How to use a special g-spot sex toy?

How to use a special g-spot sex toy?

There are different types of sex toys dedicated to the stimulation of the G-spot. When we think of a sex toy that will be dedicated to penetration and therefore to the stimulation of the G-spot, which is located in the vagina, we will often think to a vibrator. Indeed, vibrators are known to be very effective in inducing an orgasm thanks to the stimulation of the G-spot, which is a very sensitive area. Especially since manufacturers have been able to adapt by creating vibrators dedicated to G - spots with a specially inclined curvature to stimulate the g-spot.

However, if you are not really interested in vibrations and this does not trigger an arc of pleasure in you, you can opt for a much simpler sex toy and handle it yourself with your hands. All you have to do is exert pressure back and forth in your vagina until you find the most sensitive area and try to reach orgasm.

What is the g-spot?

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There are discrepancies regarding the nature of the G-spot. However, most of the time, it is considered to be the most sensitive point of the vagina due to the fact that the inner part of the clitoris is located just behind it. Thus, the G-spot will be on the outer part of the vagina, about 2 phalanges from the entrance to it. This is only an average, it is about 2-7 cm from the entrance to the vagina and it is possible to locate it due to its slightly different texture from the rest of the mucous membranes. Stimulating the G-spot will often make it more swollen and slightly spongy. They are literally waves of pleasure that can run through your body, if you stimulate it correctly it can quickly bring you to orgasm. A fairly intense stimulation of the G-spot as well as a total letting go can also lead to female ejaculation. Although it may come as a surprise the first time, there is nothing to worry about, it is a completely natural phenomenon that occurs in many people. In popular culture, women who squirt are referred to as squirting, but in reality, anyone with a vulva unrelated to surgery can.

Choosing the right sex toy

When choosing the sex toy you will use to stimulate your G-spot, several offers will appear before your eyes. Depending on your desires, you can opt either for a sex toy which will vibrate more or less powerfully against your G-spot or on the contrary for a sex toy which will be very simple and which will not have vibrations but which will allow you to stimulate your sensitive area with small back and forth movements made with your hand. Note that the diameter of the sex toy will be important, it must be adapted to the size of your vagina, in particular to avoid pain during penetration. We also find the famous Rabbits, these rabbit-shaped vibrators designed to tickle both your G-spot and the clitoris!

Good practices with a special g-spot sex toy

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It will be important to choose the right position in order to stimulate your G-spot effectively. Indeed, if you are not comfortably seated, you may have a little more trouble reaching your G-spot easily. The ideal is to lie down and relax and then search for your sensitive area with your fingers. This will help you to use your sex toy better later on. If necessary, you can simply use lubricant to facilitate the penetration of your toy. Do not forget to clean the latter once you have finished masturbating, with a suitable soap.

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