Prostate massage - perfect masturbation for men?

Prostate massage - perfect masturbation for men?

Prostatic Massage in a Man is the sexual practice that allows him to trigger a “ Super Orgasm ” making “Classic” Penile Ejaculations completely banal, even boring according to some amateurs.

Also used in the Medical Field (for the reasons you will find below), you will now discover how to get to another level of Sexual Pleasure , higher than you can imagine, if you have never had it. experienced by yourself. Simply thanks to one of the organs at the origin of the Pleasure of Man (and of himself moreover!): the Prostate.

You will see that: “ Ejaculation ≠ Orgasm ” & “ Anal Penetration ≠ Homosexuality ”.

1) What is the prostate ?

Let's start at the beginning, the prostate is:

  1. A Gland, allowing the proper functioning of the Male reproductive system
  2. Which is located between → the Base of the Penis, (under the bladder) and the Rectum

Its Main Role

Produce seminal fluid , commonly known as “sperm”, which has the function of helping spermatozoa (which come from the testicles) to move, and to survive. Therefore is vital for Male Fertility

2) The main reasons for Prostate Massage

There are 2:

  • Problems That Require Medical Intervention
  • Increase Sexual Pleasure

3) Cases of Medical Interventions

You may be taken to a medical visit where, by explaining your problems, you will see your doctor put on the gloves, with lubricant ... to diagnose you in the event of a problem.

Don't worry, it'll be fine! Your doctor will simply slip a gloved finger into your rectum and then massage or apply pressure to the prostate from there. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but it doesn't take long.

Here are some health conditions that may lead you to a small medical visit.

In Prostatitis

What is Prostatitis → It is an inflammation of the prostate gland , it can be common in men of all ages.

These Main Symptoms It is Pain you feel while urinating, and pain around the groin and pelvis.

If you notice signs of prostatitis, talk to a doctor.

He can set up a prostate massage, in order to diagnose if there is an infection or another problem, by observing the secreted liquid (under the microscope) coming from your prostate ducts.

  • Nerve deterioration
  • Bacteria 
  • Non-bacterial microorganisms
  • An immune system response
  • A painful ejaculation
  • Fever
  • Muscle pain
  • Blood in the urine 🩸
  • Pain in the area between the anus and the scrotum.
  • Kidney problems (frequent / weak / painful urination…)
  • erectile dysfunction
  • a bad of two
  • Bleeding around the prostate
  • A flare up of hemorrhoids
  • Damage to the Rectal Wall
  • Worsening of acute prostatitis, and a risk of blood poisoning (if the infection spreads)
  • A spread of Prostate Cancer, if already present
  • Cellulitis, and a severe skin infection

Prostatitis is treated with drugs, effective most of the time, the inflammation can last a short time or continue thereafter:

  • Antibiotics 
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Muscle relaxants (as appropriate)
  • Prostate massage is another option.

Indeed , prostate massage , combined with medical treatment, relieves pain, pressure, and swelling by releasing the liquids accumulated in the prostate (however there is very little medical evidence, it is mainly testimonials)

The massage may be slightly painful, and leave a burning sensation after drainage. Partly because of the contents of the liquids.

This also has the advantage of improving sexual practices as well as urinary flow afterwards.

Taking medication can lead to erectile dysfunction. To combat this problem, we advise you to change your lifestyle by practicing activities such as:

  • Have a healthy diet

If your prostate is swollen, it can block your urine flow, making it weak or even cut off, because the prostate surrounds the urethra (it's the tube that drains the bladder). Prostate massage can relieve swelling and reduce pressure on the urethra .

4) Prostate Massage: From 0 to 1 (Ecstasy)

Disclaimer: Prostate massage is not recommended by health professionals in general, it is only recommended for qualified professionals, to gently treat the prostate.

  • However, we are going to give you some tips for practicing a quality Anal Massage , within the framework of Sexual Practices . If any of the symptoms mentioned above happen to you, go see a doctor.

Stimulation of the prostate gland has the potential to produce Very Very Intense orgasms in men. 

A few centimeters inside the anus (front side, penis side at 5~8cm according to people) is the prostate area (you will feel a small ball). It is this Zone which is called:

  • le "Point P
  • Or even the " G-spot of the Man "

The Risks of Prostate Massage

The risk is to Injure yourself if you massage your Prostate Brutally. 

