How to overcome a breakup?

How to overcome a breakup?

Few people have never had to recover from a breakup and we know it can be complicated. Learning to live without the person you loved for many months or even several years takes time, it's all daily life that changes overnight. Some breakups go rather well, the partners remain close friends and continue to see each other afterwards. For other couples, the situation is more complex and each disappears from the life of the other. In any case, don't worry, it's normal to cry for hours without being able to stop. But just know that, you'll be fine. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but in a few days you will already see things more clearly and in a few weeks you will take on new habits.

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Time will do its work

There is no miracle recipe for overcoming and forgetting a breakup. Only time can definitively overcome a breakup and “move on”. Some people only take 2 weeks to recover from a breakup after shedding all the tears in their body, while others take months or even years to fully recover. The only remedy being the passage of time, it is important not to mope while remaining locked in your room. In itself, it is essential to continue to live your life and occupy your mind to avoid overthinking and relapse into brooding .

Take some time for yourself

The first few days are going to be the hardest to overcome. You're going to want to cry, lay back in your bed, and wait for things to get better on their own. You have every right to do so, it makes sense that this rupture will affect you, whether you are at the origin of it or not. A pot of ice cream, a glass of wine, a series found on the Internet, that's how to live the first days of the breakup. It's time to take stock of your life, list your desires for the future and put your goals into perspective!

See people

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Once you've been crying and moping for several days (it's normal and healthy, don't worry, no one will judge you), it's time to get out. Contact your closest friends , organize a meeting over a drink to talk about everything and nothing. If it makes you feel good, you can talk about the breakup you have just experienced, this will give you the opportunity to unload your emotions.

Thereafter, do not hesitate to practice a physical activity. Sport is great for morale and it will give you the opportunity to meet new people and create a circle of friends and acquaintances that will be unique to you.

Change environment

If you live together in your home and you keep it, it may be worth making some changes. Evolving daily in an environment that will constantly remind you of your relationship is not a good idea, each object, each room will make you think of the person with whom you lived. If you can, the ideal is to change apartments, but this is not always easy for various reasons. You can then change the layout of the furniture, remove the photos of your couple that are on the walls, etc... Create a living space that looks like you and in which you will feel good!

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