How to use an inflatable anal plug

How to use an inflatable butt plug?

Are you interested in anal sex? So how do you effectively stimulate your anus to give him pleasure? All this cannot be possible without the use of a suitable sex toy: the anal plug. The anal plug is an intimate toy designed to allow you to taste anal pleasure even solo. This sex toy comes in two categories, the inflatable plug and the non-inflatable plug. In this article, we will focus mainly on the inflatable anal plug . Do you want to experience anal sex from another angle? The inflatable plug will gladly accompany you in this experience. However, you are curious to know how to properly use an inflatable plug to give you pleasure? Find out how to effectively use an inflatable plug for more pleasure.

Inflatable Anal Plug

How does the inflatable plug work?

The inflatable anal plug is a sex toy that changes diameter significantly and above all gradually. Whether it's a dildo or an inflatable plug , the principle remains the same. Mainly dedicated to the practice of rectal dilation, the inflatable plug can also be used for vaginal dilation or even be used as a gag. Equipped with a bulb and a safety valve, it is a plug that can be inflated and deflated at will. The inflatable plug is the ideal sex toy to introduce you to anal pleasure without pain and at your own pace.

However, before thinking about using your inflatable dildo, it is first important to know how to choose it.

How to choose your inflatable anal plug?

For example, there are specialized inflatable plugs to stimulate the prostate . These are generally curved in order to position themselves on the point P. 

Pompom Anal Plug

However, according to your desires, you can choose a plug according to its dimensions at rest and its diameter once inflated. Generally they are made of medical silicone, as it is very soft and slippery. You can find some in latex.

How to properly use an inflatable plug?

Do you want to learn how to use an inflatable plug  ? Whether it's a dildo or an inflatable plug , the use is simple and remains the same. To use it, first start by lubricating it with a lubricant preferably water, then insert it in your ass. The next step is to squeeze its pear to inflate it to your liking. Once it has reached the size of your choice, you can use it like a normal plug to give yourself pleasure. Besides, after you've finished using it, all you have to do is press its valve to empty it of its air. Once finished, you can safely remove it.

The inflatable plug can be used to prepare your anus for a good sodomy session or just to give you pleasure.

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The inflatable plug is an easy-to-use sex toy that will allow you to gently discover anal pleasure. Moreover, it is also very appreciated by the most experienced. Now you know everything you need to make your naughty evenings incredible.

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