Going out with an anal plug?

Going out with a butt plug?

The first thing to know about wearing the butt plug outside is: What pleasure does it provide beyond anal pleasure ?

The majority of men and women who decide to date with a butt plug find it very exciting to have a little secret hidden in their buttocks. Indeed, people who practice this naughty activity are also stimulated by the forbidden side or at least very taboo!

I doubt there is any law that prohibits wearing butt plugs at work , but I also doubt that it is part of the practices allowed when signing the employment contract.

There are plenty of other good reasons to go out with a butt plug in public, depending on the people and their sexual fantasies . It can be in a dominant/submissive relationship, the BDSM game master can order his slave to wear an XXL butt plug all day! It is also possible to indulge in sexual pleasure which consists of going out with a vibrating plug. Then, to entrust the wireless remote control to his partner, this kind of practice is very stimulating.

 Diamond Anal Plug

Port du plug anal

We can therefore deduce that people who practice wearing anal plugs outdoors are only motivated by one and the same reason. A great sexual excitement that causes intense sensations. Indeed, it is quite easy to imagine that wearing a butt plug in public can lead to many exciting situations. 

Very few people will dare to say to those around them, "you know, today I'm wearing an anal plug ..." It's precisely the fact of being the only one who knows that a little secret is in our anus during an eye-to-eye conversation with a stranger, friends or even our boss!

Little trick to reach anal orgasm more easily outdoors:

Keep moving, move your body! The anal plug has been designed to transmit orgasmic sensations , it is a wonderful sex toy that has the ability to stay in place in the buttocks when correctly inserted. You must therefore take advantage of the freedom of movement it offers, because the more you move, the more your sex toy will stimulate the nerve endings and erogenous zones that are in your orifice.

Not everyone necessarily appreciates wearing the plug outdoors, but if you've never tried it, we strongly recommend that you try this new experience. If you are one of the little rascals, your daily activities should quickly turn into intense moments of naughty solitary pleasure ...

“I wear a butt plug all the time”

Metal Anal Plug

Very explicit feedback from a young woman who loves anal sex :

“Since buying my first red heart anal plug , I wear it almost all the time, at least whenever I can. Since I experienced my very first sodomy (a little too violent…)  with one of my exes, I immediately understood that I was particularly sensitive in the anus and even in the buttocks. I have always been very excited when a man puts his hand on my buttocks and starts to caress them...

I don't really know how to explain it, but it's been like this for a long time and just writing this text makes me wet. Sometimes I feel like I don't understand what makes me wear my plug all the time. It's like a sexual drive that excites me and gives me a lot of pleasure. What drives me crazy is to feel an object inside me that penetrates me all day and even at night from time to time, I'm afraid of becoming addicted…”

It is important to live your sex life to the full and for that you have to dare to take the plunge and try everything to discover new sensations and only get the best out of them.

Anal pleasure isn't just for others...

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