Metal Anal Plug Guide

Metal Butt Plug Guide

The metal anal plug is becoming more and more popular among homosexual and heterosexual couples. Taboo for a long time, the steel anal plug is often the gateway to anal pleasure, especially with jeweled anal plugs. Some will only be an ornamental accessory for your ass, others are real sex toys . It will turn out so enjoyable once inside your buttocks, let us guide you step by step into the world of Anal Pleasure.

Why does the metal anal plug feel so good in your anus?

Diamond Anal Plug

First close your eyes and imagine the hardness of stainless steel. Then, the rigidity and the feeling of freshness penetrate inside your tight anus which encompasses the conical shape of your plug . So nice that you want it to stay with you all day. The weight of stainless steel adds to the list of intense sensations you get when your sex toy stays warm in your buttocks. Whether you are alone or accompanied with him, you will always be fulfilled and happy...

Advantages and benefits of the metal anal plug

In addition to meeting all your expectations when you buy an anal plug, the metal model has the particularity of being heavy and dense. It thus exerts a deep pressure in your anus that a silicone plug could not exert. Not only does the steel butt plug cause you an intense feeling of fullness, but imagine the orgasms you could feel by combining a luxurious butt plug inside your buttocks with masturbation , or by stroking the most sensitive erogenous zones.

The metal anal plug also allows you exciting naughty games. Did you know that metal, like glass for that matter, is a material that retains temperature. Pass it under very hot water for a few moments or put it in your fridge, then tickle your ass with it. Your anal walls will be highly receptive to this unusual temperature. No doubt, your feelings will be incredibly increased....

The different features of anal plugs

The importance of the shape, size and diameter of your metal plug is essential to respond objectively to your desires and fantasies.

Sizes of Steel Anal plugs:

There are four sizes: small, medium, large and XXL . If you are a beginner, go for a Small or a Medium. Then you will quickly feel the need to go further with larger sizes, so pleasant is the use of this anal sex toy.

The lengths and diameters of steel anal plugs:

Often proportional, the diameter and the length have standards for the sizes small, medium and large. An XXL anal plug can then go into really large diameters , but much smaller than for silicone.

The different anal plug models

Diamond Metal Anal Plug : This is a steel plug adorned with a jewel that will sublimate the buttocks of the person. This jewel plug has the particularity of exciting the person who sees this jewel like a heart and an invitation to sodomy. It can also be called jewel or diamond anal plug . We offer you a dozen different diamond colors at low prices . Metal Tail Anal Plug : This is the favorite of people who practice Bdsm. Indeed the steel plug is extended by a more or less long fur according to the style (Fox, Rabbit, …). The furry tail will sway according to the movements of the feline who will wear it. Get into bdsm...

Rosary Steel Anal Plug Enjoying a longer length, it consists of balls of progressive diameters sometimes adorned with a jewel. This anal toy can both be worn comfortably in your anus or play naughty games with your sweetheart. Indeed, it can be used to dildo your partner who will not remain insensitive to this sodomy.

Dog Tail Anal Plug

BDSM Metal Plug Want to go further than a sex toy with fur? Take a look at these sex toys that have a ring at the end. You can attach a leash to it and thus enter fully into the world of Bondage. Take your submissive for a walk and give him the pleasure you want!

Plug Metal Tunnel Reserved for insiders of bondage and anal pleasure, this plug has the particularity of being hollow in its center and thus being able to explore your partner's ass. There are different tunnel plug opening diameters. Beyond the exploration you will be able to slip in all your desires and titillate its deepest interior.

using advice

To take full advantage of your sex toys, the use of a lubricant is highly recommended. You are spoiled for choice because you can use all types of lubricants: water, lubricant and hybrid. A dab of lubricant at the entrance to the anus, one on the sex toy and your anal experience will be pleasant and safe.

Also, the lubricant ensures comfortable anal penetration, as well as easy removal of the sex toy. This will allow you to let go and focus on your feelings.

Serenely select the shape you want, whether it's a conical shape, a drop of water, with ribs or curves.

Our anal plugs are available in hundreds of variations to satisfy everyone's sexual needs and desires. Are you a queen? or a king? Choose the anal plug with a diamond of your favorite color (purple, red, green, pink , blue and many more). Maybe what excites you is wild sex, in this case we advise you to choose a butt plug with a tail , it will bring out the predator or the naughty predator that lies dormant in you.

How to maintain a metal plug?

Each of our plugs is perfectly smooth and free from the slightest defect. We guarantee that the materials used to create our metal or stainless steel butt plugs are safe for your health, which is our priority. Maintain your sex toy regularly, take care of it, treat it with love and it will remain intact for many years.

Services at My Plug Anal™

As always, we put the satisfaction of people at the center of our priorities. For this we guarantee:

  • Attractive prices so that each of you can have fun. Our prices are the guarantee of an irreproachable quality .
  • Free , fast and reliable delivery . Free delivery can be done by Mondial Relay or at home. The price of our products includes delivery. We have in our warehouse in France the items in stock allowing us to ship your orders every day.
  • Irreproachable quality of the products on sale. We select the best manufacturers in order to establish a high degree of quality. Our lubricants only come from Europe
  • A sales department that can be contacted to answer all your questions.

Don't wait any longer, take action and stimulate your body to make your wildest sexual fantasies come true with a Metal anal plug.

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