  • People with epididymitis (inflammation of the tube connecting the testicle to the vas deferens) should avoid prostate massage.

The doctor must exert a little pressure on the prostate , due to the risk of rectal injury, as it is an extremely sensitive area. Requiring careful and hygienic intervention.

How to Stimulate the Prostate

The Weapons of Optimal Stimulation :

  • Your fingers (Used with Lubricants | Clean and Cut Nails to avoid unpleasant sensations + Infections in case of cuts)
  • Sex-Toys Dedicated to Anal Sex (Like a Plug Anal or some Vibrating Massagers)

Prostate Stimulation Methods :

  1. Internal Stimulation (In the anus)
  2. External Stimulation (Around the anus)

The Pleasure provided by Internal Stimulation will be Stronger and Pleasant in the majority of cases , but this varies according to individual preferences:

  • Some prefer gentle Anal Pressure , with muscle contractions (because intense and uncontrollable)
  • Others like to have their Prostate Hit hard to feel more Pleasure (Usually accustomed to anal penetration)

Is Anal Sex For Gay People ?

There is a lot of stigma surrounding anal sex among straight men , but also among some gay men, causing mental blocks to the practice.

This is why we are going to reveal methods and advice to you, to help you find the answer to your questions. In fact, if Gay Men feel Pleasure during Anal Sex:

  • It's mostly thanks to their prostates

Why ? Because when their Partners penetrate their Anus with their Penis, it directly Stimulates the Prostate . That's why they can also have an orgasm, and ejaculate without having to touch their Penis.

Should this dissuade a Heterosexual Man from enjoying the Male Anal Orgasm ?

  • NON

Why ? Anal Penetration is a Form of Masturbation for Man, because he has a Prostate (the Woman does not have one, she only has a Vagina for her Pleasure).

  • If you want to have maximum sexual sensations , let go of the idea that Anal sex is only for Gay Men.

Because you can provide yourself with sexual objects , so as not to have to deal with a foreign body. Anal Orgasm is not exclusive to gay men. After all, we're sure you've already felt Pleasure just by going to the Toilet 🚽...

The Orgasms felt are first concentrated on the P-Spot, and then provide the sensation of an uncontrollable wave of pleasure in the legs, then spread throughout the body.

So : Forget that Anal Sex is for “Gays”, if you want to Maximize the Sexual Pleasure your body can naturally give you, and have Orgasms like you've never had before.

All men should take advantage of this natural anal G-spot, because a Gay ass does not exist .

The Sensation of a Prostate Massage

The orgasm triggered by good prostate stimulation is by far the best of male sexuality , the Holy Grail of Pleasure.

Why ? 

  • Because by triggering it once, you will trigger several Orgasms in a row
  • That will escalate to a release point
  • Without using your Penis, i.e. which you can ejaculate without using your hands 

The sensations and the benefits are immense, however you have to have patience and put in place good practices to take advantage of this “new technique” of male masturbation (because it is not well known).

5) Preparation and Penetration

To take full advantage of a Prostatic Massage, the first thing to have is a clean Anus, it seems logical yes, but the Preparation for Anal Play is an essential step if you want to avoid any unpleasant surprises .

Even if you are used to anal sex, we recommend that you follow these steps

1/5 Clean your buttocks

Fecal matter (commonly called poo) comes out of your buttocks, make sure to clean your buttocks, with a wet toilet wipe, getting rid of the feces on the outside. Then you can wash your anus with an enema pear, or by taking an anal shower to make sure it's clean inside. 

This will make it easier to insert what you intend to insert into it.

But you don't need to overuse the anal cleansing process either , it makes the rectal walls both more rigid and irritable. Over time, you'll get used to knowing when you'll be clean enough to play with the prostate.

2/5 Have Clean Fingers

When looking for anal stimulation in this way, using your fingers or those of your partner is often one of the first Reflexes in terms of Penetration, here is what to make sure:

  • Have Clean and Clipped Nails

Because the last thing you want to happen to you is to feel unpleasant and uncomfortable scratches / cuts / sensations in your anus, and that as a bonus an infection falls on you.

And if you find it a little rough, you can use gloves, or even a condom to act as a barrier between the fingers and the prostate, this will give you a less direct feeling of Penetration.

