How to have sex?

How to have sex?

Some like it hot, others soft. Some settle for a favourite position, others like to be spun around like a doll. . Some people like foreplay, some don't, some have sex on the first date and some are categorically against it.

Very, very few ask the question 'how to have sex'. Sometimes it seems that this skill comes to us on its own and there is nothing special to learn here. But this is far from true! In sex, as in any activity, there are secrets, knowledge of which will enable you to get much more pleasure and satisfaction from the process.

In sex, it is not only the 'technical' side that is important. Although you certainly do that too. To achieve complete harmony, you have to talk and listen to your partner. Understanding and trust are important not only when resolving contentious issues in everyday life, but also in the area where people stay together behind a closed door. Every relationship is individual. The most important thing in good sex is the full return of two partners. Both a woman and a man should think about how to give maximum pleasure to their soulmate, without forgetting their own. 

12 rules for great sex

With the right preparation, sex will bring much more pleasure to the process itself. Of course, no one excludes a spontaneous outburst: passion. When both are warmed up to the maximum, there is no need to talk about preparation. But if you know in advance that today or any other day you must make love, then it is better to prepare in advance.

  • Don't load
  • Billions of people have had sex before you and will continue to do so after you. No need to worry, if you are relaxed and confident, then everything will go on as usual. To calm yourself down, any physical activity is perfect, especially yoga.Unfulfilled expectations.
  • They can ruin the impression of sexual intercourse. Do not think that this will be the best sex of your life. Sure, you can hope it will be stunning, but you should not place too high expectations on your partner regarding the quality of sex. Sex is too subjective. It may seem to you that some of your caresses will turn a person on, but it will not. In this case, it is better not to keep silent, only making things worse. Sometimes we expect another person to rock our world. But if you are sleeping with a person for the first time, the sex might meet your expectations and standards. For that, there is a second, third and numerous times.Hygiene first. 
  • As children, some were forced to wash their hands. But now you are no longer a child, no one will force you to do elementary things. Washing your hands is great! Showering is even better!

Show me a man who is turned on by a dirty body and underwear. These people are too few to be the exception to the rule. You see, most people like to have sex with clean people. Take some time before your date to freshen up. A cold shower relieves any tension that may arise before intercourse, condoms.

  • Regardless of gender, you should always have protection with you. Everyone knows that contraceptives are used not only to prevent unwanted pregnancies, but also to protect against sexually transmitted diseases. Do not entrust this responsibility to another person, because it is shared. Some girls believe that buying condoms is solely the man's responsibility. Many have met women who were afraid to buy condoms at the pharmacy. You will not be judged for taking care of your health. It is best to always carry condoms with you. It is OK if they are in your pocket, purse or anywhere else.Dress comfortably.
  • Clothes with many buttons, zips and fasteners are best left for another time. Until you undo all the buttons, the fuse may disappear. There are often scenes in films where a man rips a woman's clothes because he is too excited and does not want to fiddle with the fastenings for too long. But this is best left to the filmmakers, because you won't like it if your favourite thing is ripped. The combination of practicality and beauty in the picture is the best choice for making love.Turn the phone off.
  • Get off the phone while making love. The process can be ruined if you constantly receive notifications or calls. Sex is intimate, you need to pay close attention to this process. Remove all distractions. Your Facebook, Instagram and Viber can wait. We think you can survive if you don't comment on another funny photo or like it a little later.Gather your hair.
  • Long hair is definitely sexy, but only on the head, not in the mouth. Make sure it doesn't get in your face and that of your partner. Eternal hair correction can distract from the process.Eat well.
  • Fruit will help make you sweet. It is best to eat fruit such as pineapple, lemon, strawberries or bananas before a date. It is best to avoid red meat, onions, garlic, asparagus, cabbage and alcohol.Keep fit.
  • To withstand physical exertion during passionate sex or long sexual marathons, it is worth engaging in sport. One of the keys to good sex is stamina, and for this you need to keep your cardiovascular system in good shape. Physical activity will not only improve the quality of sex, but will also increase self-confidence.It creates a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Sex is an exchange of energy between two people. A bad mood in one person will spoil it for another. Therefore, take care of the general atmosphere: light candles, turn on relaxing music, prepare dinner: all this will help put you in the right mood. You might say it doesn't matter, but it is the little things that make the big difference.Don't forget the prelude.
  • It is the prelude that helps you get to know another person's body better. Knowing what he likes best will help you reach orgasm faster. Prelude is like an introduction to a book; it establishes the general character of the whole work.Enough sleep.

