Places of sex: opening new horizons

Places of sex: opening new horizons

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There are 'serious' people who will read the title of this article and be surprised. They think: 'What is this? Well, what innovations can there be in places of sex? Everything is obvious: a bed, a sofa and other furniture in the flat." 

We are not such serious people, and for the same 'non-serious' people we are, this article was written. Read, be inspired, experiment. And even 'serious' people can read it: they suddenly learn something new and want to experience new sensations from sex in an unusual place.

Why should you change where you have sex?

"He was seized with anxiety, with the desire to change places", the famous lines from a famous work, although not having a sexual connotation, can well be attributed to the intimate side of our lives. Nothing ruins sex like monotony. And in the fight against routine, all means are good! And one of the simplest and cheapest ways to revitalise sex, to make it more exciting and passionate, is to change the place for making love. This will help in several ways.

  • Diversify your sex life. After all, commonplaces, like a bed, a sofa and a floor, are annoying. And I want something new, and maybe even extreme. So that, as they say, "there was something to remember, but nothing to tell the children".
  • I want it here and now. Sometimes passion 'captures' you in the most unexpected and seemingly unacceptable places to make love. After reading this article, we think all questions will be removed. And wherever you want to have sex, you will know how to make it happen
  • Increased sexual libido. Stability in your sex life - it can be a killer of your sex. When from day to day, from month to month, you know who your partner is, in which position and in which place you will make love - this, in the end, is annoying. A change of scenery and sexual positions: it really revives the relationship and increases the desire for your partner.
  • Non-existent location. We cannot fail to mention this point as well. It happens (especially among young people) that there is simply no place to have sex. You live with your parents, in a student dormitory with neighbours: all this makes your sex life difficult. Therefore, you need to look for alternative options.

Where do you prefer to have sex? Have you had sex in unusual places? Answer these questions for yourself. We have divided the places where you can have sex into different sections, where you can decipher in more detail how and where you can indulge in the joys of love so that no one notices you. Unless, of course, you are pursuing the exact opposite goal.

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Without leaving the flat

This is the first and most common object. Because every couple has ever had sex at home. If you look around, you can see many opportunities and great potential in your flat:

  • Bed. This is the No. 1 place on the list where people have sex most often. Of course, it is so comfortable and convenient. Also, an undeniable advantage is that after sex you can fall asleep immediately.
  • Sofa in the living room, in front of the TV. This is the third most popular place in the ranking of the 'most popular places to have sex'. If you watch adult films, you can go straight to the practical part. Or take a 'fast' during the commercial break of your favorite TV program.
  • Bathroom. There are many options here. It can be sex in the bathroom, in the shower. Or your partner simply bends over the sink and enters from behind - it all depends on your imagination. But a wet tile is very traumatic.
  • Children. This is the point we couldn't help emphasizing. It turns out that, according to most British people, this is the most common place for sex for all couples. Perhaps when the children visit their grandparents, the parents decide to have fun in the nursery.
  • Sex in the washing machine. This place for sex is mainly chosen by women. It is nice when additional vibrations occur during intercourse, especially in spin mode.
  • Cooking. The two of you cook a romantic dinner, play some light jazz music, have a glass of wine 'for the mood', and then decide to make love without waiting for dinner. Why go to the bedroom in bed? Your bed could well replace the kitchen table.
  • Lift. While the lift is taking you, you cannot waste time in vain. Sex in a cramped cabin can bring you closer to each other, in every sense. And if you also have a lift with mirrors, you can see yourself from all sides. However, be careful: in many lifts there are CCTV cameras. 

Student' places.

At this point we decided to collect all those places where young people make love, who do not yet have a home of their own and whose parents do not leave for the dacha with an overnight stay.

  • The roof of a skyscraper. In many skyscrapers, access to the roof is not closed. That is why young people take advantage of it. Extreme, unusual and lifelong memories. And if you also have sex on the roof at night, then a great view of the city at night is guaranteed for you.
  • Cinema. The last line and the last session. The girl sits on the boy's lap, with her back to him, facing the screen, leans forward slightly and leans against the back of the chair opposite. In this position, it is entirely possible to have sex and watch a film at the same time. After all, don't the same tickets disappear?
  • Playground. For some reason, this position is on the minds of young people today. Imagine walking past a playground and suddenly you are overcome with passion? What to do? Sure, you give in to the impulse and make love. Fortunately, there is more than enough space in the playground: a swing, a slide, a weirdo house. Just be careful, it is advisable to do it at night, when all the children have been home for a long time.
  • Stadium. A very extreme place that promises fireworks of unforgettable experiences. The task is, in principle, easy to accomplish. In fact, in cities large and small, enough stadiums of various sizes have been built. You just have to choose: you will either have sex in an empty stadium or cheer on your favorite team. By the way, this is one of the favorite places for young Americans to make love.
  • Automobile. Today's youth is not as poor as it used to be. Even if you don't have your own car now, you can take a 'ride' to your parents. Sex in the car is one of the most diverse. A big advantage is that you can choose the view out of the window yourself: where you park, it's nice there. It can be a park, a forest, an observation deck. There are also many options for positions you can apply for: it all depends on the type of car and the size of the partners. It can be sex on the driver's seat, on the open passenger seat or on the back seat.

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At work

Besides home, we spend most of our time at work. Therefore, we could not help but tolerate sex in office buildings as a separate element.