Of course during Anal Penetration use Water-Based Lubricant or High Quality Silicone.

3/5 The choice of Sex-Toy

Use a Sex-Toy with an ergonomic shape to massage your Prostate (we recommend the Plug Anal 50 Nuances de Grey thanks to its adequate shape) because you will have the sensation of natural penetration once in place.

Always ensure that the sex toy is clean and disinfected before use (in hot, soapy water or with specialized wipes).

Always ask yourself the question: “ Am I ready to put it in my mouth?

  • If not, clean it. Never put anything dirty or dusty in your butt.

Then lay a towel on your bed and lie down. Dilate your Anus using your fingers and water-based or silicone-based lubricants for a few minutes, this will help you relax and thus leave more room to insert an object, then take your sex toy, and you can start penetrating

4/5 Relax your mind

To perform a gentle prostate massage, you must be in a relaxed and relaxed state of mind.

If you're not used to it you'll be booming and closing your ass before you can even get anything in. Thinking about things that are exciting and relaxing will help your internal muscles (sphincters) to loosen up.

  • The more excited you are, the more powerful orgasms you will trigger

Be sure to take deep breaths, this will allow your body to feel all the sensations of the massage as you inhale and exhale slowly. It is an essential part of the process

5/5 Take the necessary time

Achieving Anal Orgasm is not as easy as getting Penile Ejaculation.

It does not happen in 10 minutes, take the time of 1 to 2 hours to have one that will make you want to moan loudly. Don't rush, because it won't get you anywhere with this kind of Erotic Practice.

6) Massage around the anus

You want to experience the pleasure of Prostatic Stimulation , but anal penetration still puts you off, you are uncomfortable with the idea of ​​practicing it, maybe you can try to stimulate the prostate from the outside by massaging the perineum. (area between the anus and the scrotum).

  • Keep in mind that external prostate stimulation is MUCH less effective than internal stimulation, so don't expect great results with this method.

Massage around the anus with the Fingers

Close your fist, take your proximal phalanges (joint in the middle of the fingers) and form a kind of "triangle".

Then, massage the perineum by moving these fingers in circular motions, and change direction afterwards.

Repeat this for a relaxing prostate massage from the outside. 

This method combined with Penile Masturbation is more likely to induce an orgasm

You can also tap your fingers on the perineum at the same time as you masturbate. Although this method is unlikely to produce a prostate orgasm, it greatly increases the Intensity of massage and masturbation.

Massage around the anus with sex toys

Sex toys are there to help you, you can use Anal Plugs, vibrating eggs, to stimulate your erogenous zones: 

  • Your Penis
  • Your Testicles
  • Your Perineum

The sensations provided are not intended to lead you to an Anal Orgasm, but they can introduce what it can generate for you. While preparing your body for more intense orgasms that will leave you tingling all over your body .

7) Prostate Massage Techniques

If you're looking for one of those coveted Secret Techniques for Prostate Stimulation that produces long, multiple orgasms, you've come to the right place.

The best, but also the easiest way to reach this stage is to use a high quality sex toy.

The stage where you will have both Legs, Body shaking, and continuous spasms is called the Super Orgasm .

You can visit the site Massage Discovery for advice and quality accessories that will allow you to easily reach a meditative state.

 Here are some additional methods that will allow you to reach this stage too.

Fingers (yours or your partner's)

Although it's not the best prostate massage technique, milking the prostate with your finger (or your partner's finger) could be a good introduction for beginners who are unfamiliar with this type of anal play. Use a clean, well-lubricated finger (the middle finger works best) and insert it into your rectum a few inches toward you.

The prostate gland is located on the front side of your body, so once you're inside your anal opening, bend your finger forward as if you're going toward the penis. You will feel a small bump in this area. It's the prostate gland. 

Use your finger to massage the prostate gland, and get used to the pleasant sensations it provides. This type of Prostatic Stimulation tends to be accompanied by a massage of the Penis to give more excitement, be careful not to abuse this practice so as not to precipitate ejaculation. 

Adopt a position that allows you to easily caress your Penis while massaging your Prostate.

With a Vibrating Butt Plug

Common beliefs suggest that vibrating sex toys provide the ultimate enjoyment to your prostate, but that's not true, as vibrations tend to numb this area over time .

Vibrating Anal Plugs get you used to Prostatic stimulation, and therefore to wearing a sex toy inside you for longer.

