How to prepare for sodomy

How to prepare for sodomy?

Do you want to explore anal pleasure through sodomy with your partner? For this new experience to be successful, it must be well prepared beforehand. Lubricant, enema, positions: a good sodomy session needs to be well prepared beforehand. So how do you prepare for sodomy to live a sensational anal experience?

Sodomy, a sexual practice that you will love

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Even if sodomy is less and less taboo, many men and women still hesitate as soon as they feel their anal area approaching. However, many people who have already experienced it are now addicted to it.

What is sodomy? Sodomy is simply anal penetration . That is, an act of sexual union through the anus. It is done by the penetration of a penis, a dildo or a finger in the anus. This sexual act corresponds to both women and men. In other words, both men and women can be sodomized.

Sodomy allows you to vary sexual pleasure and it is also a way to enjoy a new and different Pleasure that can lead to anal orgasm. 

However, sodomy is performed through the anus. A channel that at first glance is not intended for sex, but rather for the elimination of waste. As a result, many people may see sodomy as a painful and dirty act. So how do you not feel pain? But rather pleasure during an anal penetration session? We have prepared some effective tips to help you prepare for anal sex.

5 tips to prepare for anal sex

Before embarking on the practice of anal pleasure with your partner, know that you must first talk about it with him. This is the first condition for things to go well. It is important that both of you agree to do this otherwise you will not be able to enjoy the sensations of anal sex.

Indeed, if you don't feel like having anal sex, your sphincters won't relax. As a result, your partner will not be able to penetrate you easily, which will make the act painful.

To successfully take pleasure in the practice of sodomy, here are 5 effective tips to take into account:

Take the time to discuss it with your partner

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For successful sodomy, the sine qua non is to arouse envy in your partner. Before you start, take the time to discuss it clearly with your darling. Express your fantasies, your fears and your doubts to him.

Getting to know the lubricant

There is no successful sodomy without lubricant. Indeed, even if you're horny, your anus will never lubricate as much naturally as your vagina. This is why it is essential to use a water-based or silicone-based anal lubricant to facilitate your penetration. However, anal sex also requires the use of condoms. So don't skip the condom when you opt for a special sodomy evening.

Enter in stages

Gentleness + patience + delicacy: this is the ideal recipe for a successful sodomy. To prepare before D-Day, you can invite your darling to explore the area with his fingers. If you feel comfortable, you can let him penetrate you with one then two fingers. However, anal penetration by fingers is called analdigitus. On the other hand, if you are not comfortable with the fingers, you can instead use small anal plugs to gradually dilate your anus.

Try with a butt plug

This cone-shaped sex toy is specially designed for anal penetration. It is the ideal accessory to prepare for a successful sodomy. In addition, there are different sizes, widths and textures (silicone, glass, metal, wood, etc.). The anal plug is a gentle introduction to anal sex.

However, it is important to clean it well before and after use with an antibacterial soap to avoid infections.

Getting ready for the magic moment

To test sodomy in the best conditions, on D-Day, you have to think about your hygiene. So you need to empty your bowels. This is done by an anal enema using an anal enema pear.

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In addition, you can also take a good shower as a duo as an original foreplay. Then, in the same vein of raising the temperature, you can relax with caresses or a massage.

At this stage, all you have to do is enter the back home of your naughty girlfriend. Use a water lubricant to intensely lubricate his anus and your penis to facilitate penetration. However, here is a position for beginners that will help you enjoy and especially give pleasure to your girl. This is the doggy style with the head bent down or lying on the left side.

Once you are in her ass, do not hesitate to communicate once more. It is important to know if she is having fun, if you are not hurting her, etc. If it hurts, it may be a lack of lubricant, so don't hesitate to add some to avoid tearing.

Listen to her and let her tell you if she likes it, if she wants it faster or slower. However, if you doubt the emotional state of your partner, it is better to withdraw, because sodomy without consent will really not bring you pleasure. You can talk about it and try the experiment again later.

A sodomy session well prepared in advance will lead you to absolute happiness and also that of your partner. The sexual pleasure associated with sodomy is all the more intense because the orifice of the anus is tighter than the vagina. Which will give you intense sensations that will lead you to anal orgasm.

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However, as the saying goes, Paris was not built in a day. Thus, the success of sodomy depends on the time you take to prepare yourself physically and psychologically to receive a penis in your ass.

An anal sex session must always be prepared beforehand, especially for the person who will be sodomized. It is through your ass that the Caca passes, so you will always have to perform an anal enema beforehand. After the anal enema, you have to be psychologically ready to have your ass penetrated. Finally, you must lubricate your anus well to avoid tearing. Don't hesitate to communicate with your partner to tell him if he is going too fast or too slowly.

Do you find anal sex exciting as a sexual practice? You are quite right ! Indeed, sodomy is a very popular sexual act at the moment, so don't wait any longer! Start dilating your anus tonight with anal plugs to prepare for your future sodomy session with your boyfriend.

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