How to put on an anal plug

How to put on a butt plug?

Every month, more than 1,820,000 American people decide to buy an anal plug.  This figure has been steadily increasing for years. Many rascals would like to buy one, but do not dare to act because of various reasons such as the fact that anal sex and masturbation remain taboo subjects (not for long!).

You should know that people who stimulate their anal pleasure have a much richer and more fulfilled sexuality than others. We no longer count the people who say they regret not having started sooner. This is a step to take that allows you to start a new sex life!

In order to introduce rascals who are still reluctant to treat themselves to new sensations , we have created a guide to answer the famous question posed by a beginner: How to put on an anal plug?

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Plug anal : Tuto

In this little anal plug tutorial we will see two crucial steps. At first the insertion may seem obvious, but it is not so simple when it is a completely new experience and the anus is still “virgin”. The first anal penetration with a plug therefore deserves a few little tricks so that it takes place without pain and that the sensations are as pleasant as possible.

The second step obviously concerns the removal of the sex toy, a sometimes delicate moment, capable of surprising a beginner and even an insider of anal masturbation . Indeed, it is not for nothing if all the plugs have a wide base (often decorated with a luxurious diamond ): it is a security. The anal canal may “suck” and make removal more difficult than expected, but don't panic! There are very simple solutions to solve this “small technical problem” and your plug will come out in the most total smoothness…

How do I insert this sex toy into my buttocks?

There are many ways to insert a plug , it depends on the level of experience in anal sex, habits and degree of excitement. In this guide, we'll walk you through the "best" way to ensure smooth , painless penetration .

Never start by inserting the plug! Yes, we all really want to take it in the buttocks, but you have to learn patience so that the pleasure is even more intense . Instead, start by using your fingers to massage the sensitive areas around the orifice, this will relax the  sphincter muscles and loosen your anus. 

When you're excited enough, you can start caressing your anus with your sex toy, and when you feel ready, insert it slowly and make sensual back and forth movements. This will allow you to play with your emotions and prepare the ground to fully penetrate it.

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If you find it difficult to go further, do not force it. You should never force the passage, because it is the best way to have a bad experience . It would be a shame to miss the anal orgasm because you wanted to go too fast… Listen to your body and take all the time necessary, it's not a race and even less a “test”.

If you have difficulty inserting it, it's simply because your sphincter muscles aren't relaxed enough, just keep stimulating your erogenous zones without hesitation, putting a finger inside if you want it. When your body is ready, you will feel it, it's a grandiose and difficult to explain sensation...

To vary the sensations,  there is an alternative sex toy to the plug, these are vibrating geisha balls. They have the ability to massage the anus deeply and can be very useful for relaxing the anal muscles before penetration .

A little reminder about the lubricant  : it is very important to lubricate your anus and your sex toy generously, and always check that it is a lubricant suitable for your sex toy. If you use a silicone plug , you must use a water-based lubricant. For other materials you can use the lubricant of your choice.

Respect all these rules and the anal orgasm will come to you by itself...

How do I remove a “butt plug” from my anus?

Your legs are heavy, your whole body is sweating and you are breathing very hard as if you had just done a sprint?

Don't worry, it's normal, you just had an orgasm, and it will certainly take you several minutes before you recover from your emotions and understand what is happening to you.

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Once you've come to your senses, it's time to remove your butt plug.  Most of the time it is enough to gently pull the flared base of the sex toy so that it comes out smoothly. The problem is that sometimes the plug doesn't want to come out (it feels so good inside your butt...). Your sphincter muscles have tightened around the thin part of your anal toy, making removal difficult.

At the risk of repeating myself, it is essential not to force, or to be brutal by pulling hard on the sex toy. The secret is relaxation , relax and push with your sphincter as if … you were in the WC. Simultaneously, use your hand to make slight rotational movements with the plug while gently pulling on it.

For the first few seconds, you will have the impression that nothing is moving, but you will quickly realize that your plug comes out very slowly without you feeling the slightest pain.

Here he is out! Easy right?

Some people experience  intense sensations when removing the anal plug, maybe you are one of them… Do not hesitate to share your own experience  via the contact form, we would be delighted to hear from you!

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