How to remove a stuck butt plug

How to remove a stuck butt plug?

At the beginning, during the  first penetrations  with an anal plug, it is quite normal to ask yourself a lot of questions like “ Can my anal plug get stuck  ?” Or “ How to remove it if it is stuck  ?”

We have decided to bring you answers to all these questions that too often remain without concrete answers! At the same time, who sees themselves at these in-laws and say: “And you, mother-in-law, has your anal plug already got stuck in your ass?” The same during your break at work, ask your colleagues… uff uff… No?

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Can my sex toy get stuck in my butt?

Before answering this question, it is important to understand that while our orifice is capable of pushing out foreign objects, it also has the superb skill of sucking in others. This is also why suppositories work perfectly, once inside the anus, they do not come out. 

We can now explain to you that there are only two ways a  butt plug  can ' get stuck ' in the buttocks, and at the same time we will give you the tips to prevent this from happening and the solutions in case it does. you end up here because it's already too late.

Solution #1 – Remove an anal plug stuck at the base

So, indeed it is possible that your  sex toy  is acting up and not wanting to come out of your anus.

The first reason is that the  intense sensations  it gives you pushes it to stay there for hours...

No, more seriously if your butt plug is struggling to come out it's because it's “sucked in”, it's comparable to the effect of a  suction cup  and there's nothing to panic about. This is also the first rule, you have to stay calm, because it is very easy to bring it out with  good practices  that we are going to give you now.

You have to relax and breathe deeply, add a good dose of  anal lubricant  all around your sex toy. Then push gently while controlling your breathing, you have to do exactly as if you were on the toilet and you will see, it will slowly come out without the slightest problem. 

Rather simple, but this solution is by far the most effective.

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Solution #2 – Remove a sucked sex toy from the anal canal

Second more serious case, but extremely rare given that all our conical anal plugs have a safety base to precisely avoid this situation.

Your  anal plug  has been completely swallowed in the  anal canal , in most cases the solution will be surgery and it is to avoid this that we are going to give you tips.

It is not difficult to never come to this, just always check that the anal plug you buy is equipped with the  safety base , it must be wide enough so that it cannot fit entirely in the buttocks .

So, when you practice  anal masturbation  to feel the orgasms you so desire, your toy should logically fit perfectly into your anus if you haven't forgotten to  lubricate  it generously. The base often equipped with a  sublime diamond  will come to stick against the flesh of your buttocks and here you are in complete safety! 

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The essentials to remember to prevent a plug from getting stuck in the anus

Remember that this wonderful  sex toy  has many advantages, it allows you to indulge in  solitary pleasure , but also with a naughty partner  . It's the only sex toy capable of staying in your anus all day, it's also recommended to enjoy enjoyment even during working hours. It will rub against the anal wall which is filled with  nerve endings  and  erogenous zones .

These areas are more sensitive than the one found in the vagina. This explains why  the anal orgasm  is much more stimulating and pleasurable than a vaginal orgasm. One last advantage for the road, if you practice  anal pleasure  as a duo, you can keep the anal plug in your anus during sex with your partner, this will allow you to feel the sensations of  double penetration,  and your  G-spot  will be stimulated more than normal. Isn't it a crazy sex toy?

Regarding your safety, here are the essential points to avoid the slightest problem:

  • Select an anal plug with a  wide  , secure base
  • Prepare and  stimulate  your anus well with the penetration of the sex toy
  • Use a  quality anal lubricant  generously
  • Insert it gently  and never force the passage
  • Listen to the  feelings  your body gives you

The whole My Plug Anal™ team hopes that our guide has answered your questions about  anal sex , it is always with great pleasure that we share our best anal tips with you!

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