Orgasm: is it an obligation?

Orgasm: is it an obligation?

If in the course of a conversation with your friends, the subject of orgasm comes up on the table, there is a good chance that people will look at you with a surprised look if you dare to admit that you have never experienced this. Orgasm is now sought by both men and women, like the accomplishment of sexual intercourse, however, one can quite feel a lot of pleasure without reaching orgasm.

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For some women, not being able to have an orgasm can be frustrating, yet others won't be bothered by it at all. There's no need to race for orgasm, focusing exclusively on having one can prevent you from having fun. Stop thinking about it, focus on the pleasure you feel in the present moment and you will see that one day perhaps, an orgasm will come. Admittedly, this experience is colorful and the first time you have an orgasm will certainly remain memorable, but that does not mean that sex is less interesting because you do not have one.

Can you take pleasure without having an orgasm? 

Of course it is possible to have fun without having an orgasm! Just because you can't have an orgasm doesn't mean you don't enjoy sex. This is something very important to explain to your partners – some may feel diminished or hurt by not being able to give a woman an orgasm, but again, that's okay. Take your time, get to know your body, and over weeks, months, maybe even years, you may be able to orgasm. Maybe it will never happen or you won't be able to do it even when using a sex toy or masturbating alone. The main thing in all of this is that you are very satisfied with your sex life and the sensations you feel when you have sex with another partner. Relax and enjoy the sensations, it's one of the best ways to reach orgasm.

Why shouldn't you try to reach orgasm at all costs? 

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Often, when a woman tells her partner that she hasn't had an orgasm, he will want to focus on giving her one. However, sexual intercourse does not necessarily have to end with an orgasm. Naturally, some women can have several in the same sexual relationship while others will not have a single one during their entire sex life. That's okay, all bodies are different, all women are different, and it's entirely possible to have a lot of fun without having an orgasm. If you start striving for an orgasm every time you have sex, you're potentially going to miss out on all the other experiences and sensations you might experience and feel by focusing on other erogenous zones. . The G-spot is known to be the easiest way to achieve an orgasm, it is not the only one, some women can have an orgasm thanks to stimulation of the nipples for example. Masturbation can be a very interesting way to understand how your body works in intimacy and can help you achieve orgasm if you so wish.

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