How to prepare for anal sex without pain and discomfort

How to prepare for anal sex without pain and discomfort?

"How tight is the wave of the buttocks in the splendour of the night", so figuratively and vividly the unnamed poet confesses his love for anal sex. This subject has long been considered taboo. But today, many people include anal in their regular sexual practice.

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According to statistics, 40% of men and 35% of women have tried anal intercourse at least once in their lives. At the same time, it is a mistake to think that only gays are involved in anal sex between men. Heterosexuals 'respect' it just as much. And this is quite understandable. After all, the human anus, particularly the sphincter, is one of the most sensitive erogenous zones. There are many nerve endings here. No wonder Grandpa Freud singled out the anal phase in psycho sexual development.

The history of anal sex is rooted in the distant past. In ancient times, when there were no comfortable soft beds, the most practiced position was from behind, squatting. Therefore, both female holes were in plain view, in seductive proximity. Already in those days, anal sex acquired the characteristics of pressure and dominance.

In the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Greece, this kind of sex was very common. It was sung about in verse by the famous Plato and described in detail in ancient Indian treatises.

The main thing is the right attitude!

If you decide to discover the enchanting world of anal sex, you should first of all psychologically attune yourself correctly. After all, the human body has such a physiological characteristic: it involuntarily compresses the anus muscles at the moment of fear. And this, in turn, will not only complicate the process itself, but also lead to unpleasant painful sensations during the introduction of the penis.

The most typical fears in girls:

  • It will hurt. You have to understand: if you do everything correctly and without haste, the pain during anal sex will be minimal.
  • It is unhygienic. Following hygiene rules during preparation will help avoid embarrassment.
  • So you should only have anal sex. Good sex is a variety of sex. And then little tricks will later help make the 'classics' brighter and orgasms more intense.
  • There is a risk of injury. Proper preparation ensures no problems. Here are some tips to help you avoid health problems after anal sex.

If a partner is in doubt, a man should under no circumstances abruptly and harshly ridicule his reluctance, insist categorically, be offended, and swear. To obtain the coveted prize in the form of anal sex, you should act gently and delicately.


The problem of hygiene before anal sex is very easily solved with the help of ... a regular enema. So you cannot be afraid, feeling the urge to defecate during the act, and be sure that this is nothing more than a 'false alarm'.

Bowel cleansing before sexual intercourse will help you relax and avoid embarrassment. The preparation itself can turn into a pleasant erotic adventure if you buy a special enema in a sex shop. Yes, there are even some! And they are called - anal showers. Many of them come with a special lubricant that facilitates the introduction of the nozzle.

You can buy a standard pear-shaped product or original design devices with a tube and a phallic nozzle.

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How to make an enema? Only 0.5 litres of clean warm water are needed for this purpose. Take the most comfortable position and insert the tip 8-10 centimetres inwards. We recommend that you try this method of cleansing first, regardless of your intended gender. This will allow you to study your body's reactions and determine how long you need for a complete cleansing.

It is best to perform the procedure half an hour before the start of sexual intercourse so that you are not distracted at a romantic moment.

Some people think that frequent enemas are harmful. Therefore, glycerin suppositories are used to cleanse the intestines.

The most reliable in terms of cleansing is anal sex in the bathtub or shower. There, the presence of soap and water cancels out all 'delicate' moments.

The day before the planned event, it is best not to eat fast-digesting foods.

Anal training: the best ways and means

For anal sex to satisfy both partners, the sphincter of the 'receiving side' must have a certain elasticity and be able to stretch. There are several ways to increase these qualities.

The main condition is that anal must be developed carefully, gently and gradually. You can do it alone or with the help of a partner. Either way, much pleasure and pleasant sensations are guaranteed.

  • Fingers

An ideal tool, given to us by nature itself. Take a comfortable position in which you feel most comfortable: lying on your back or squatting. Apply some lubricant to your finger, a special lubricant for anal play. Massage the sphincter in a circular motion, pressing lightly on the hole and gradually inserting your finger inside. Having achieved safe and painless penetration along the entire length of the finger, you can complicate the task and try to do the same with two and then three fingers.

  • Butt plug

A great tool for those wishing to discover new, unexplored facets of sexual pleasure. For beginners, there are small, narrow models; for the more experienced, there are wide, embossed ones. The size and shape of the anal plugs are designed to gently stretch the anus and pleasantly stimulate the nerve endings. 

The limiter or plug at the end can be beautifully decorated with rhinestones, gold or multi-colored inlays, which will undoubtedly please the girl.

  • Beads or anal beads

The most elegant and gentle stimulant. They are a chain of soft balls of various sizes strung in a certain sequence. Entering the balls should be smooth, the pleasure is the extraction of the chain. With skillful use, you can achieve a unique orgasm in terms of strength. It can be used during masturbation, during foreplay and direct sexual intercourse.

