Inflatable Butt Plug Guide

Inflatable Butt Plug Guide

A quick reminder, there are two types of inflatable sex toy : the inflatable anal plug and the inflatable dildo . Unlike the dildo, the anal plug has a wide base which prevents any complete introduction of the anal toy into the anus . We explain everything to you about this sex toy that is never too bulky!

Inflatable Anal Plug

Anatomy of the inflatable plug

The swelling anal plug is made up of 3 distinct parts: the swelling bulb, the cord connecting the bulb to the plug and the plug itself. Of course, only the plug goes into the anus. The enema bulb is a common element to the different models available.

As for the plug, many different models exist with sometimes very specific provisions. Generally, the anal plug resembles a pear shape and inflates up to ten centimetres in diameter. But according to your desires you will be able to find some which will be curved at the end in order to press more intensely on the prostate . By inflating, it will then exert divine pressure on the P-Spot that can lead to prostate orgasm in a man.

For those who want to take the inflation game a step further, some anal plugs have 2 inflation balloons.

How to insert an inflatable plug?

The inflatable plug is inserted in the same way as other anal toys such as anal beads or jewelry plugs.

First, we advise you to lubricate your sphincter with a water-based lubricant and place a dab of this lubricant on the sex toy. 

Diamond Anal Plug

Then you have to be relaxed for the insertion. Then present the inflatable anal plug to the entrance of your anus and go back and forth. Your sphincter will then open gradually with pleasure and allow the insertion of the swelling plug .

How it works ?

Before you want to inflate the inflatable anal plug , you have to connect the cord to the plug and close the dial clockwise. This wheel will allow the air in the pear to go into the plug in order to make it inflate, and to keep it inside according to your desires. To deflate your plug, simply turn the knob counter-clockwise to release the air.

How do you know how big to inflate it?

Well, like the sphincter, it's all a matter of habit. The more fun you have with dilating your anus , the more it gets used to it and the easier it is to increase the size of the plug. Well it's the same thing for the rectum which is located upstream of the anus.

By inflating it, you will feel the pressure of the balloon on the walls of your anus, and if you go further you will feel both anal pleasure but also discomfort such as a desire to go to the toilet. Don't worry, it's a desire sent by your brain but not a need to go, it's just a passing impression.

The plug with an inflatable ball allows you to feel a good fullness. Once properly inflated according to your sexual practice, you will gradually feel overwhelmed by delicious orgasmic sensations . You can have fun deflating and inflating it to get intense anal stimulation .

As you play, you will find the right level of swelling that will make you cum. So quickly take advantage of your swelling plug or discover our large collection.

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