How to use sex toys?

How to use sex toys?

Sexual devices can be an interesting addition to the intimate life of every adult. Intimacy is able to give a lot of exciting and unforgettable moments. Sex toys are successfully used by both long-term partners and single people. 

Think you don't need these accessories? Read our article. You may want to try out one or more toys.

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Why do we need sexual devices?

Sex toys can be found in the bedside table of many people who have reached puberty. Why do they need such devices? It's simple - sex toys are capable of:

  • Fill intimacy with new unforgettable experiences

The range of goods in sex shops is rich and varied. Vibrators, dildos, handcuffs, vaginal balls, clitoral stimulators, butt plugs, and pumps are just a few of what sexual device manufacturers offer today. Among the huge range of accessories, it is easy to choose a device to realize the most daring fantasies, satisfy the most unusual desires.

  • Prolong the moment of sexual pleasure

Most often it is about female pleasure. Many charmers get to the top of sexual pleasure with a long foreplay, namely, stimulation of the clitoris or breasts. Not all men can and know how to properly excite these intimate organs. Therefore, some women are left without the right portion of “sweet” pleasure. Over time, such sex begins to cause disappointment and irritation, leads to a strong desire to completely abandon bed comforts. Correcting this situation is quite easy. A man who is tired or does not know how to caress the clitoris or breasts of a girlfriend can use the help of a vibrator. The device in a matter of moments will enhance the partner's feelings, help her get to the enchanting denouement. The device is useful for couples in which the man comes to the finish line before the partner.

  • Diversify moments of intimacy

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When all caresses have been tried, sexual techniques have been implemented, the time comes for “heavy artillery” - sexual devices. Such accessories make it possible to discover new erogenous places not only on your own, but also on your partner's body. They allow you to fully enjoy every sexual contact. Turn sex not into boring marital duties, but into an exciting sexual journey. Sex toys become a salvation for single people. Having a vibrator, dildo, masturbator, or other device in your personal arsenal, it is easy to get your portion of sexual pleasure, to dump the accumulated sexual energy.

Sexual toys can be compared to a bright and tasty dessert. It doesn't have to be the end of a meal. But it is his presence that will make lunch or dinner complete and memorable. The same thing happens with intimacy filled with sex devices. Even if you have good sex, remember that with interesting devices it will become many times better.

The very process of acquiring a sexy gadget can be turned into a little sexual adventure. The main condition is to choose a toy together. Joint viewing of the assortment of sex shops, searching, choosing the right device will allow you to get pretty excited. You may even have to take a break in order to throw out the passion that has gripped the body.

Sex toys: choose the right one

When choosing a device for the realization of sexual fantasies, you should understand that there are toys for:

  • men - prostate massager, masturbator, penis attachment, erection enhancement cream, etc.;
  • women - vibrator, strap-on, dildo, vaginal balls, nipple clamps, masks, butt plugs, other;
  • sharing - erection rings, vibrator for couples, massager, handcuffs, whips, multi-tails, ticklers, costumes for role-playing games, and much more.

Toys for men and women can be used both independently to satisfy their sexual needs, and together in the process of traditional sexual intercourse. A properly selected device will never interfere with the main action - sexual intercourse. On the contrary, it will greatly enhance the experience of copulation.

Many people are prejudiced against sexual devices. They don't understand why they have such things. If there is a permanent partner whose body you know inside and out, why use a sex device? The thing is that strong long-term relationships have a detrimental effect on the flame of sexual passion. The better you get to know each other, the more monotonous your intimacy becomes. You can come to terms with such a situation by convincing yourself that this happens with all families. And you can buy an interesting device that will make sex bright and unforgettable. Of course, sex with a live person cannot be replaced by a plastic doll or the most realistic dildo. The task of sex toys is completely different. With their help, you can:

Ignite passion

For such purposes, there are a huge number of different accessories. With the help of handcuffs immobilize the partner's body. Such a device makes it possible to experience unusual sensations, try new poses. You can chain both hands and feet, and then caress the body until your partner in bed comforts asks for mercy.

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  • Ticklers, feathers, multi-tails, whips are another option for sexual devices used to incite passion. These toys are used to stimulate sensitive areas. Feathers and ticklers are used at the beginning of sexual foreplay. They need to gently touch the erogenous zones, causing waves of pleasant experiences in the body. But with whips and multi-tails they spank a naked, already slightly heated body. The range of accessories for kindling the flame of passion is not limited to these devices. Exciting lubricants, spiked condoms, harnesses, edible paints, sexy lingerie, massage oils, and much more help make sexual foreplay bright and memorable.
  • The vibrator is a favorite toy of many charmers. Using the device, a lady can experience a powerful orgasm. The vibrator is used before sex in order to ignite passion or after to prolong the moment of the highest pleasure. Thanks to the presence of various speed modes, the device is able to plunge the bodies of lovers into a whirlpool of unforgettable sensations. There are vibrators vaginal, clitoral, anal, and even in the form of nozzles on the fingers.
  • A dildo is a kind of vibrator, only without a motor. Such a device is used before copulation to get excited or after, to enjoy the enchanting climax.
  • Electro-lasso is an unusual novelty in the assortment of modern sexual devices. You can use the device in different ways - as handcuffs or a "collar" for the penis. The loops of the device are adjustable, so they are easy to adjust to the size of manhood, hands, and other parts of the body. A light discharge of current runs through flexible wires, which guarantees a fountain of unforgettable emotions.
  • Butt plugs or chains are toys for thrill-seekers. Many men are loyal to the caresses of the anus, they are not averse to experiencing unusual sensations from anal penetration. Any woman can help realize a dream. All you need is to buy an anal strapon.
  • The erection ring is a simple yet extremely effective solution for dealing with weak erections or premature termination of sexual intercourse. Modern models of rings are distinguished by their elegant design and pleasant texture. The designs of some are designed in such a way as not only to strengthen the male organ, but also to deliver additional pleasure to the lady, thanks to the vibration function.

