How and when to wear a Fox Tail Anal Plug

How and when to wear a Fox Tail Butt Plug?

Regular sexual intercourse solidifies the bonds of intimacy between the members of a couple and increases their sexual desire. But simply having sex as a couple is not enough, you have to think about innovating so that routine never sets in.

Thanks to the fox tail anal plug , you can quickly create a super exciting erotic game to warm up the atmosphere in your bedroom. Indeed, the fox tail anal plug is a sex toy designed to enhance your sex life with animal role play (PetPlay or Cosplay) especially during bdsm sessions .

Cat Tail Anal Plug

The fox tail anal plug, a wonderful anal sex toy to spice up sexual intercourse

A fox tail anal plug is an anal plug often made of silicone or metal , also called a butt plug , on which a fox tail is attached . It is a very naughty, radiant and sumptuous erotic toy intended for anal excitement for the partner who wears it. There are many types of plugs with tails to vary the experience: dog, cat, rabbit or even horse tail. Also, the fox is a very attractive and adorable pet. But also qualified as a cunning animal, sometimes difficult to control but above all elegant, pleasant and even domesticated. Will your naughty game partner be embodied in this animal?

With a fox tail anal plug in your rectum, you can imitate the fox thanks to this beautiful silky fur that comes out of your buttocks. You can show your partner, this sexual character that is dormant in you. You can also channel your wild animal spirit, very wild by the way, and show your companion what you are really capable of. Thus, you will be able to play the animal role-playing game with your spouse, a very naughty and pleasant game. Which will also make you spend a moment of pleasure and unforgettable enjoyment.

Like any other stainless steel or silicone metal anal plug, the tail plug prepares the rectum for anal penetrationby causing relaxation of the sphincter muscles. With your tail anal plug, make love in different sexual positions, positions never tried before and very extraordinary.

Dog Tail Anal Plug

The tail anal plug is the most used sex toy with the anal hook by bdsm lovers . These are simple but effective sex aids for hot foreplay. On Plugez-vous, you will find fox tail anal plugs in several shapes and lengths (more or less dense fur) and colors (the classic brown fox tail but also grey, pink, red, black, white, etc.).

Different categories that will sublimate your body in a sexy way and make you feel a strong sensation while visually arousing your partner.

How does a plug with a fox tail feel?

The fox tail anal plug provides enormous sensations for both partners in the game. It is the perfect anal plug to experience radiant intimacy and to play naughty bdsm or simply erotic games.

For those who wear the sex toy with animal tail

The fox tail anal plug is the ideal butt plug to experience a new sexuality. Use a bdsm collar to submit your partner or opt for a good doggystyle with the plug in his anus. With a fox tail anal plug in itself, sensuality will reach its climax. Thus, using the plug during foreplay will stimulate your erogenous zones and increase your sensuality.

At the time of sexual penetration with your anal plug in place, the excitement will go up a notch and you will feel a huge sensation when this penetration is accompanied by naughty caresses. Wearing the fox tail anal plug accompanied by a gentle fellatio on a erect penis will bring movement after movement the partner who wears it to ecstasy. This is a great idea to create passion during your foreplay.

If you are a woman, do not hesitate to ask your partner for a languorous cunnilingus to intensify the sexual stimulation offered by the tail anal plug . He will hear you moaning with pleasure constantly, which will undoubtedly excite him. In addition, it will participate in the humidification of the vagina. Thus, you will quickly reach orgasm.

Metal Anal Plug

Before penetration, always remember to lubricate your plug well with a classic anal lubricating gel or with a water-based lubricating gel. This will make the penetration of the plug soft, pleasant and honeyed, which will therefore cause a great sensation in you.

The fox tail anal plug is the plug you need for intense sexual stimulation and guaranteed enjoyment . The excitement will be so high with the use of one of our fox tail anal plugs, that it will be really hard for you to contain yourself. So you will realize all your sexual fantasies with ease. Even solo, you can masturbate with an anal plug while simulating your erect clitoris or penis.

Prostate stimulation for men

When the wearer of the plug is a man, he feels perfect arousal thanks to stimulation of the P point . The prostate is a male gland which produces the prostatic liquid entering the composition of the semen by mixing with the spermatozoa which come from the testicles. It is a very erogenous zone for men. Once well excited, she will make you ejaculate without realizing it.

It promotes orgasm in women

In women, the stimulations produce a great sensation and an orgasmic effect by stimulating the G-spot. Finally, once inside you, the anal plug presses on the vaginal wall to make your canal narrower and therefore vaginal penetration more exciting. Thus, the use of the anal plug provides indescribable sensations in women especially when they are penetrated vaginally.

