How to insert an anal plug without hurting yourself?

How to insert an anal plug without hurting yourself?

If you are starting to explore sodomy and want to start with an anal plug, it is best to choose a small size to start with. However, even if the diameter is not very important, it is advisable to take the time to prepare yourself before using your toy, injuries can happen quickly and can spoil your experience.

Diamond Butt Plug

Never neglect the lubricant

The most important rule when having fun with a butt plug is to never neglect the lube. Even if you are used to anal sex, even if you often use an anal plug , you should always use lubricant. This should not prevent you from applying the advice below, because the lubricant tends to make the plug go in very/too quickly, but its use reduces friction which can quickly become unpleasant. I recommend using a water -based anal lube or designing your own homemade lube if you want to save money.

Gentle preparation before intro-mission

Before you get started and use your anal plug, take the time to relax your anus. You can caress it with your fingers, gently, or introduce one inside you, this will allow you to manage the gentle penetration more easily. If your partner feels like it, he/she can play with his/her own fingers on and you are always listening to your reactions. He or she can even come and caress your anus with their tongue!


Pompom Butt Plug

It's completely normal to be stressed the first time you try to use a butt plug . Whether you want to insert it or let your partner do it, it is better that you are relaxed. Make yourself comfortable and try to relax your muscles, if you are too tight, the anal plug will be more difficult to insert and it can be painful or even dangerous. Feel free to push lightly with your muscles to facilitate intromission.

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