Female orgasm

Female orgasm: what it is and how to 'catch'?

During sex, a woman strives to reach orgasm, the state of maximum sexual arousal. From the Greek, orgasm (orgasmos) is translated as 'to get wet' and 'to be satisfied'. In the French dictionary, the word 'orgasm' - le petit mort - is defined as 'little death'. It has been shown that women who regularly experience orgasm smile 2.5 times more than those without it.

Orgasm is achieved by stimulating erogenous zones or is the result of intimacy. But if for men sex almost 100% of the time ends in an orgasm, then it is more difficult for women. It is not always possible for everyone to achieve the desired finish.

Scientists provide statistics on the level of satisfaction of the fairer sex in an intimate manner:

  • 25% - experience orgasm regularly, independent of the partner and his technique;
  • 25% - has never reached orgasm;
  • 25% - constantly depicts an orgasm;
  • 10% have increased libido;
  • 5% are indifferent to sex.

By focusing on the numbers, you can understand that an orgasm is sometimes an elusive phenomenon, whose presence does not always depend on a lover's efforts. To understand how to experience it, it is worth understanding the essence of orgasm.

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Under the control of science

Orgasm: rhythmic and gradually weakening contractions of the uterus, occurring at intervals of 2-3 seconds, subsiding after a few tens of seconds.

Some lucky women - as many as 17% - are able to experience multiple orgasms. After the first wave, the body literally covers the second, then the third wave of pleasure. Among the world record holders for sex is a woman who experienced 134 orgasms in one hour. Men can only dream of such vivid sensations.

The number of spasms depends on age. In young women who have not given birth 2-3 strong spasms can be observed, in women who have given birth, whose muscles weaken with age, 1 spasm is observed. The average duration of an orgasm is 23 seconds. The record holder for the longest orgasm is Samantha L., in 1996 she was at the peak of sexual pleasure for a full 43 seconds.

One case was recorded where a woman had an orgasm at the age of 90. This is encouraging and gives hope. But you should be prepared that with age, the period of heightened pleasure gets shorter.

There are three nerves in the body called sexual nerves. It is to these modest 'heroes' that we owe all our enthusiasm and vivid sensations:

  • ilio-hypogastric: connects the uterus and cervix with the central nervous system;
  • ilio-inguinal: innervates the cervix;
  • femoro-genital: connects the clitoris with the central nervous system.

The structure of the genital nerves is individual to everyone. And that is why it is impossible to give a universal recipe for achieving 100 per cent sensual climax.

In the process of arousal, the nerve impulse enters the brain. This contributes to the production of dopamine, the pleasure hormone. It also produces oxytocin and serotonin, the hormones of happiness and attachment.

That is why after sex there is often love for a partner in the comfort of bed. Scientists gently advise: 'Don't sleep with whoever you want to fall in love with, there is a chance of that happening'.

But not only the brain is responsible for orgasm. The ability of a partner, a comfortable environment, trusting relationships are the guarantee that for a woman intimacy will bring deep satisfaction.

To summarize, a woman's ability to achieve orgasm in bed is influenced by:

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  • androgen levels;
  • masturbation experience
  • nervous system reactivity;
  • extrovert personality;
  • perineal muscle tension;
  • sensual connection with a partner.

Orgasm in women manifests itself with different reactions and depends on various factors. Therefore, girlfriends' advice and stories about how it was with them cannot work with guaranteed effectiveness in your case. The result can be influenced by alcohol, smells, and the level of psychological well-being.

Since the orgasm occurs in the brain, the memory retains the characteristics of the approach or distance, the possibility or impossibility of this astonishing sensation. Sometimes an orgasm that can send bliss and pleasure into the world can disappear. This happens for various reasons: the partner has decided to change position, has changed the intensity or technique of the strokes, the partner is not in the mood.

What are the outward signs of an orgasm?

Some at the moment of climax feel warmth spread throughout the body. Others - a slight tingling in the lower and upper limbs.

Red blotches in the neck and chest, enlarged mammary glands and hardening of the nipples, increased breathing and heartbeat, frequent contraction of the vagina muscles and contractions of the female field, involuntary moans and sighs, dilated pupils, sweating - all these indicate that the woman is experiencing acute pleasure.

Some women at the height of passion may lose consciousness. The heart failure that occurs at the height of excitement can be fatal. not without reason in poetry the highest point of pleasure is compared to death. After all, sometimes at this moment it seems that the soul leaves the body and flies into the sky.

A rare manifestation of the female orgasm is ejaculation. The volume of the secretions varies, from a few drops to a whole glass. In composition and colour, they are similar to plasma, the liquid part of blood. Many women are embarrassed by such a phenomenon in their physiology. But it is not scary. It is just that such a phenomenon is rather rare and for beginners in sex it can cause fear.

