Masturbation- everything you wanted to know but were embarrassed to ask

Masturbation: everything you wanted to know but were embarrassed to ask

"Our hands are not for boredom", - is sung in a famous song. And whether it is something else, these words cannot be better attributed to onanism, which is both the subject of the most heated debate and an easy way to give oneself sexual pleasure.

Onanism (masturbation), as a means of self-satisfaction, has existed for many centuries. People have always had an ambiguous opinion about this form of entertainment. Some believed that this way of satisfying sexual needs was completely normal. Others said masturbation was a terrible vice. To understand whether it is worth masturbating for pleasure, it is necessary to understand the characteristics of this activity.

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Onanism: an excursion into history

It is generally accepted that the term 'masturbation' comes from the name of the biblical character - Onan. There is a parable in the Bible about Onan son of Judah. According to the traditions of the time, after the death of his older brother, Onan had to marry the widow. But the young man opposed this marriage. Therefore, going to his sister-in-law's bedroom, he stimulated her genitals to spread 'the seed on the floor'. He did this so as not to get the widow pregnant. To evade his obligations, God condemned Onan to death.

If you read the parable carefully, you can see that this is not masturbation, but interrupted sexual intercourse. Despite this, the term 'masturbation' has firmly established itself in everyday life. And self-satisfaction, which is accomplished by stimulating the genitals, is called masturbation.

According to statistics, about 95 per cent of the world's adult population has undergone masturbation. Of these, 93% of men and 62% of women resort to this method of sexual discharge. At the same time, men masturbate 40% more than women. Even those in a permanent relationship do this. Recent studies show that boys start masturbating at the age of 13, girls at 14. Curiously, most adolescents and adults who engage in self-gratification feel shame.

Based on the data of various studies, it can be stated that masturbation is a common side of male and female sexuality today. At the same time, modern doctors confidently state that masturbation is beneficial to a person's physical and psychological health. Such a loyal attitude towards masturbation, as masturbation was called in the old days, had not always been the case.

For the first time, masturbation as a problem of humanity was considered in the 18th century. In 1716, a pamphlet, Onania, was published in London. The author of the book is unknown. It told of a terrible sin: onanism. According to the author, complacency threatened epilepsy, impotence, gonorrhoea and even the loss of male capabilities.

In 1760, the Swiss physician Tissot published a work in which he discussed the dangers and dangers of masturbation. According to him, anyone who engaged in masturbation could be overcome by blindness, impotence, emotional and physical disorders. Tissot stated that sexual activity promotes an influx of blood to the brain. This, in turn, disrupts normal blood circulation in other organs. As a result, tissues stop functioning normally. Therefore, sooner or later a person loses physical and mental activity.

Of course, all the problems described by the Swiss doctor had no scientific justification. However, this has not stopped people since then from considering masturbation a great sin. The younger generation was frightened by accounts of masturbation. Schizophrenia, deformation of the genitals, infertility: a short list of what can happen to an onanist.

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Masturbation in the cultures of ancient peoples

Attitudes towards masturbation among ancient peoples were different. In medieval Greece and Rome, self-gratification was considered a normal activity. It allowed you to throw off sexual energy in the absence of a partner. The Greeks invented and produced a variety of devices to make the self-congratulation process as effective as possible. The main weapon of the onanists of that time was the olisbo, an artificial penis. Such toys were made of leather, wood, clay and other materials.

Male masturbation was quite popular in ancient Egypt. Numerous legends about how the gods masturbated to bring life on earth are the best confirmation of this. According to one of these legends, the sacred river Nile was the result of the 'works' of the god Hapi, representing the secretions obtained during the process of masturbation. Another myth states that the god Ptah masturbates constantly to maintain life on Earth. The most interesting legend is associated with the god Ming, who guards virility. In ancient frescoes, he was depicted clutching his own aroused penis. In honor of this god in Egypt, festivals were held every year. The celebrations ended with the public masturbation of men. According to the ancient Egyptians, such an act made it possible to fill the earth with energy, i.e. to make it fertile.

Judaism considered masturbation a great sin. According to Kabbalah concepts, every act of a person gives birth to an angel. A good deed gives birth to a guardian angel, a bad deed to a wrongdoer. According to the Jews, the seed can only germinate in the womb of a woman. In the process of masturbation, a man does not deal with a woman, so the seed is wasted: this is a sin. Therefore, such an occupation is strongly condemned among Jews.

Muslims believe that the male reproductive organs belong to women. Therefore, a man should satisfy his lust in pairs with a woman, and not alone. However, Muslims give the opportunity to engage in self-satisfaction. You can do it when there is no woman or she cannot, but there is no strength to resist.

Ancient civilisations erected male masturbation into a kind of cult. This act was associated with fertility and abundance. Men, like the ancient gods, watered the earth with their seed, giving it new strength and energy.

In some tribes, warriors in the process of collective masturbation collected semen in a jar. This semen was used to impregnate women. Therefore, people tried to develop a perfect warrior who could get the best out of each man. In some tribes, not a human sacrifice, but sperm was used for the ritual of sacrifice. It was considered the most precious thing a person could give.

Over the years, as moral principles emerged, attitudes towards masturbation changed. The famous linguist and doctor of philological sciences S. I. Ozhegov defined masturbation in his dictionary as a vice, which is an independent satisfaction of sexual desire by irritating the genital organs. Other dictionaries give the word masturbation such a definition: artificial stimulation of the genital organs (i.e. performed outside sexual intercourse) to achieve orgasm.