Doctors never cease to remind us of the importance of sleep. You have to sleep eight hours a day. But now there are special programmes that calculate how much of a gap you need to go through all the stages of sleep. For sex, you need energy. You are unlikely to want to surrender completely to lethargy and sleep. Instead of intercourse in this state, you would rather choose a complete sleep than go for round two.

Follow these simple tips and your sex life will improve. Preparation will help you be more confident and the risk of failure will be zero.

When you are already fully prepared, but at the same time you want to make sex even better. Spend just a minute of your time and sex will shine in new, exciting colours. Proper lovemaking is not only about performing monotonous movements, but also about constantly adding peppercorns.


Little tricks of great sex

  • Add a pillow

Don't have sex with a pillow. You haven't thought about it. Put a pillow or roller under your partner's buttocks and then change the angle of penetration. It is with the help of deeper penetration that it is easier to find the G-spot, its stimulation will allow the woman to reach orgasm faster and she will be brighter. 

  • Sex in socks

Many women are very annoyed when a man wears socks. But remember that socks help regulate your body temperature, which allows you to peak in less time. If you want an orgasm, wear socks!

  • Use a necktie

A tie is not only a male accessory, but also an express sexual activator. Tie your hands above your head or to the bed. Use this accessory as a blindfold. Limited mobility or closed eyes diversify any position, make you feel new emotions and also give your partner control over your body.

  • Vibrator as secret agent

A simple little thing will allow not only a woman but also a man to try something new. There are many ways to use a vibrator. For example, stimulation of the testicles with a vibrator will open up a wonderful new world of sensual pleasures for a man. Pamper your man in this way. It works especially well if you use the surprise effect. 

  • Don't be in a hurry to finish

Before the onset of orgasm, ask your partner to be patient a little, this will allow you to get even more pleasure. It is like in life: he who works harder, gets more.

  • Changing position

Shower, sofa, kitchen table, floor, dressing room or cinema. Having sex outside the home or in bed is great. Especially after an orgasm, when for a moment your mind is clouded and you can't tell where you are. Adrenalin, which is released in the blood when you feel excitement and risk, will take you to another space.

Mistakes that can ruin the best sex ever

Having sex correctly also means avoiding common mistakes. Everyone has them and that is also normal, not everyone knows how to do it correctly - and that is also wonderful. But it is even better to know what not to do to have a good night. Below are some common mistakes. 

  • Don't kiss

Believe it or not, many people are not used to kissing during sex. Why is this happening? Perhaps because in some positions it is not convenient, or this action can delay the moment of climax. Kissing, because a kiss is a secret told only to the mouth and not the ear; kisses are messengers of love and tenderness. 

  • Bites at the wrong time

Some are aroused by aggression in a partner. But before biting, wait until the partner is aroused. Biting any part of the body before the partner is fully aroused may cause pain and discomfort (and may also reduce the possibility of further continuation) or simply frighten. So make sure your partner is warmed up to the limit before biting your ears, shoulders, neck or any other part of your body. 

  • Focus only on the genitals

Don't forget to pay attention to other parts of your lover's body and focus on the whole body for a while, including the knees, wrists, back and stomach: these are some of the most erogenous zones for men and, of course, for women. Gently caressing these areas can arouse your partner even more.

  • Lie down with your full weight on your partner

Even if you are a girl, do not forget that you are not a fluff anyway. It is wonderful to go crazy from time to time with your partner and dissolve into him not only spiritually, but also morally. But when you are on top, you have to be careful not to lean on all your weight. Losing the ability to breathe or being crushed can break the idyll.

  • Rapid or late ejaculation.

This paragraph applies to men. Muscle control will allow you to come at the right time. Too early and you might leave your partner unsatisfied; too late and your lovely lady might feel like she is pumping iron in the gym.

To avoid this, spend more time on foreplay (this will help both men and women). If it takes you a long time to reach orgasm and you can ejaculate with your hands, then it is better to stop when your partner comes, so it can help you achieve your pleasure. 

  • Don't let you know when you have finished.

Whether it is oral sex or sexual intercourse, it is best to say that you are already 'everything'. Your partner has the right to know and not to ask again. A simple sentence: "I'll soon be done!" is enough.

  • Comparison with the first one.

It shows a person who likes to be compared to another. No matter how great your sex life was with your ex, no one will like to mention him during sex.

Choosing the right time for the perfect sex

One of the most frequently asked questions is: "How often do you need to have sex so that it is sufficient and not boring?". It is important to remember that there is no 'correct' frequency of having sex; we are all so different and our relationships are just as different. The most important thing is to feel satisfied. If we turn to statistics, the regularity of sex depends on the age of the partners. As statistics show, a young body requires sex more often. But of course there are exceptions to this rule.

