How to make your partner accept anal

How to make your partner accept anal?

It is often difficult to approach anal sex with your partner all of a sudden. You've been wanting to take it by the ass for many months, but you don't know how to do it? Would you be afraid that she would turn up her nose and push you away forever? In this article, discover My Plug Anal™'s advice to help you make him accept anal.

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What is anal sex?

Anal intercourse consists of the penetration into the anus of his or her partner, a penis or any object replacing the role of a penis.

Sodomy is often described as only a male desire when this is not always the case. Both men and women may want anal sex. After all, sodomy allows you to discover new pleasures, sensations never felt before. As a result, anal coitus , like vaginal coitus, is a pleasure that is shared by two.

However, many people are reluctant to get caught from behind. It must be said that the many received ideas do not help them! Anal sex is painful. Sodomy is dirty. And many more arguments...

So, you who want so much to go through her little hole from behind, how to make her finally say YES? It's time to find out.

How to bring him to the practice of anal?

A lot of people don't like sodomy. They are afraid of sodomy because there are lots of things that can happen, lots of resistance that can arise. Between pain and the presence of poop, it's not always easy.

To get your partner to accept anal, the first thing to do is to talk about it with her. The biggest mistake you can make is going there unannounced. That is to say, to leave oral or vaginal sex and go directly to anal. If you do, she'll be stalking forever! It's like entering her house without permission, IT IS NOT DONE! You know what I mean…

So you should never think about doing it, at the risk of losing everything and permanently disgusting your darling with anal sex. Therefore, the ideal is to ask permission, or even to convince your partner.

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However, to convince, it is not always easy. The best trick to increase your chances of making her try sodomy is to talk about it with her, after a superb fucking session for example. Tell her it's one of your biggest fantasies. Ask her what she thinks about it. Don't hesitate to take the opportunity to ask him about his wildest fantasies. In this atmosphere, it will be more favorable for her, to discuss with you and to tell you, really what she thinks about it.

It is therefore through dialogue that you will be able to make him change his mind! However, once the lady is won over to the idea of ​​trying, it is important not to give up. You have to make him really want to give you his precious ass. However, there are some things you need to know about anal sex.

What are the conditions for a successful sodomy?

Some people do not practice sodomy for fear that their spouse will find it dirty. Sometimes you will hear people say; sodomy is dirty, it's disgusting, etc. However, it's not the most disgusting thing either, especially since you're going to put on a condom.

So sodomy does not suck . Know that there are ways to increase hygiene before anal sex. Moreover, it is recommended to perform an anal enema before the anal sex session. This washing must be done by the person who will be penetrated by the ass.

How to make your partner want sodomy?

The anus contains a lot of nerves. As a result, the pleasure and sensitivity that it releases are really very strong. Also, the orgasms you can have during anal sex are also very powerful for both men and women.

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By the way, do you know that 94% of girls who practiced anal sex during their last report say they had an orgasm? Sodomy therefore makes it possible to have orgasms, even for women.

To start your session with your partner, it is important to maximize your foreplay. Make her want it, like she's never wanted it.

The best way to relax her is to have her lie on her stomach and then give her a massage all over her back. Add romantic music, scented candles when you perform this languorous massage. However, after the back massage, gently massage her buttocks, crotch, in short wherever it will have an effect. Finish by gently massaging his anus without going inside. You can even rim him . Know that this relaxation step is very beneficial for the rest of your anal sex session.

Now it's time to dilate her anus little by little. Start by gently inserting one of your fingers while gently moving back and forth. This will allow her to prepare this area, if she has never tried sodomy. In addition, you have to caress his penis slowly at the same time as you tickle his anus. This will make her not only focus on her anus. With this, you will play on her mind so that she does not focus only on her anus. It will also make him feel through his sex, his usual pleasures. All this is if she wasn't really easy to convince...

On the other hand, there are people who are predisposed to the practice of anal sex. In this case, it's your partner who will ask you to do anal directly to her. So she will tell you “I would like you to do this for me, I would like to try that…”. In this situation, it will be perfect for you, right? She will be able to guide you so that you can enjoy it together. In this case, you will not need to convince her, since you will discover after the dialogue that it is also her fantasy. It's even her who will tell you then, fuck me through the anus, I've been dying for it since!

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This is in fact the first steps to make your partner accept anal . No more worrying about convincing your partner. Take matters into your own hands and find out if she doesn't feel like it too since she's been with you.

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