Homemade anal plug - how to make an anal plug?

Homemade butt plug - how to make an butt plug?

After browsing the net, you decided to treat yourself to Sex-Toys, in particular Anal Plugs. You have just ordered some, however you still have to wait for the product to be delivered to you. There must be little tricks that will allow you to wait a bit, right?...

1) How to Make Your Own Anal Plug?

Here's a less b”anal” subject, in itself if it's fun, you can make your own homemade anal plug, the same way you prepare a cake! (Of course the recipe is different.) But it is not without risks. 

We always advise you to get a piece of jewelry made by a professional, in a competent and/or ideally specialized shop .

If you MUST cram a Shaper prop into you right now, we're going to give you some leads, there are other stories online as well.

  • We inform you from the outset that Le Plug Français does not have the role of being a Doctor , the General information that we give does not replace the opinion of medical experts, so always use common sense if you have to place yourself in any of your home-made in the rectum.
  • If you use an object designed by yourself, you do so at your own risk

2) Make an Anal Plug, with Vegetables?

In case you haven't noticed, there are quite a few fruits and vegetables that have a very penis-like shape. It's almost as if nature itself is telling you to use them. Cucumbers, zucchini, and even bananas have been used by people as makeshift caps. But how safe to use them are you?

The main problem with using Fruits and Vegetables in your sensitive areas is that they are ripe or soft. By inserting things inside us, ( especially in the anal orifice ), we put a lot of pressure on them. The sphincter (muscle around the anus that opens and closes it) itself is one of the strongest muscles in the human body. Believe me, the last thing you want to happen to you is for the fruit or vegetable to come loose from the pressure, and turn your anus into a gooey mess inside your butt


If you've found a Nice and Firm Cucumber 🥒 though, and you're ready to take the plunge, I recommend that you Always use condoms with them. You never know how clean your vegetables are, with all the Growth Chemicals and Insecticides that may be used on them. 

As well as how they are handled in the store itself (it's usually not pretty). Your anal mucosa absorbs things much easier and faster than other parts of your body and I don't think you want insecticides to enter your bloodstream.

3 With Toothbrushes?

Another idea could be to use a toothbrush, especially an electric one. Many people prefer to use the Electric Toothbrush. 

  • Why ? This is Pleasant the vibrations, non ? 
  • They have a Familiar Shape, from what one could fit into the buttocks…

The only significant difference is that the base of the toothbrush will be Flat rather than Tapered . We hope you haven't gotten there yet and that this is the last solution you have to give yourself Rectal Pleasure. 

Because its shape indicates that it will be a little harder to get in, but also that it may tear the lining of your anus with the sharper edges.

If this happens, you could end up with Blood and Other Nasty Germs  on your toothbrush. Some people put a condom on the toothbrush making sure it is 100% clean before they can use it again on the teeth.

All in all, with all the Germs and Cons at play here, we don't recommend using your toothbrush as a Butt Plug.

4) Un Plug Anal Artisanal !

Making Unusual Toys does not scare you, so you had the Idea of ​​Making your Own Stimulating Home Anal Plug:

  • In Wax (for BDSM use)
  • Plasticine (which we hope for the decor)
  • Salt Dough
  • And Verre
  • In clay

Of course, this Stage is reserved for the most Advanced Creatives . If you happen to have a lot of pottery or glass blowing facilities handy, you COULD make your own Butt Plug to any specification you want. If you know what you're doing, this could be a really fun way to get a grip that has the effect of tickling all the right places.

If you decide to make one out of clay, you should keep in mind that clay is a porous material. Porous materials can adsorb Bacteria from inside the anus and retain them even after cleaning. The clay can also be quite rough, especially if you are an Amateur Potter, so using a condom will probably be better.

Glass, on the other hand, is probably one of the safest ways to make a Custom Toy. Glass is used in the manufacture of many toys that are sold in Commerce, and as long as you can be sure it will not Break / Crack you can make it without fear.

Shaping it the way you want can be nice. Glass Butt Plugs can also be boiled to kill all Germs, and are quite smooth and easy to insert. It is probably the only Manual Sex Toy that is relatively safe to use without a condom.

5) Other Unusual Objects

While browsing on Google 🚶, you have probably seen and found many different things than what people have put in their butts. 

We can't cover the full set of objects to use , but we'll go over one briefly as we've seen it come up frequently on other Blogs, Forums, or Discussions.

5.1) Use of Buffers

It's a definite big NO! 

Some people say “that they are safe or that it works well” or “that they can't resist using them as a butt plug”.

These People “Know”, or are “Sure”?

We will answer you Simply what is the problem :

  • The Tampons are in Cottons!

So what ? 

  • Germs and Bacteria can enter the Fibers , then be absorbed into your Bloodstream . Not to mention the Toxic Shock Syndrome. 

It's not for nothing that there's a reason women can only keep them on for a certain amount of time , and given how sensitive your anal skin is, who knows when that might happen. . 

It's a resounding NO for Tampons.

6) The French Plug the Anal Plug House

If you think this article can help someone, talk about it around you, don't hesitate to share it and say what you think about it in the comments, for others we provide you with a small list of anal accessories that could please you

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