According to statistics, 18-29 year olds have sex an average of 112 times a year, 30-39 year olds have sex an average of 86 times a year, and 40-49 year olds have sex an average of 69 times a year. However, the averages indicate that there are some people who have sex more often and others less often. Averages do not help decide what is appropriate for a single subject.

Doctors have discovered at which time of the month sexual intercourse will bring the most pleasure. One of the most favourable periods is the week in which a woman ovulates. At this time, she is most prone to sex. It is this week that nature herself wants us, her children, to do this wonderful activity. During this period, have sex as often as possible, at least every day or even several times a day. It is best that men do not masturbate, but give all their strength to satisfy their woman's needs.

We have already clarified with you the question of the regularity of ideal sex, and now we touch on the equally interesting question of duration. Once again, statistics come to the rescue, most heterosexual couples have sex that lasts an average of 19 minutes. Of these, 10 minutes go to foreplay and the remaining 9 to penetrative intercourse. Of the couples surveyed, 52% were satisfied with this number, while 23% of men and 19% of women said they would like longer intercourse.

But these data may be underestimated in comparison with new studies. In 2008, the world's top sexologists gave their opinion on such a sensitive issue. They divided the duration of sex into four duration categories: adequate, desirable, too long and too short. The experts rated vaginal penetrative sex that lasted 1-2 minutes as 'too short' and sex that lasted 10-30 minutes as 'too long'. Meanwhile, 'adequate' sex is 3-7 minutes, while desired sex is 7-13. minutes.

It is difficult to obtain reliable data, as some people do not measure the duration of sex. And there are flaws in the measurement principle itself, since some scientists consider penetrative sex as a unit of measurement, which does not always lead to orgasm of two partners.

Let us break away from statistics and reason logically. People who can indulge in passion from the beginning until the end credits of the film provoke respect and slight envy, but such couples are extremely rare. In fact, there is no definition of the ideal time period for lovemaking. Although there is a common belief that longer sex is better sex. Marathon sex sessions become a criterion for assessing the success of a romantic evening. But such marathons are like sweet candy, they should be in the diet, but it is bad when they replace a balanced diet.

Looking at statistics and logic, you can come to a certain conclusion. Sex does not take long, even for people who are completely satisfied with their sex life. But it is not worth arguing that shorter sex is better. It all depends on your desire and individual preferences. Listen to your body and devote yourself completely to making love, so you definitely won't have time to watch the clock.

How to improve sex?

Ideal sex is, of course, also a variety of sex. But at some point in life, permanent partners or spouses begin to feel nostalgic for the times when it all just started. Back then, skin was covered in goose bumps from the touch and sex was passionate and bright. If you are faced with such a situation, don't worry, by following a few simple tips, you can restore the former spark to the relationship.

  • Sex 'just because we want it'

Try just once to abstract yourself from external circumstances and have passionate sex, just because you want to. Not following the calendar, not putting sex on the schedule, is still the same as not being fitness. A further motivation could be the fact that sex is a well-known means of relieving tension and stress after an exhausting day at work. Try having sex instead of watching a series one evening, and then it can become part of your regular ritual.

  • Sex with humour

Who said sex can't be fun? Don't be afraid to pamper him: dance a striptease or ask him to guess the popular tune that resonates in your head during foreplay. Don't try to take him seriously: the most important thing is that you have fun and relax. Finding a new zone of mutual comfort in inventiveness and humour will open a new page in your intimacy.

  • Sex penpals

Sexting is the name for pen-pal sex. In the morning, when you have already left for work, you write to your soul mate about how nice it was in the morning after your shower or how you can't wait to be home alone in the evening. You can also intrigue a man with a picture of socks or any part of your body. All this will lead to both of you looking forward to a stormy end to the day.


  • Sex 'without external feelings'

Wear soundproof headphones. Complete silence during sex will eliminate one of the sensory feelings and definitely heighten the others, thus making you want it even more.

All the above is just advice. By applying this in reality, you can achieve perfect sex. Good sex happens with a clear understanding of how the bodies of men and women work. It is important to understand that we have sex not only to satisfy our physical needs, but also our mental needs. The desire for physical pleasure is not the most important reason for sexual activity. Through sex, we demonstrate certain feelings we have for a person, be it love, passion or sympathy. Just remember that sex is always emotion. Good sex is free emotions and bad sex happens because of blocked emotions.

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