Men or sex toys: which do you prefer?

Men or sex toys: which do you prefer?

A few years ago, this question did not even arise. And for good reason, in the past, sex toys did not exist. But nowadays, these sexual objects are everywhere. Most people have tried at least once in their life. And on the women's side, according to some studies, it seems that one in two women has already tried using sex toys. In this case, if so many women use sex toys, we are entitled to wonder if they would prefer their toys to men. But then, is this the case?

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Many women find it easier to have an orgasm with a sex toy.

Nothing replaces a real sexual relationship, of course. However, many women report not having orgasms with their male partners. Moreover, some women have never experienced orgasm despite serious and lasting relationships. So, with a sex toy, it's different. All women who use these sex toys say the same thing: with a sex toy, orgasm is guaranteed. It is powerful and comes quickly. But why is it easier to have an orgasm with a sex toy than with a man? Does this mean that men are not good enough to do good to women?

The woman is master of her emotions

When a woman has sex with a man, even if the latter does it very well, he is unable to enter the woman's head and know her emotions. He cannot know exactly what makes him feel good and where to go to explore to give him sensations. Of course, in a couple, communication is important and the woman can completely explain to her partner what makes her feel good. But when a woman uses a sex toy alone, she becomes master of her emotions. She knows exactly what she needs, where and when. This is why women find it easier to have orgasms with sex toys. But that doesn't mean they can't have it with men, quite the contrary.

To finish

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To say that women prefer sex toys to men would be too simplistic. That said, yes, we can clearly say that women have a much easier time having fun with a sex toy. If you are reading this and you are a woman, what do you think of all this? Do you find that sex toys are better than men from a sexual point of view? On the other hand, on the side of men, knowing that women experience more pleasure with a sex toy can be a little vexing. But rest assured, the sensations felt with a sex toy or with a man are very different and nothing can replace the warmth and softness of a man's body.

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