Every woman experiences an orgasm in her own way. Therefore, it is sometimes quite difficult for a partner to understand whether a loved one has experienced an orgasm or only imitated it. The biologist and sexologist Alfred Charles Kinsey quoted the following statistics half a century ago:

  • for men in their 20s, intimacy every or almost every time ends in a bright climax;
  • in a woman, the ability to receive maximum sexual pleasure only appears at the age of 35, and even then not after every sex.

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Who is most likely to experience an orgasm?

Psychologists have deduced variables that influence the number of orgasms. Thus:

  • The older the woman, the more education she has, the more confident she is, the more attention she requires in bed, which means she gets more pleasure.
  • Girls with free views are more likely to experience orgasm than those with a conservative upbringing. Women who are happy in relationships almost always experience intense sexual climax. Sex with a random partner in 49 out of 100 cases ends in orgasm, with a beloved partner in 70 cases.
  • Survivors of sexual abuse rarely experience orgasm.

Anorgasmia - the inability to achieve sexual satisfaction - is treatable. Communication with a psychologist or psychotherapist yields good results. Medications can be prescribed to treat the condition.

Finnish researchers say that all it takes to achieve an orgasm is psychological comfort, which increases sexual desire and openness.

The benefits of orgasm for the female body

Orgasm, like sex itself, brings not only physical and emotional pleasure. It turns out to be good for your health. In the process of releasing sexual energy, a large number of hormones are produced that have a beneficial effect on the body as a whole.

Orgasm improves the condition and functioning of bones, muscle tissue and the cardiovascular system. As a result, a woman looks younger, more cheerful, fitter.

Have you heard the story of the Austrian Queen Maria Theresa? They say she could not conceive. The court doctor, whom she invited for a consultation, gave the royal person the following instructions: 'Your clitoris must be aroused before sexual intercourse'. Taking advantage of his advice, after learning to orgasm, the queen resisted and gave birth to 16 children.

Another orgasm 'works' better than painkillers. So 48% of people get rid of migraines and exhausting hangovers with his help. The explanation here is simple: when the body is enveloped in a wave of pleasure, the parts of the brain responsible for pain are activated.

The original way to accelerate the onset of labour is to bring the woman in labour to orgasm. The hormone oxytocin, released at the same time, improves the contractile activity of the uterus and prepares it for labor.

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Types of orgasm

The female body is so mysterious and contradictory that scientists year after year do not tire of exploring it. The most surprising thing is that women are able to experience the extravagance of sexual sensations without full sexual contact. By stroking the clitoris or breasts, an experienced lover can provoke a vivid orgasm.

After much debate and discussion, scientists have identified four types of female orgasm:

  • clitoral

Almost all women can experience it, even without sexual contact. It is achieved by stimulating the clitoris and the pubic area. The head of the clitoris contains a large number of nerve endings (more than 8 thousand). A light touch is enough to ignite the spark of desire. The more attention paid to these erogenous zones in the foreplay process, the brighter the sexual climax will be.

A reliable way to achieve a clitoral orgasm is masturbation. To do this, the lover strokes a secret intimate place with a finger, lips or tongue. Orgasm during clitoral masturbation can occur in four minutes.

You can stimulate the clitoris during a love fight as follows: you should squeeze your legs tightly, as a result, the vulva will embrace the male member more tightly and the clitoris will be stimulated by the labia minora. Clitoris: the 'fastest' type of orgasm, but the most vivid and spectacular.

  • Vaginal

It occurs at the moment of sexual contact, due to the contraction of the vaginal muscles. In the area of the vagina, wise nature has identified extremely sensitive erogenous zones: the G-spot and the clitoris leg. When aroused, they swell and their stimulation becomes available. Sexologists say that the more actively lovers move, the greater the possibility of experiencing pleasure in this way. Only 30% of women manage to experience an orgasm during classic sexual intercourse and only 8% enjoy it regularly. 75% of women have never had such an orgasm.

But this does not mean that everything is hopeless. To make a vaginal orgasm a reality, you have to train your vagina muscles. To do this, you can do a simple exercise: you must squeeze and open the muscles of the vagina. Initially, 2-3 repetitions are sufficient. Gradually, they must be increased to 15 times. After some training, it is worth trying to tighten the vaginal muscles in the process of intimacy and lift the pelvis slightly: the orgasm will be brighter and longer.