  1. Alas, it will initially be relaxing, but then the numbing effect will take over and the pleasure will fade. It's still a good intermediate step to play with the prostate.
  2. After relaxing your anus with your fingers, get ready to get out and wash your Anal Plug
  3. Lubricate it with a water-based or silicone-based lubricant depending on its material, then insert it into your anus, as if directing it towards the penis.
  4. Once it's inserted and your body gets used to it, just turn on the Vibrations and enjoy! Start slow and increase the Frequency little by little.

Remember: When it comes to prostate masturbation, the best feeling is during the massage, there is no finality like when you ejaculate!

  • There are several techniques of prostate masturbation possible using an Anal Plug, but here are the 2 main techniques that most advanced users use.

This prostate masturbation technique consists of forcing the muscles of the anus and around the anus to this spasm, which leads to involuntary muscle spasms, which cause a chain reaction that you cannot stop once she begins.

With a sex toy comfortably inside you, contract your sphincter muscles, holding for about 7-8 seconds ⌚ before releasing. 

  • Repeat this operation about 20 times. 

After a while these muscles will begin to tire and you will feel that they will begin to wobble.

Now continue with these long contractions, but don't squeeze the muscles as hard . This time, gently contract the muscles to about half of your maximum strength. Holding them as long as possible before releasing and starting again. This will begin to cause involuntary spasms of the sphincter muscles hopefully.

Continue to gently contract and hold your muscles, until you get to a point where your body will take over and do all the spasming for you. If you get to this point, you begin to feel Extreme Pleasure throughout your body expanding:

  • In your Penis
  • Your Anus
  • Along your legs to your feet.

Now you are on your way to a Super Male Orgasm . Relax and accept the new sensations occurring inside your body. If the sensations subside, gently contract the muscles and hold them in place until the sensations return.

Don't think that stronger contractions will give you more intense orgasms. The method consists of bringing your body to involuntary orgasms that are repeated in Loop.

Yes yes, the technique of " Do nothing " is practiced by the experts of the stimulation of the point P. It is best for people who have experience in this field, as it requires concentration, relaxation and excitement.

  • Relax your body with a Butt Plug in your Anus, and think thoughts that excite you into an Erotic State. Make sure you're in a comfortable, distraction-free environment so you can relax and fully focus on your Anal Play session . Breathe slowly and deeply. Follow the rhythm of your breathing, to see how it affects your feelings.

Now start focusing on the Butt Plug in your anus. Feel it inside you and allow its presence to work the surrounding muscles. 

Why ? Because when you have a foreign body inside your Anus, your body naturally wants to tense its muscles, even if only very slightly. This process is about taking the Butt Plug as a new part of you, and allowing your butt to relax and accept it.

  • By concentrating on the sensation that the Anal Plug gives you, try to increase your arousal at the same time , you can play with your nipples, imagine erotic thoughts, masturbate, play with a partner... The more aroused you feel , the more likely your prostate is to "wake up" and cause pleasurable sensations.

After some time (often 30 minutes or more) of relaxation and practice, you may begin to feel an involuntary tremor inside your buttocks. It's the muscles around the Anal Plug and the prostate that begin to shake and twitch. Don't stiffen up and fight the feeling. Let it continue.

If you stay aroused and relaxed, the quivering muscles inside your buttocks will set off a chain reaction of spasms that will cause your Butt Plug to slam into your prostate repeatedly. It can start to get very intense and unusual, but do NOT fight the feelings.

You will feel the pleasure radiating all over your body in each of your extremities, and hopefully you will be able to achieve the coveted Super Orgasm continuous orgasm that some men constantly crave.

  • If you feel the sensations fading without resurfacing, very gently contract your sphincter muscles and hold them in place for a few seconds before relaxing again. That's usually enough to bring back the spasms and bring you back to a prostate orgasm that will tingle your toes.

These 2 techniques are the best ways to achieve prostate orgasm . It also allows you to ejaculate without using your hands and have an Anal Orgasm at the same time. With time, practice, and patience, these are the easiest paths to a Super Orgasm .

