If you want to be discreet but still noticeable, you need to add a little sparkle to catch your partner's attention. What you need is a diamond anal plug . A sex toy that will enhance your anus and excite your partner. It's your lucky day because My Plug Anal™ has prepared a special collection for the naughtiest of you.

Fill your butt with only the finest and most radiant butt plugs, diamond butt plugs. When you have every butt plug's features in your possession, it's time to focus on sexy and glamorous. We have several options and variations of our diamond encrusted butt plugs to suit your needs and personality. Whether you are a misbehaving mistress or a shy submissive naughty , this collection awaits you with many models of butt plugs and many different diamonds. 

Diamond anal plug: high quality materials

Dog Anal Plug

Our diamond set butt plugs are made from high quality materials: stainless steel and medical grade silicone to ensure that the plugs you insert into your anus are safe and not harmful to your body and your internal mucous membranes. Choose from our classic rounded or heart-shaped base diamonds. Our silicone butt plugs are available in four different colors: purple, black, red and pink. The gemstones are fake replicas but are still of high quality (it would be very expensive if they were genuine gemstones!) that mimic the splendor and brilliance of real diamonds. You won't even notice the difference. Go for ruby, diamond, different colors of amethyst and many more options.

If you are a beginner, we advise you to choose a small diamond plug format , except if you are very greedy then an intermediate plug will surely be able to satisfy you...

A princess deserves only the best, that's why giving your princess a butt plug decorated with her diamond would be a wise idea if you really think about her pleasure. 

These plugs are a gift of choice for several reasons. Not only do they give you an immense amount of anal pleasure, like any other butt plug, but they give you an extra little decoration in your behind which can make your partner very sexy once naked in the bedroom

That's right, the diamond butt plug is the perfect anal jewel for your butt! Once you insert it, you can show your partner how sexy you are with this distinguished little anal sex toy in your anus. Sleek and sexy, this plug will undoubtedly excite him and he can also benefit from the orgasmic sensations of the plug just like you.

Diamond anal plug who is it for? 

XXL Anal Plug

Diamond anal plugs are the sexual jewelry of choice if you want to decorate your anus, or better, prepare your anus for sodomy. Available in several sizes, the diamond plugs are a good way to drastically increase your libido by decorating your genitals and exciting you with their beauty. Beginners in sodomy can move towards a small diamond plug (S or M). Those who are already knowledgeable about anal pleasure and anal intercourse will be able to favor size L diamond anal plugs. Real sex toys or sex-toys allowing you to reach an extraordinary orgasm (or at least to facilitate it) the plug diamond also has a role of sexual stimulant that will promote your sexual arousal when you feel like making love with your partner.

During a sexual act, you can insert the plug into your partner during foreplay and then start stimulating your partner's clitoris with cunnilingus while stimulating her anus with the plug. Erotic ideas are not what is missing when you own a diamond anal plug. Always be sure to use lubricants during anal sex, which will limit pain and facilitate orgasms.

Finally, if your partner is more vaginal, this is one more reason to use a diamond anal plug because it allows you to re-tighten the vagina by being in contact with the anal / vaginal wall. When you penetrate your partner and she is equipped with a plug, be sure to breathe well because this can cause premature ejaculations as the pleasure of intercourse will be intense with this kind of toy. Even if your partner loves your cum, it's important to give her a little patience and make the pleasure last . Finally, as many sexologists recommend , if anal intercourse becomes painful it's always best to stop and see what's wrong. Even if it's one of your biggest fantasies , it's very important to always listen to your partner.

The sexual pleasure of a plug allows you to reach orgasm, but understanding and listening to your partners remains the most effective thing and it is a sexual behavior to adopt. For those who are skeptical about the use of plugs, you should know that it is a sexual practice that does not make you a practitioner of BDSM. It will simply amplify the pleasure you may experience during sex.

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