How to have fun alone

How to have fun alone?

Are you single and don't want to start a relationship right now? You have every right! Just because you're alone doesn't mean you have to be in a relationship. Only, celibacy does not mean giving up on your personal pleasure. Maybe you're already having fun solo! Don't blush, it's not a shame, quite the contrary. But now, over time, you find that your pleasure is no longer as intense. It's probably because you're not imaginative enough! In this case, how to have fun alone? If you're wondering, read on and you'll find heaps of great ideas.

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Be naked as a worm

You may not have thought of it, but when you're enjoying yourself solo, it's much more exciting to strip completely naked. And even, why not, not put yourself in front of a mirror! Obviously, you must not be modest, but in any case, you will be alone, so why not discover your body little by little, at your own pace? The first few times, if you're a bit shy, you can wear a baby doll.

Sex toys, you know?

If there is a very effective way to have fun solo, it is thanks to sex toys. If you've never tried sex toys, then maybe it's time to get started. The advantage is that there are a lot of different models that will give you very different sensations. You will find sex toys for beginners and slightly more elaborate sex toys for people who are more used to them. You are ashamed to buy sex toys, do not worry, you can very well shop on the Internet and receive your sex toys in discreet packages.

Sit in front of an erotic film

To make the desire rise in you, why not make yourself comfortable on your sofa or on your bed, facing the television while watching, of course, an erotic film? For some women this kind of film does not provide any sensation, but for others, erotic or pornographic films can be very exciting.

Dive into your bathtub

If you want to pamper yourself, then fill your tub with hot water, put some bath salts in it, and slip into it. Just being in this warm bath will do you a lot of good. Then all you have to do is use your fingers to stimulate your clitoris and take pleasure. The orgasm will not take very long to reach, so hang on!

Caresses, yes, but gently

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During your sexual relations, do you like foreplay? So do the same during your solitary pleasure sessions. Take your time, no need to rush things. Caress yourself slowly, delicately. Shiver with pleasure under your caresses. The advantage is that you can caress yourself in various ways: with your fingers, with a feather, with an ice cube... The possibilities are enormous. So enjoy it !

Get in condition

This may seem like superfluous advice, but if you don't prepare yourself a little, you won't be able to have fun. Indeed, to do yourself good on your own, you must put yourself in condition. So, find the perfect place and the perfect time to indulge in solitary sex. If you want to take full advantage of this moment, you need time. You can't do this in a hurry on the way home from shopping and just before Monsieur comes home from work. You can't do that in one room and be bothered by the crying baby in the next room, either.

Therefore, give yourself an entire afternoon or evening just for you. Close the shutters of the room, install some candles, put some incense and soft music on, then let yourself go. For this kind of practice, it is extremely important to get in good condition. And above all, one last little detail, put your phone on silent! It would be a shame if your pleasure were disturbed by the ringing of your telephone.

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Don't be afraid to think of whoever you want

Aren't you the type to be unfaithful? It is a very good thing. But when it happens in the head, can we really speak of infidelity? Not really. Even if you are in a relationship, maybe there is another man you secretly fantasize about? It could be a friend of yours, a TV celebrity, or even your boss! So why not think about this person while you're enjoying yourself? Nobody will know anything about it and it will excite you even more. This will be your little secret garden.

To finish

All women are different. To reach orgasm more easily and quickly, every woman has her little tricks. In this article, you have been able to discover the different ways to have fun on your own. It's up to you to put them all into practice or to try just a few. Anyway, know that there is no shame in doing good alone. This subject is still taboo and few women dare to speak about it freely, but since the dawn of time, women do themselves good when they are alone. Solo fun offers many benefits. This allows you to better understand your body and better know your sexuality. This is the best way to find out what really gives you pleasure. In addition, all that you will have learned, you can put it into practice during your sexual relations with Mr. What more ?

There are only advantages to doing good on your own, so what are you waiting for to try?

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