Many women have the sensation of being "filled", "full" when they have vaginal intercourse with the plug inserted in the anus. The anal plug in the anus tightens the vagina, which will make you feel the jerks in a more intense way. As a result, each of your pleasure orifices will be filled, to make you feel the pleasure to the extreme.

For other women, having the plug in the anus is a fun, very naughty addition when combined with vaginal intercourse. So they have the feeling that anal plugs bring a little grain of salt to their whole body.

In the end, the sensations differ from one anal plug user to another. Everything will depend on the experience and the idea of ​​the associated naughty game.

For the play partner: visual excitement that invites sodomy

The fox tail anal plug is a very pretty plug that is very aesthetically pleasing. The fox tail transforms the behind of the wearer into a real image of seduction . The partner who wears it being all aroused naturally agitates by swinging his tail, which leads the other partner directly to the desire for a good part of legs in the air.

It is also an excellent way to prepare for a very wild anal penetration (sodomy or doggy style). When the partner sees the plug on his submissive , it excites him even more and makes him want to have a very deep and wild anal penetration finally to feel anal pleasure .

Pompom Anal Plug

The fantasy of double penetration

With the fox tail anal plug, you will benefit from a feeling of double penetration (anal penetration and vaginal penetration) when your companion penetrates you through the vagina. In the majority of women, double penetration leads to orgasm. So, have you tried it yet?

What's cool is that with a fox tail anal plug, you can enjoy double penetration without inviting a third person into your bed. Push back the fields of the possible and insert your plug into your anus to fulfill your wildest fantasies. However, you can add naughty games to immortalize this moment and increase your sensations.

How and when to wear a fox tail?

We told you, buying a tail anal plug will revolutionize your sex life. So use your fox tail plug as many times as possible to maintain the desire in your couple.

For animal role play / pet play

To put the fox tail anal plug in the anus, you must first of all lubricate the insertable part of the plug and your anus. Afterwards, you can insert your plug (the steel or silicone part, not the fur of course) in your ass.

When you want to try something new sexually or play animal role play, wearing a fox tail butt plug is a good idea . Thus, you will become in the blink of an eye, the wild beast that you really are. The anal plug will give you more self-confidence so that you have neither shame nor limits to realize your sexual madness .

It's the anal sex toy to have absolutely in your drawer for many hours of very intense and well-moved sex. Just you, your playmate, and your sexual madness will give you very strange, unimaginable and extraordinary sensations that will lead you into a universe of extraordinary pleasures.

XXL Anal Plug

To vary bdsm sessions

Animal role play (game between the dominant master and the submissive animal ) can enhance and add a special bdsm touch to your intimacy. This animal role-playing game not too well known to the general public also allows you to season and embellish your sex life.

To have a good time during this game, imitate the fox (either mysterious, cunning, curious…) and let yourself be carried away. Make sexual frenzies and wander as you see fit. Adopt all the sexual positions of your dreams, but especially new positions to completely eliminate the routine.

How to maintain your fox tail anal plug?

The fox tail anal plug like any other sex toy is intended to be in direct contact with your body (especially with your private parts). Therefore, it must be treated with great care and attention. Hygiene is the first golden rule when it comes to anal sex toys .

You must clean your fox tail anal plug thoroughly before and after use. For this, it must be washed with warm water and soap, taking care to rub it well to be able to remove all kinds of waste or impurities. The best is to use an antibacterial sex toy cleaning spray. For the fur, you can also wash it with water and a mild soap. Let your tail plug air dry before storing it discreetly.

Now have fun alone or with your partner thanks to our wide range of fox tail anal plugs available on our online sex shop My Plug Anal™!

Why buy an anal sex toy on My Plug Anal™?

My Plug Anal™ specializes in anal pleasure. You will find a wide collection of quality tail anal plugs at the best price: cat, dog, fox or even rabbit to fulfill all your fantasies.

You will find anal plugs of different sizes, shapes and colors among which you will undoubtedly find the fox tail anal plug that will make you enjoy every day.

  • The brown fox tail anal plug: the classic color of the fox tail
  • The black fox tail anal plug: it's the sexy, elegant and chic tail that will delicately tickle your buttocks
  • A pink or purple fox tail for a more feminine animal look
  • Also dare the multicolored tail for more fun
  • Opt for a soft, fluffy silicone plug or a harder, heavier steel plug
  • We also offer the vibrating tail anal plug to boost your sensations during your cosplay games.

Fox Tail Anal Plug

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