  • Sex on the desktop. It is already a classic. But an interesting classic that will diversify your sex life. Even if you are not in a relationship at work, invite your partner into your office to see how and where you work. When he (or she) enters your office, you can secure the door with a key and surrender to your loved one on the office table. Tip: remove sharp stationery items first.
  • Sex in the meeting room. It is recommended to do this after the end of the working day. Bribe the guard: let him give you the key to the negotiation room. We think you will be able to agree to everything.
  • Sex in the boss's office. Or headmasters, or judges, choose in the workplace. If there is a colleague in your office with whom you have been flirting for a long time and you have stayed up late at work together. The boss has already gone home and his office is beckoning: do it quickly, just carefully, CCTV cameras may be on.

Wherever you work, sex in the workplace will be an exciting adventure that will decorate your personal sex diary. If you are in a long and stable relationship, invite your soul mate to visit you after the workday is over. If not, look around, perhaps one of your colleagues has been casting long expressive glances in your direction and sighs languidly?

In the open air

Fresh air, warm weather and hormones bubbling in you are a great start to a sexual adventure. Let's decide on the position first.

  • Sex in water. It can be a river, a lake, a sea or an ocean: it all depends on where you live. It is beautiful, romantic and unusual. There is only one significant downside: it is a natural lubricant. More precisely, its absence during sex in the water. If you don't want discomfort after intercourse, it is better to use a lubricant.
  • Beach. This romance is suitable for the warm season or for countries with a warm climate. At night, the sea (ocean, river, lake) is empty. And on the beach there is only your couple and the big moon. Well, what could be more romantic? True, sand clogging all over the place or hard pebbles is a significant negative aspect of such romance.
  • Forest, tent. Forest, fire, singing with guitar, glasses of wine. What could be nicer? Also, in the forest, it is very often quite cool, so you will be warm at the same time.
  • Boat. This is a great option if you go boating during the warmer months. There are few clothes on you, the girl has appreciated your strength and muscles (if you go rowing or on a catamaran). Sex is a logical continuation of the 'adventure at sea'. True, there are 'pitfalls' at this point: the main thing is that there is calm on the water and neither partner is 'seasick'
  • Campaign. We do not know why, but it is sex in the village for some reason that is very popular in the CIS. It is possible that Soviet films, or perhaps this is the way the 'call of the ancestors' sounds, most of whom were born and raised on 'collective farmland'. But sex in the barn and in the cornfield leads the polls among the inhabitants of our country.

The pleasant bonuses of making love in the open air will be a pleasant walk with your soul mate, the opportunity to admire picturesque views and enjoy not only sex, but also all the delights of outdoor recreation.

Among people.

At this point, we have selected those places where you can tickle your nerves while having sex. Because you might get noticed. And what could be more exciting? Recently, a famous actor told a story in which during his youth he managed to have sex with a girl in an underground car during rush hour. Everyone was standing nearby and nobody even noticed that the boy in light shorts and the girl in a miniskirt were making love in front of them.

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  • Sex in the dressing room. The most common option among sex lovers: extreme sports. Choose a big shop and preferably a dressing room that locks with a hook or bolt. After all, if the fitting room is only closed with a curtain, you are unlikely to avoid being 'caught' by an executive salesman who will be interested to know if everything fits.
  • Sex at a party. We are not talking about a party with friends where you meet two couples and your ten-minute absence will be obvious and obvious. We are talking about a noisy party where there are a lot of people. You can retreat to one of the rooms and have sex, because nobody knows if they will start looking for you or not.
  • Sex in the bathroom of a restaurant. During dinner, you go to powder your nose and he comes out for you. And you retreat to one of the booths. Look, don't confuse the booth with your partner! The waiters are worried that you have run off without paying the bill and are getting high with each other. Tip: you should act carefully so that the guards do not put you to shame. Choose a more atmospheric restaurant so that the toilets are cleaner.
  • Train carriage. If you are in a compartment together or have purchased a CB, then sex in such a place simply must be. The car sways rhythmically and you are rhythmically in time with it. If you are particularly extreme, try tambura sex. It is also possible to have unplanned sex with a random partner. If you are free and single, why not? Therefore, as you enter the compartment, carefully examine those with whom fate has brought you together and do not immediately attach yourself to the phone screen.

Sex 'in public' can be incredibly exciting and one of the most precious moments in your sexual memories. All you need is a little imagination and courage, and you will provide yourself with exciting memories for many years, the mere thought of which will then help you tune into a loving state of mind.

exotic places.

Many people, when traveling, take magnets or some souvenirs with them as mementos. You can collect the places where you had sex.

  • Plane. We advise you not to wait until you arrive in a new country. Start your journey right away: have sex in the plane. This is one of the most common sexual fantasies of men and women.
  • Historical sites. When you show your friends pictures of the Great Wall of China or the Grand Canyon, of course keep quiet about the fact that you had sex there. Or don't keep silent: let them envy you. There really is a significant downside to sex in famous places: they are carefully guarded, so, look, don't get caught, otherwise you can't avoid deportation.
  • Peak. If you have the right equipment and courage, this adventure will be remembered for a lifetime.

Having sex near a historical landmark is difficult, but possible. A mythical story is circulating on the web about a boy who dreams of having sex on Red Square. After waiting for a dark and clear night, he and his girlfriend realized the dream. The strangers present in the form of guards on duty did not embarrass the passionate couple at all.

Sex is wonderful. It is worth doing not only at home, in your bed. Sometimes the places you choose for sex will be unusual, sometimes not entirely clean, sometimes your lovemaking may resemble hooliganism, but it is worth it. After all, if reading this article you realize that at least 10 places on our list were on your 'sex list record', then you are not only exceptional, but a loving person who is open to all that is new and goes on resting. If you matched 5-6 places, you are an active lover with a great imagination and an active sex life. If only 3 places made you feel nostalgic and you indulge in memories of how good it was there, stop reading this article and get back in step! We believe in you!


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