How to choose an anal plug

How to choose a butt plug?

Do you know that the anus is an orifice that encompasses tons of nerve endings? Once you understand this, it's easier to understand why people all over the world love  anal sex ...

You may be one of those people who hesitate, but who deep down want to take the plunge, and finally give free rein to the sexual urges that drive them. The best way to start this kind of exciting practice is the anal plug . It's the perfect sex toy to gently discover new sensations and there are hundreds of models to stimulate anal pleasure in different ways.

So that you don't get lost among the different shapes, sizes and materials, we have created this guide, it will allow you to choose the anal plug of your dreams right now! 

Diamond Anal Plug

How to choose the size of an anal plug?

The choice of plug size is particularly important, especially if you want to make a first purchase. The rule of thumb is to choose a small size rather than a large one if you have doubts about your ability to insert it into your buttocks without difficulty. Besides, anal penetration should never be difficult, if you properly prepare the erogenous zones that surround your orifice by stimulating them, the anal plug should slide in like butter.

Do not hesitate to use your fingers before buying your first anal toy , this will allow you to see if your anus is rather easy or rather tight.

Regarding the ideal size, as a general rule it is a small anal plug with a diameter of about 3 cm and a conical shape to facilitate gradual insertion. Thereafter, it is advisable to take a medium size before going to the large size and why not continue this orgasmic path by acquiring an XL plug ?

Fox Tail Anal Plug

Choosing a plug: metal, silicone or glass?

Above all, we must ban the use of “cheap” and low-end sex toys, they may contain toxic substances such as phthalates. It's very harmful to your health and even more so when you want to wear your plug for long periods of time, like at work for example.

Metal is one of the best materials for varying and playing with temperatures. Stainless steel  has the ability to absorb heat or coolness, for this it is enough to soak it in ice cubes for a few minutes or in boiling water (which also allows it to be sterilized before use). If you have never tasted the  intense pleasure that temperatures provide inside the buttocks, we strongly advise you to try the adventure with a metal anal plug !

Silicone is also  a healthy material for your body, it has the particularity of being flexible and adapting to the shape of your rectal orifice during penetration . It is therefore ideal for beginners, in addition it is very soft and is really pleasant in contact with the skin, many practitioners swear by silicone.

The third option is the glass plug , a material often associated with lust because it is very beautiful and shiny. It is extremely smooth and has a little extra that the others do not have... It is possible to see through if you choose a transparent glass, it could please your partner if he is of a curious nature...

Choose an anal plug with love!

XXL Anal Plug

You now have all the cards in hand to choose the anal plug that will make you vibrate . What matters most is to choose it with love, you have to make your final choice on a crush and then you will have much more fun !

Let's not forget that most plugs have a lovely diamond . In addition to being orgasmic sex toys , they are becoming real luxury gems.

When you have yours in hand you will understand how enjoyable it is ...

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