How to put on an anal plug?

How to put on a butt plug?

In a previous post on Using a Butt Plug : The Ultimate Guide… we shared a lot of instructions including how to use a butt plug correctly.

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Parenthesis closed, in this article we will give you a simple and quick guide, answering the question: How to put an Anal Plug?

The answer will be valid when you push an intimate toy (a sex toy) into your anus, whether it's an anal dildo, a vibrator, or classically: An Anal Plug.

Why ? Because unlike the vagina, which has the effect of pushing away a sex toy, the anal orifice sucks the toy inside! (hence the interest of choosing one with an enlarged base, or with a suction cup to avoid its complete absorption).

For rascals who wish to obtain a pleasant feeling, without hurting themselves before and during anal penetration, and in passing, recover an orgasm, we advise you to read the following.

1) Prepare the anus, before the penetration of an Anal Plug

The first thing you need to do is get your anus clean.

Perform an enema in the shower, clean your anal plug and your hands before and after each use, to eliminate sexually transmitted microorganisms, and pre-stretch the anus by slightly stimulating it.

Around its center are muscles that contract and relax: the sphincters.

Spread lubricant around the anus , on your fingers, and start stimulating it by massaging the erogenous zones to make it smooth, this will start to soften the sphincter, and awaken your nerve endings (turn you on).

Choose your lubricant according to the material of your sex toys , when you use a sex toy made of a plastic material (silicone | latex | PVC…) use a water-based lubricant . Because if you use a silicone-based one on these materials, it will have the effect of degrading it , and ultimately making it toxic. Which is undesirable for your anal orifice.

On the other hand, if you use a sex toy made of a solid material (Pyrex glass | Stainless steel, etc.), you can choose a silicone-based one , it has the effect of being greasy, and of holding longer.

Remember to lubricate, massage and stimulate your anus as well as your plug, before starting penetration , it will be less rigid, limit the risk of injury and benefit you to benefit from maximum comfort.

Now that you are relaxed, you can gently move on to inserting the plug.

2) The position to properly insert an Anal Plug

3 comfortable (and sexy) poses can make it easier for you to insert a butt plug:

  1. Bend over on all fours, forward so your partner can insert the butt plug. (doggy position)
  2. Place a small pillow under your buttocks, lie on your back and pull your legs against your belly
  3. Squat on your knees on your butt plug

You will see which of the three variants suits you best.

3) How to insert an Anal Plug

It's simple :

  1. Start by taking a conical (rounded) shaped Anal Plug, and a small size (Size S | Size M) banish the different sizes like XxL.
  2. Hold the plug by its base .
  3. Carefully slide the tip into the anus, pointing it slightly up and forward toward the abdomen.

The person who receives must push at the same time (as if defecating) to facilitate insertion. The end of the plug goes first, this phase is not difficult and you will not feel any pain .

According to your sensations, gradually push the plug inwards until the anus narrows on the thin part.

4) How to fit an Anal Plug?

At about 4 cm you will reach your internal sphincter (muscle that contracts and relaxes) it is thanks to this muscle that the plug is held in place .

You should start to feel stimulation of the prostate, reaching the G-spot (P-spot in men) and enjoying it, the excitement provided will help you reach orgasm .

To relax you just have to relax your mind , in general when you start you will contract it unconsciously. Then when you are used to it, you will let him relax unconsciously, and thus, take anal pleasure very quickly during the sexual act!

If you contract a lot it means you are panicking or anxious, staying relaxed allows your sphincter to relax, and your anal plug (or penis) to pass easily.

Do not force the thrust if you feel a blockage during anal sex, remove the anal plug and let the sphincter rest, start again when you feel ready

Take your time if needed (especially the first times) you can easily insert them by following the steps afterwards, and discover new sensations thanks to anal sex

5) Remove an Anal Plug

It doesn't seem trivial, but after inserting your anal plug, you may at some point want to remove it. 

Ok, here's the little problem with removing a butt plug is that the part that comes out first, well that's the biggest one! Unlike when you insert it...

The biggest obstacle you will encounter will be the fact that the sphincter will have already tightened around the narrow part of the plug.

 And he might not be ready to let go when you pull.

To remove it without hurting yourself, the first thing to do is to grab the base of the anal plug (or the handle depending on its shape) and pull gently ! This is always done slowly, and with delicacy, so as not to have a tear (rupture of the sphincter).

Do not hurry, and do not apply too much force when removing the plug, it is useless and risky.

Pushing with your sphincter, while pulling with your hands at the same time , is very important if you want to remove the butt plug in the best and safest way possible.

This way your anal sex toy will be out before you even know it!

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