Insert the anal plug in a couple

Insert the anal plug in a couple

The anal plug can have a very important place in a couple . This small (or not) sex toy turns out to be the favorite sex toy of the american. It is capable of making sexual intercourse more fusion, much more intense. The excitement that revolves around the butt plug usually has a very positive impact on romantic relationships! In order to see more in depth, we have the honor to share with you the authentic testimony of a couple adept at anal sex. Let's go!

Diamond Anal Plug

Anal plug: Testimony of a couple

“When we made the decision to start using sex toys, we didn't really know where to start. We were very curious about the different types of toys, and some were so special that we were confused as to what to use them for. However, when we saw the butt plugs, we obviously knew where they should be inserted, but we had no idea that they could provide such intense sexual pleasure .”

There is such a variety of plugs available that the purchase decision can sometimes be a little difficult. “Is this plug too big for me?” “What kind of material to start with? “Is this going to hurt?” These are some of the questions that crossed our minds when we started our adventure in the incredible universe of the butt plug.

If we've caught your attention so far, we're guessing you're curious (at least a little) about the butt plug. Keep in mind that we were all born with an anus , so why not give yours  the attention it deserves ? If you have little or no experience with butt plugs, or just anal sex, you've come to the perfect site to find out more. We have developed this testimonial to help you understand why such a sex toy can literally transform the sex life of your couple .

This sex toy has sublimated our couple

Above all, it is best to know and understand the anatomy of the anus before starting any type of anal play. The anus is the opening through which the intestinal tract ends and exits the body. The anus begins at the bottom of the rectum and contains circular muscles also called sphincters. These muscles form the wall of the anus and help to go… to the toilet, while keeping the anus closed. There are 2 parts of sphincters: internal and external. The internal sphincter is about 2-5 cm from the anal canal while the external sphincter is the outermost sphincter.

Fox Tail Anal Plug

The anus has thousands of nerve endings and as many erogenous zones.  This is the reason why the pleasure is so intense. This is also why one can feel a lot of pain (the insertion of a butt plug should never hurt if inserted correctly). When a plug is inserted, it extends past the external and internal sphincters and sits comfortably inside the anal canal or rectum. Once the sex toy is removed, the sphincter muscles begin to tighten.


How does a “butt plug” work?

Butt plugs are designed in such a way that anal play is both safe and enjoyable. No matter the shape or size of the plug, you'll find that every butt plug has a wide base, a thin tube and a body. The base of a butt plug is flared so as not to be completely sucked inside. The last thing anyone wants is an unexpected trip to the ER to have a butt plug removed!

Just past the base of the plug is the tube, designed to help hold the plug in place. Once the toy is inserted, the sphincter muscles contract around the tube, keeping it in the right place. The circumference of a plug's tube can vary and is often much narrower than the base and body of the plug.

Last but not least is the body of the butt plug (the insertable part). The body of the plug is the main part that sits beyond the anal canal, inside the rectum. The body of the butt plug is responsible for the feeling of fullness , stimulation and pleasure while wearing the butt plug. The body of an anal plug consists of two important parts: the tip and the bulb. The main function of the tip is to help with the first penetration into the anus. The shape of a butt plug's tip can vary, but many butt plugs designed for beginners are tapered, allowing for easy insertion. The bulb is the lower part of the body of the plug and is closest to the tube. The bulb is usually the widest part of the plug and helps hold the plug in place.

The benefits of this sex toy in the couple

For us, butt plugs were a big turning point in our sex life and we had a lot of fun using them together. Anal plugs can be used during solo play, foreplay, to prepare the anus before sodomy, during sex, after the sexual act, during a BDSM session, at work, or during outings with friends... The possibilities are infinite and it is the only sex toy that allows all this!

Anal plugs can be used by anyone and they are not specific to men or women. If you have an anus (which is desirable), any plug is a viable and interesting option.

Pompom Anal Plug

In addition to having spiced up our sexual relations, the use of the anal plug within our relationship has also allowed us to strengthen the bonds that unite us. A fulfilling sexuality is synonymous with success in all other aspects of one's own life! It's a wonderful experience that I recommend to anyone who wants to flourish and discover new sensations.

Choosing the right butt plug for you can be a daunting task as there are a wide variety of sizes, materials, shapes and textures. Some sockets are very simple, others are more aesthetic, and still others can be equipped with a bell .

*We wrote a perfect article to help you choose your butt plug !

If you want to buy your very first plug, why not surprise your partner?

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