Polyamory and its benefits

Polyamory and its benefits

No, polyamory is not a fad

While it is seen by some as a fad or a choice, polyamory is not always chosen. For many poly-amorous people, you don't become poly-amorous, it's something that's been there forever. Some individuals will realize that they are poly-amorous very early, during adolescence for example, while others will take several years or even decades before understanding that they need to maintain several affective and sentimental relationships. at the same time. It is quite possible for a poly-amorous person to have only one relationship for a certain period of time, but they are always open to meeting new people and having feelings for them.

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A different way to flourish

According to the norm, a sentimental relationship will most often be maintained between two individuals only. However, some people are quite capable of having feelings for different people at the same time. Polyamory should not be confused with polygamy or polyandry. Marrying several people is indeed illegal in many countries around the world and does not correspond to the definition of polyamory as it is understood here.

A polyamory experienced differently by each individual

There is no one kind of polyamory, each individual will be able to experience it differently according to their desires and needs. It is quite possible to have what we could call a nest partner, in other words a person with whom we live on a daily basis while maintaining romantic relationships outside of this nest. There are also cases where several poly-amorous people have relationships with each other and live together under the same roof. We must take into account the needs of each, some people need their own privacy and to live alone while maintaining regular relationships with people at home or outside.

In addition, some poly-amorous people will agree to share moments with several of their partners at the same time when others will appreciate compartmentalizing each relationship. It always depends on the feelings of each one and it is necessary to find a balance to flourish durably while being poly-amorous.

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Society's view of polyamory is different depending on the country, in some of them it is only tolerated and sometimes not even accepted. We must not forget that the judgment of society on romantic relationships in general is still very much present in a large part of the world. Homosexuality, for example, is still judged and even punished by law in some countries. Unfortunately, not everyone makes the effort to understand that other people may be able to have a love life different from their own. Polyamory has always existed, we talked about it less a few decades or even a few centuries ago, but today the word is free and poly-amorous people can increasingly live their lives freely in certain countries.

For poly-amorous people, every relationship can be seen as a celebration. They will celebrate love, sharing, as well as being able to love several people differently at the same time. Perhaps we should learn to celebrate the relationships we have with our loved ones, as well as with our life partners, it would help us better understand the lifestyle of poly-amorous people.

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