Extend the moment of pleasure

The problem with many lovers is the inability to cum at the same time. Finding a way out of this situation is easy with the help of sexual devices. The erection ring is a unique toy that will make intimacy as long as possible. The nozzle is put on a man's dignity, slightly pinches the penis at the base, disrupting blood circulation, thus increasing the duration of an erection. The erection ring will help lovers not only finish at the same time, but also enjoy the intimate process as much as possible.

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  • A penis attachment is a device that will make sex unforgettable. The nozzle, depending on the design, is able to increase the penis in length or width. With such a toy, a man becomes more confident in his abilities, a woman in that she will receive her portion of pleasure. Among the range of such devices, you can find nozzles, supplemented by various processes to excite women's tender places.
  • The clitoris stimulator is a toy designed for female pleasure. You can use the device as before sex in order to get excited. So it is after copulation, if it is not possible to reach the pinnacle of bliss. Men and women know that the clitoris is the most sensual place on the body of a lady. This is probably why caressing the clitoris is an easy way to experience an orgasm. But not every boyfriend is ready to caress the clitoris with the desired intensity, a given length of time. What can not be said about an artificial stimulant, which is guaranteed to give a wave of acute sexual experiences.

Prevention of diseases of the genital organs

Women can prevent the occurrence of complex inflammatory diseases in the pelvic organs using vaginal balls or Kegel simulators. It is quite easy to train with such devices. All you need is to regularly place the balls in the vagina for 5-10 minutes. Remember, the training time must be increased gradually. When purchasing the first Kegel trainers, give preference to lightweight models of medium size. When you learn how to hold products inside, you can buy heavier, while small models.

Keeping the vagina in good shape, you will never face such a problem as uterine prolapse, urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness, etc. In addition, trained muscles are the joy of intimacy for many years.

Vaginal balls can be used during sexual games. By placing them in the womb before sex, a woman can be pretty excited. Leaving them in the vagina during penetrative intercourse, together with her lover, she will be able to experience unforgettable moments.

Many men after 50 years of age begin to have problems with the genitourinary system. The most serious disease that representatives of the strong half of humanity have to face is inflammation of the prostate. A prostate massager is a simple but effective way to prevent and treat diseases of the genitourinary system.

Prolonged abstinence is detrimental to health. Women can use a vibrator, dildo, clitoral stimulator to release sexual energy. For men, a masturbator, prostate massager is suitable to satisfy sexual needs. The range of modern masturbators will blow the mind of the hottest guy. On the shelves of a sex shop, you can find a toy that imitates the openings not only of female intimate places, but also of the mouth. They also sell masturbators that copy entire fragments of the female body. Such devices are called megamasturbators. Luxurious ass, anal and vaginal openings, rounded breasts are elements that will allow you to get maximum pleasure alone.

Sex toys: where to start?

Having decided to purchase your first sex toy, do not rush to buy an expensive device. Start with a simple, uncomplicated model. Before buying, decide why you are buying it, which part of the body you will stimulate. First, do not buy something too expensive. Of course, cheap toys have a short lifespan. At the same time, by purchasing an inexpensive device, you get the opportunity to understand without extra money whether this device suits you or not. After testing several devices, you will understand which suits you the most. After that, you can buy an expensive high-quality model that will be a faithful companion on the way to orgasm for many years.

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When choosing sex devices, give preference to those made of glass, silicone, metal, natural stone. Such products are as safe as possible during use, and have a long service life.

Before making a toy part of your intimate life, talk to your partner. The use of such a device should be a deliberate decision of both lovers. Then the partner in bed will not have the feeling that you are not satisfied with his skills and efforts.

Ideally, before making a sex toy part of the overall sexual game, its capabilities should be tested independently. If you like the sensations that the device gives, feel free to invite your partner to try the device in action.

Before use, carefully read the instructions that came with the device. The first manipulations with the use of sex devices should be as gentle, accurate and smooth as possible. To make sex using sexual devices safe, remember these recommendations:

  • Hands and toys must be thoroughly washed before and after use. After use, the toy should be stored in a dry, ventilated place. Some devices require special cleaning. Do not neglect the recommendations indicated in the instructions.
  • It is better to dry the device in the open air. Make sure each area of ​​the toy is completely dry before putting it away in its box or in a safe place.
  • Do not use the same device for anal and vaginal penetration. Never shove a vibrator or other device into the anus, and then the vaginal opening. You can provoke the occurrence of inflammatory processes in the vagina. If you want a variety of sensations, use a condom.
  • A condom is useful if your device is made of a porous material that creates favorable conditions for the reproduction of bacteria.
  • Choose intimate lubricants wisely. Remember that a specific lubricant is suitable for each material.

Before using a sex device as part of a shared sexual practice, talk to your partner about what is and is not acceptable to do with the toy. So you will save yourself and your lover from embarrassment and incidents.

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