A modern version of masturbation

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Attitudes towards masturbation as an opportunity for self-satisfaction began to change in the 20th century. The first to question the sayings of the ancient doctor Tissot was Henry Havelock Ellis. In his treatise, he refuted Tissot's claims about the dangers and dangers of masturbation. Ellis stated that moderate masturbation is not only completely safe for health, but also very beneficial. Subsequent research confirmed the doctor's claims.

Today, it is reliably established that masturbation is not considered a deviation from the norm, does not damage health, and does not affect sexual life. Masturbation is considered an easy way to relieve sexual tension when, for some reason, regular sexual intercourse is not possible. This allows you to understand your sexual preferences.

Numerous studies allow us to state that masturbation is a salvation from prostate cancer. Although it is necessary to understand that the prostate is best cleansed in the process of full sex. Therefore, it is not necessary to change good sex for self-satisfaction.

The undeniable benefits of masturbation include:

  • The ability to identify erogenous zones. Having withdrawn with yourself, without hurry and confusion, it is quite easy to determine the most sensual areas of the genitals. This allows you to understand how best to stimulate them to experience acute pleasure in the process of traditional sex.
  • A chance to get rid of depression, stress. Having experienced a wave of acute pleasure, it is easier to get rid of negative thoughts that overcome apathy.
  • Opportunities to improve health. Self-satisfaction is a variant of sex without the participation of a partner. In the litter process in the human body, about 40 per cent of antibodies are produced that strengthen the immune system and protect against viral diseases. In addition, during masturbation, the functionality of the cardiovascular system improves. As a result, sleep and mood are normalised and memory is sharpened.
  • The ability of sperm to fertilise is improved. During masturbation, the old sperm leaves the genitals, giving way to fresh fluid. The next ejaculation will be full of fresh sperm. This is true in cases where partners cannot conceive a child.
  • Possibility of harmonising relationships. Self-satisfaction is the ability of lovers with different libido levels to solve sexual problems. When one does not want to, the other can be self-satisfied.
  • A way to have sex without the risk of getting pregnant and being infected. Rather than looking for a partner to satisfy sexual needs, it is better to perform an act of self-satisfaction. Of course, masturbation cannot be an alternative to full sex. It can only be seen as a temporary fix.
  • A woman's ability to keep her intimate muscles in good shape. Such sexual training promotes blood flow to the intimate organs. Normal blood circulation eliminates stagnant processes in the pelvic organs, improves muscle elasticity.

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However, despite the mass of positive aspects, you should not replace a normal sex life with masturbation. And that is exactly what many shy people do, for whom the real problem is starting a full-fledged relationship.

There is evidence that frequent self-congratulation practices can cause a serious disease - varicocele - damage to the venous system of the male organ. Only during normal sexual intercourse in the intimate organs of men and women do the correct metabolic processes take place.

Sexologists warn: masturbation should only bring physical, but not psychological satisfaction. The desire to engage in self-satisfaction in front of other people, the desire to spy on how others do it - it is considered a pathology.

Modern doctors state that it is more beneficial for men to engage in self-gratification than for beautiful women. Masturbation for men prevents prostate disease. The important thing is not to abuse it. Masturbation will bring health benefits if you do it about once a week.

Being engaged in self-satisfaction, it is necessary to listen carefully to personal feelings. In the process, it is important to feel pleasure and not to do it when you are bored or lonely. We must not forget that people are coupled creatures. The joy of intimacy with a chosen one is difficult to replace with other options to achieve sexual relaxation.

If there are problems in communication, in forming relationships, it is best to seek the help of a specialist. And don't retreat to your room and engage in complacency.

It should be clear that sex is health, longevity, positive, cheerfulness. This has been scientifically proven. When a person makes love, a large number of various invariably helpful hormones are produced in his body. Not a single masturbation, no matter how good the result, can replace bright, emotional sex with a partner. Want to be healthy? Have sex.

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Masturbation techniques

Masturbation is the stimulation of the genitals to achieve sexual satisfaction. To enhance the effect, you can stimulate the nipples, buttocks, anus and other erogenous places. Masturbation options:

  • Men in the masturbation process wrap their hands around the penis and perform alternative movements. The manipulations are done until orgasm, followed by ejaculation. The speed of the hand movement, the intensity of the pressure, each man adjusts himself. It all depends on preference, the degree of arousal at the moment of masturbation. In the process of self-satisfaction, a man with a free hand can stimulate his testicles, perineum, anus, nipples and other sensitive places. To enhance the effect, you can use special masturbators. On the shelves of modern sex shops you can find products of various sizes, shapes, designs. Some mimic the female genitals. Others anus. There are devices integrated from female breasts.
  • Women in the process of onanism stimulate the external intimate organs: the clitoris, labia, vagina, anus. Stimulation of sensitive places is performed with a finger, a dildo, a water jet, vaginal balls, electric stimulators. To increase the effect of personal satisfaction, the second hand can stroke the nipples, stomach, perineum and other sensitive places.
  • Both sexes can engage in anal masturbation. Such masturbation involves stroking the anus with the hand, dipping the finger into the anus. In addition to fingers, you can use dildos, anal plugs and other special objects. Alternating compression and relaxation of the anus muscles is also considered a way to stimulate the anus.
  • Mutual masturbation is the stimulation of the lover's sexual organs. This type of sexual activity can be a prelude to sexual intercourse. Or act as a separate intimate contact, when the partners for one reason or another are not ready for intimacy.

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When engaging in self-congratulation, precautions must be taken. To protect the skin, mucous membranes from damage, moisturizing, lubricants must be used. Soaking sex toys in intimate holes is fraught with cracks, irritation. Therefore, it is best to lubricate sex devices with a special lubricant before use.

For self-congratulation to bring maximum pleasure, create an appropriate environment. Pleasant music, light twilight, and a comfortable atmosphere will allow you to relax as much as possible.

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