The quality of climax is also influenced by the size of the partner's penis. If a man cannot boast of a gigantic size, that is no reason to leave him. All you need is to ask your beloved to make active movements. Or take the pose of a 'cavalier'. The vaginal orgasm is considered the longest, it allows you to relax and be satisfied as much as possible.

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  • Uterine

A woman can only experience such an orgasm if her partner's penis reaches her uterus. As a result of the arousal, the uterus begins to contract, offering pleasure.

  • Psycho-emotional

It happens when a woman reaches the heights of emotional and psychological pleasure. Means of realization - a conversation on an erotic topic, compliments, for sophisticated bodily practices - antarctic. Often problems, resentment do not allow you to relax and surrender completely to intimate pleasures. And then, as a result of the closeness, the young lady receives only physical relaxation. And when sex ends with tears in your eyes, a sense of peace, we can speak of achieving a psycho-emotional orgasm.

Unusual doesn't mean impossible

An interesting type of orgasm is my compression. Behind the complex name lies a woman's ability to reach the peak of pleasure when her partner squeezes her buttocks.

A certain wave of pleasure covers the caress of her nipples. There is nothing surprising about this. After all, the female nipples are a sensual erogenous zone. This phenomenon is called soc-orgasm.

The more sensitive ones can also come without tactile contact. For example, seeing a naked male body or sexual fantasies can bring them to the height of bliss.

How many orgasms can you experience in sexual intercourse?

A variety of treatises and discussions are written about sex and orgasm with enviable regularity, and venerable scientists throw themselves headlong into studying the mysteries of the female orgasm.

Recently, British researchers published interesting data. It turns out that 20 per cent of the inhabitants of foggy Albion are able to achieve 20 orgasms in one sexual intercourse. Impressive, isn't it! 8% of Viking heirs are able to achieve up to 10 orgasms in sexual intimacy.

Multi-orgasm is the ability to have a series of orgasms. For a long time, only the fairer sex has been able to be at the peak of pleasure. In 2006, a London resident boasted of her record: in the process of masturbation, she experienced 49 orgasms.

Against the background of pleasant statistics, there is a downside. Not all women are able to experience multiple orgasms. You cannot learn to experience these feelings. Multi-orgasmic is an innate human trait, like temperament. If you are not able to experience multiple orgasms in sexual intercourse, that is no reason to be upset and consider yourself frigid. The main thing is that you feel good with your partner and intimate moments bring real satisfaction.

The longest orgasm experienced - pigs. A full 30 minutes. Enviable indicator, isn't it? However, you should not complain: the human heart could not be in an extreme state for that long.

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Orgasm and masturbation

Finding out whether you are capable of multiple orgasms or not is quite easy. All you have to do is spend time with your beloved and study your sexuality. With the help of caresses, bring yourself into a sexual frenzy. Feeling the climax of pleasure, make the caresses less intense. Then increase the stimulation again.

During the experiment, observe your reactions, note how long you can enjoy the next orgasm. Such a test will allow you to see if you can experience several orgasms at a time. If after several waves of pleasure you do not experience satisfaction, you should not torture yourself by continuing to masturbate your erogenous zones. After all, your task is not to reach someone's invented standards.

The ability to reach orgasm can be trained like any other. The legendary Kegel exercises will help you achieve this. To perform them, you need to buy special vaginal balls. You can find suitable ones in a sex shop.

You should not get involved in self-congratulation, although you always reach orgasm during masturbation and it is much stronger than during normal sexual intercourse. Scientists have found that the orgasm from sex with a loved one is much more beneficial than that from masturbation. When making love with a loved one, the body produces 4 times more prolactin than during the process of self-satisfaction. Therefore, after an exciting fight in bed, a woman does not feel tired, only happy and joyful.

After you have resolved your wants and needs, it is time to tell your partner about your discoveries. He needs to listen to you and understand you. And then sex, the climax will become bright and memorable.

Fake orgasms

Many women, fearing to offend their partners, imitate an orgasm. According to statistics, 67% do it sometimes and 25% do it all the time. Since many men consider moans and convulsions as precursors and obligatory companions of orgasm, it is quite easy to mislead them.

Of course, beautiful women have to resort to deception because of men. After all, most of them judge the 'quality of work' precisely by the presence or absence of this very orgasm.

Until a woman learns to talk honestly and openly about her feelings, she will not be able to experience vivid, fantastic sensations in bed. Putting aside shame and embarrassment, tell us about your desires.

Scientists say that in the last 50 years the number of women experiencing orgasm has increased dramatically. But even in the recent past, orgasm was a mysterious and incomprehensible phenomenon akin to a magic unicorn. If the positive dynamics continue, we will have a bright and joyful future full of numerous orgasms in the next 100 years.

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