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  • Anal dilator

A very promising toy that will help you reach the heights of anal sex. The smooth rounded head fits easily inside, then with a little pressure the pear increases in size. Dignity: ease of use and a whole sea of incredible sensations hitherto unknown. It allows you to fine-tune the most comfortable size for your partner and maintain a high level of anal stimulation.

  • Starpon

An artificial dildo may well prepare the back hole to receive a real male organ. Especially if the partner has a big cock. Among the rich assortment of sex shops, beginners might pick up a tight toy with a small diameter.

As in any anus training, the main thing is consistency and systematical. And then the frenzied orgasms won't keep you waiting long!

How to make anal sex as pleasurable as possible for both parties?

And then the day arrived for which you were preparing. In order not to get lost in the excitement and rising emotions, it will not be superfluous to follow simple tips:

  • It is best to switch to anal sex when a woman experiences an orgasm. The resulting satisfaction will help relax the muscles more completely.
  • In preparing a woman for anal sex, you must stimulate the clitoris well. Then penetration in the anus will be inextricably associated with pleasure.
  • The use of anal lubricant is a good practice even if there is a lot of natural lubrication after orgasm. Water-based lubricants are safer and hypoallergenic. Silicone analogues have excellent sliding properties and a waterproof effect. Lubricants with anesthetics may be recommended for the first time. However, then you should be prepared that the sensitivity of the nerve endings will decrease and your partner will not be able to fully appreciate the pleasure of anal sex. 

TOP 5 best positions for anal sex

  • Missionary. Ideal for beginners, as it gives the woman the opportunity to control the situation and guide her partner.
  • Doggy style is a 'classic' of anal sex, allowing partners to gain the most complete and profound satisfaction from both the process itself and the unconditional dominance of a man in this situation.
  • "Spoons" - both partners lie on their side, the girl with her back to the man. This position is good because it is accessible, not very tiring, allows caressing with the hands, and will allow men to enjoy themselves even with a small penis.
  • Rear plank. Suitable for men who are in good physical shape. After all, they will have to take care of their partner's pleasure at the same time, without losing focus on their hands.
  • "Rider. The man lies on his back, the partner sits on top and inserts his penis into the anus to the desired depth. The position is good because it allows a woman to maximise the speed of friction and depth of penetration.

Which position for anal sex is worth choosing, each couple decides for themselves. After all, anal opens up the widest field for daring experiments in bed!

The benefits and harms of anal sex

By its very nature, the human anus is not intended for intimate relations. This is the most deterrent and frightening moment and the most powerful argument of the opponents of anal sex. For the same reason, for a long time, anal intercourse was considered a perversion along with oral intercourse.

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However, the boundaries of sexual norms have expanded today. Everything that does not harm health and serves to satisfy a healthy sexuality has a right to life. Moreover, anal sex is associated with a number of positive aspects, because with its help you can do it:

  • Make sex more vivid and intense.
  • Prolong sexual longevity.
  • Save the hymen.
  • Stimulate blood circulation in the pelvic organs.
  • Avoid unwanted pregnancy.

As for the negative aspects, they are associated with phenomena such as the possibility of ruptures, the formation of micro-cracks and the transmission of various types of infections. Therefore, anal sex without a condom can only be done with a permanent partner whom you trust completely. Otherwise, you risk contracting a lot of dangerous diseases: from hepatitis to Koch's tubercular bacillus. But there is good news: one-off unprotected sex does not lead to 100 per cent infection.

As for bacteria living in the rectum, the risk of infection with them is no greater than vaginal contact. Urologists in Melbourne have shown that it is possible to be infected with opportunistic organisms during normal sex and also during oral sex. It all depends on personal predisposition.

A separate issue is the propagandist contained in semen. These are hormone-like substances whose job is to stimulate smooth muscle contraction in the female genital tract. However, although useful in the vagina, they are completely useless in the rectum. But are they harmful? There they also cause smooth muscle contraction and have a mild laxative effect. There is also evidence of the risk of propagandist suppressing the immune system of males. But the immune system of women, by evolution itself, is adapted to contact with someone else's sperm, so beautiful women should not worry about this.

As for injuries, they only occur with mistakes during intercourse. 4 'DON'Ts' will help avoid them:

  • Do not insert a member too abruptly or too quickly.
  • Do not make excessive friction.
  • Do not ignore preparation.
  • Do not stop using lubricant. 

A few words at the end...

It's all right in moderation. This golden rule of life is quite applicable to anal sex. Different-sex couples are advised to practice it only as an adjunct to traditional vaginal sex. Safe and quite sufficient is 1 anal intercourse every 10 days. Long-term excesses can lead to anal incontinence - gas incontinence and loss of intestinal contents. The disease is not life-threatening, but reduces the quality of life.

Therefore, if you are interested in anal sex and want to try it in practice, get your partner's consent and go ahead! For enchanting orgasms and unforgettable sexual experiences!

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