Going out with an anal plug in public?

Going out with an butt plug in public?

Anal Plugs are used for various purposes:

  1. To Relax and Stretch the muscles of the anus so that Anal Sex is more Comfortable.
  2. To provide a bit of Foreplay before any kind of Anal Sex activity
  3. To give you a little more Physical, Mental and of course Sexual Stimulation .

For these and many other reasons, many people start wearing butt plugs during the day and even at night. Because every time you wear one, it provides you with the stimulation you are looking for, and also helps you stretch your Anal Muscles.

Every wearer has a different reason for choosing to Wear a Butt Plug in Public and there are no "wrong" reasons for doing so. After all, it's a personal decision and everyone has the right to enjoy their Butt Plug if they wish during the day.

If you've never heard of this practice before, it's because it's a fairly new phenomenon. If you ever think about doing it, there are still some things you need to know before you start.

It's not complicated, but there are even tricks to put in place , which will allow you to do it serenely, when you walk around with the doors open (and at the same time closed). 

1) Can you wear a butt plug in public?

If it's fun for you, of course you can go out with your Butt plug Publicly ! In fact, many people around you are already wearing one right now! However, choose the Anal Plug you are going to wear carefully before deciding to go out with it.

  • Why ? Let's say you decide to wear one you've never tried, the problem is that you may feel some discomfort while walking.

Choose an Anal Plug that you can wear at home easily , and with a feeling of comfort.

In other words, if you've never worn your butt plug while cleaning, laundry, or cooking dinner, you shouldn't try to go out in public with it. Wait until you are comfortable wearing your Butt Plug at home before venturing out with your sex toy in public.

A common and surprising aspect of wearing an anal plug is that all kinds of people like to wear them (secretly or not).

This includes :

  1. Men, Women 
  2. As well as homosexuals and heterosexuals, 

You should therefore never be surprised to hear from some of your friends that they like to wear butt plugs when they are in public.

These people do it for a variety of reasons: 

  • Feeling like doing something Taboo or Forbidden
  • To show off their exhibitionist tendencies
  • Hoping to " Get Caught " Wearing a Butt Plug 
  • Or for various Role Playing and BDSM activities .

Of course, we recommend that you only wear your Anal Plug for two to three hours , maximum when you go out with it, such as for small errands. It's great, and still Better than trying to wear it all day.

This is especially important when you are a beginner , as you should never wear your Butt Plug in public any longer than you are used to wearing it in your home!

  • To sum up : Wearing a Butt Plug in public is both naughty and titillating fun for many People, but it's something you should get used to gradually, starting in the privacy of your own home first.

This is the best way to manage this type of sexual activity successfully .

2) Which Anal Plug to choose to go out?

When you are at Home, you can Wear any type of Anal Plug you wish:

  • Whether Super-Large
  • Oddly Shaped
  • whimsical like with a Fox Tail
  • Or unicorn

However, to wear an Anal Plug outside, there is one rule to follow: It's Comfort.

After all, if you're going to walk around with your Butt Plug in Public, achieving comfort is part of the Goals of the Game ! Which is yet another reason why you need to track your feelings first , when wearing one at home. At first it's best to find a butt plug that's small and soft enough, until you get used to wearing it in public.

After all, getting used to a butt plug in public can be awkward and uncomfortable if it's large , textured, or has special features . It's much easier to get used to an Anal Plug in public when it's Small and Soft – we even have some that are very small for this specific use.

There are also different types of bases for butt plugs and for wearing these toys in public, butt plugs that are made with flat bases work best. The Flat Bases make it easier to remove the Plug and give your Clothes a better look when, for example, you put on a pair of jeans while wearing a butt plug.

Flat Bases are simply Comfortable when wearing a Butt Plug in public, in part because they are not bulky or even awkward if someone has to stare at your butt.

Of course, it's also important to remember that whatever type of Butt Plug you choose when wearing in public, you should always remove it immediately if it ever becomes uncomfortable.

This can happen sometimes, especially if your lube begins to absorb into your body, making your anus drier than it should be . At the first sign of discomfort, the butt plug should therefore come out, regardless of where you are when it happens.

3) Wearing an Anal Plug at Work?

A lot of people like to have a butt plug on during work time , but keep this in mind.

The rule is the same as when you Wear a Butt Plug in public:

  • You should only attempt to wear an Anal Plug at work when you feel comfortable wearing one at home for several hours (2~3H).

This is a handy tip that makes it easier and more convenient to wear your Butt Plug in your workplace.

Additionally, you should keep a bag of Plastic and Lubricant on hand at all times. Indeed, if you go to the bathroom at some time during the day, you can remove the Plug and lubricate it if you are ready to put it back, or put it in your bag if you are finished.

This makes Anal Plug removal Much more convenient for you , whether temporary or permanent, as you will be prepared for whatever comes next.

Another reason to have a bag of lube ready is that if anything unexpected should happen you can get the plug out quickly because then you'll have what you need! If, for example, you have a meeting that wasn't scheduled, or you're working late, you might just want to remove your Butt Plug, and the plastic bag provides an easy way to do that .

So, of course, you can wear your Butt Plug to Work but the rule of two to three hours in a row should still apply. Make sure you always have some Lubricant and a Plastic bag (or dedicated for better hygiene) with you and, above all, do not try this activity until you are comfortable and used to doing it at home.

4) Why do people like to wear a butt plug outside?

Men and Women of all Sexual Orientations love Anal Action, and that includes wearing a Butt Plug when outdoors. Most people who wear butt plugs outside do so because they want to do something that feels taboo or forbidden to them .

What could be more Forbidden or more Taboo than wearing a Butt Plug under your clothes when you are out in public, especially when no one around you knows you are wearing it? And that in addition you communicate with them.

People also like to wear butt plugs in public because they feel more attractive in many cases.

even thoughAnal Plugs with Tail sare generally not recommended for wearing outside the home, many women in particular love "Unicorn" Butt Plugs because just knowing they are wearing them makes them look Pretty.

Indeed, if wearing an Anal Plug is something you like, without it being both bulky and visible under your clothes, then you should try wearing it on the street ! After all, you wear an anal plug to satisfy yourself and no one else, so why not use the plug you love the most?

If you wear your Butt Plug because you want to work on stretching your Anal muscles, then every moment you wear it will be of great help to you. Even if you only wear the plug for two to three hours during the day, it will help relax those muscles and prepare them for anal sex

In fact, whatever your reason for wearing an anal plug during the day, it can help you achieve your goals, but above all, it will never let you down.

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