Man for a snack

Man for a snack

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Experts asked men and women how they felt about blow jobs. Many women have already given this type of stroke to their partner and enjoyed it. Some participants often use blow jobs during intimacy and improve their skills. Among the volunteers were people who had never given a blowjob before.

Becoming a true master of the blow job is quite simple. To do this, couples must engage in foreplay more often. The special thing about a blowjob is that it can be done anywhere: in bed, on the floor, in the bathroom, on the street, at work, in the car and in other conditions.

Of particular importance is the desire of both partners and individual preferences. Many lovers leave a blowjob for a 'snack'. In addition to desire, fantasy, affection, attention, passion and other components will be required.

Some couples have never given blowjobs. But they have fantasized about it and felt excitement at the same time. This kind of affection mainly leads to indescribable joy in males. In women, it is more likely to cause arousal. But then, after some practical action, the excitement disappears. You have to prepare for a blowjob and practise a bit on a dildo. You can watch videos, listen to lectures and read literature.

Experts ensure that a man experiences psychological pleasure during this type of oral sex. And this is true to a certain extent. A woman at this time shows him her care, maximum efficiency, skill in caresses, lips, tongue, hands, fingers.

Intelligent and experienced women help with their hands during a blowjob. And they do it well! With the help of the hands, you can do many pleasurable erotic actions not only with the penis, testicles, but also with other male body parts.

During this caress, it is difficult for women to maintain the effort, because their muscles get tired. Girls, as a rule, do not experience an orgasm at the same time as a man. But they feel their partner's state.

Guys like the most active fast movements and rapid covering. Partners have to work with their hands depending on the situation in different ways: moderately, rhythmically or intensely. All this and more leads men to pleasurable sensations and orgasms.

How to caress a penis.

You can caress it not only with your hands, but also with your chest. The penis owner is guaranteed unforgettable sensations as different as sparkling and tickling. Men also like it when women caress the most sensitive parts of the body: the groin, the crotch and the area under the thighs.

You can offer pleasurable sensations with your hands, tongue, fingers, chest, lips and even toys from a sex shop. It is important to know at what point it is necessary to compress the lips tightly or only stroke the head of the penis. Only in this case will the blowjob be done qualitatively and at the highest level.

In caressing, it is important to observe size. It is important to discuss certain points with a partner beforehand to get the most out of sex. Not all women, for instance, like it when a guy comes on them or inside them (in their mouth, body or face). Not all men like it when a woman watches the semen erupt.

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