Popular types of anal toys

Popular types of anal toys

The anus is a special area in which many nerve endings are concentrated. Given this fact, anal caresses can cause strong excitement in both women and men. For this purpose, various types of anal toys are used, allowing you to get great pleasure from sex and conduct a number of erotic experiments.

Purpose of anal stimulants

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If you are wondering “Why do you need an anal stimulator?” Then you should get acquainted with the main uses for such sex toys:

  • Increased orgasm. The main purpose of anal stimulants is to increase the maximum pleasure from sex. The use of vibrators, dildos, Christmas trees, chains, balls and other toys allows you to make an orgasm many times stronger and more intense.
  • Masturbation. Using an anal stimulator, you can get the strongest orgasm even by self-satisfaction.
  • Preparing for anal sex. In order not to have problems during anal sex, the sphincter muscles should relax as much as possible. Therefore, before penetration of the penis, it is recommended to use anal stimulants, which will allow you to get used to the feeling of fullness and prevent the possibility of injury and pain.
  • Double penetration. Women who want to diversify their intimate life are simply obliged to try double penetration. Considering that your man is unlikely to agree to experiments with a third participant in sexual intercourse, an anal stimulator is considered an ideal option for ensuring the caress of both holes.

Varieties of anal stimulants

Having dealt with the purpose of anal stimulants, you can proceed to a description of the most popular options. Today, the most popular are the following types of anal stimulants:

Anal plugs

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Most couples who want to experience the full benefits of anal sex usually start with the use of special plugs. Moreover, such toys for adults are actively used not only by women, but also by heterosexual men. Plugs are designed to stretch the anus and fill the rectum. Due to this, the nerve endings located in the area of ​​the anal ring are stimulated.

Structurally, the anal plug is a cone with a thin tip and a gradually increasing diameter. Such sex toys can be equipped with additional features - vibration, spikes, original texture, etc.

For the manufacture of corks, it is customary to use polyvinyl chloride and silicone. On sale you can also find anal plugs made of metal, glass, ceramics, rubber and plastic.

As for the purpose of this sex toy, it can be used for:

  • narrowing of the vagina and increased sensations of both partners;
  • relaxing the anus in preparation for sex;
  • prostate massage and prevention of congestion.


Anal toys of this type allow you to achieve a strong orgasm by stimulating the anus through pulsation and vibration. The main difference from standard analogues is the size and shape. Anus stimulation toys are characterized by a smaller diameter, as well as the presence of a thin tip and a protective ring.

For the manufacture of vibrators of this type, it is customary to use silicone, plastic, metal, PVC and other elastic materials that do not absorb unpleasant odors and are easy to clean. It is worth noting that before use, these sex toys must be thoroughly washed and disinfected. To simplify the care of this sex gadget, you can use a condom every time.

Another caveat - anal vibrators are strongly discouraged for simultaneous stimulation of the vagina. The result of such actions may be infection with pathogenic bacteria.


 Glass Anal Plug

Dildos can also be used to effectively stimulate the anus. This gadget for adults is also suitable as a prostate stimulator. Silicone, polyvinyl chloride, latex, glass and gel are used to make phalluses.

It should be said that beginners are advised to start with small size dildos. The diameter of such toys should not exceed 2.5 cm. But for those who are familiar with anal sex firsthand, it is recommended to use phalluses, the size and shape of which correspond to a real penis.

Before using an anal dildo, it is recommended to apply a special lubricant that protects the mucous membrane of the anus from cracks and other injuries.

Anal toys for beginners

 Tunnel Anal Plug

Anal chains and Christmas trees should be included in this category of gadgets for adults. The anus stimulation chain consists of several balls connected to each other by means of a thread or a flexible hitch. It can be single-sided (with an extraction ring), double-sided (without a ring) or triple (3 chains of various sizes that are interconnected).

Before using the anal chain, it is recommended to apply a lubricant to it, which will allow the sphincter muscles to relax as much as possible. Balls must be introduced into the anus gradually and slowly.

As for the anal herringbone, it is a stimulator that narrows from the base to the end, providing a gradual expansion of the anus. The main advantage of this gadget is the presence of a limiter that prevents excessive slipping and guarantees complete control over the insertion process.

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