8) What to expect from Prostate Orgasms

They show up in different ways and in different parts of the body . Here are the sensations you can feel if you handle your P-Point well:

  • Super receptive skin
  • Involuntary Moans 
  • A Strong and Uncontrollable Ejaculation 
  • A pleasure that takes over and explodes 
  • Energy sucked from your body into an Orgasm Concentrate
  • Being out of breath and shaking for at least a few minutes. 
  • Palpitations of your Penis without having to touch it and Secrete Pre-Seminal Fluid
  • The feeling of being caught in the middle of a fight between all the muscles of the body, which leads to intense sexual pleasure
  • Waves of Pleasure can leave you Relaxed and Euphoric for several seconds or even minutes at a time
  • Feel a warm glow of sexual energy radiating into your anus, down your legs towards your toes and down your arms and towards your fingers.

Even without reaching orgasm, prostate stimulation can make classic masturbation much better by increasing the intensity of ejaculation. 

It is a Bright and Sparkling Sensation, ranging from Subtle to Overwhelming. 

Prostate Orgasm Details

We detail what you can expect, side effects, aftereffects on those elusive prostate orgasms.

The first few times you massage your P-Spot, it will be extremely tempting to play with your penis and masturbate at the same time. 

  • DON'T

Unless you are in a hurry to cum. Although it may increase your arousal, jerking off while having your prostate massaged is likely to make the sauce rise faster .

Male anal orgasms need about 20-30 minutes to start working, if you ejaculate before you won't feel the real pleasure .

Although it sounds strange, with prostate orgasms you don't ejaculate 100% of the time

Unlike Penile Masturbation where you get pleasure at the moment of ejaculation, with prostate massage you get pleasure for the duration of the massage (until the reversal point where orgasm takes over). 

You might have multiple orgasms while playing with your P -Spot, and notice your penis convulsing and leaking large amounts of Pre-Seminal Fluid. However, you cannot necessarily ejaculate with this form of anal massage, although it can indeed happen. 

  • Forget the idea that " Ejaculation = Orgasm

If you manage to achieve prostate orgasms, you may experience tremors throughout your body.

Don't worry, it doesn't pose a danger to you (assuming you don't do it 24/7), when it does happen to you, let yourself be transported and enjoy the journey. 

Your body will feel shaky and wobbly at the end of your session, so be sure to prepare for this in advance.

After an Intense Prostate Massage, you may find that your body is incredibly sensitive and shaky for a while. This may last overnight or for the next two days.

It can make you feel more energized than usual during your daily life.

For example, you sit in certain positions:

  • On a chair
  • A sofa
  • A Car 

May unintentionally stimulate your prostate gland as it is still sensitive , and give you the urge to stimulate your anus. It can be very distracting when trying to focus on tasks.

9) If you can't achieve Prostatic Orgasm

It's common to have trouble finding your prostate and stimulating it properly. Here are some tips to help you.


Breathe deeply and slowly . Focus on how your inhales and exhales feel, and how they subtly affect the sensations that build up in your anus. These deep vents not only help induce contractions in your body, but they also help you relax.

You can't achieve anal orgasm if you aren't relaxed!

The position

You may find that your prostate is stimulated more effectively by changing your position a little. 

Place a towel and lie down in a comfortable position. For best results from prostate stimulation, we recommend lying on your side with your knees bent toward your chest.

This is the easiest position to access the prostate .

Other people like to lie flat on their back with a pillow under their pelvis. Some people even like to lie on their stomach... try different positions and see which stimulates your prostate most effectively.


If you're not used to anal massage, it's likely that your body is naturally tensing up and trying to fight against what's going on . Keep in mind that sometimes it takes long sessions to really get used to anal masturbation.

Lack of Excitement

With focus and meditation, it can be easy to lose your excitement when you're stuck in a long P-spot massage session. If that's the case, try stimulating your body, thinking erotic thoughts, to moan.... The more aroused you are, the easier it is for your prostate to react and arouse.


You cannot rush a prostate massage session, as it can take upwards of 10-40 minutes to achieve Anal G-Spot orgasms. You should allow at least 1-2 hours for a Prostate Massage session. If you've been busy and only have 1 hour of free time, you shouldn't stimulate your prostate. The best time is to practice it before bed, when you're not in a rush and your body has time to recover from the intensity.

10) After

Prostate massage will change your life. It will increase your libido, make masturbation more enjoyable, and introduce you to a new level of orgasm that goes way beyond anything you've ever felt before. The only downside to prostate milking is that it can become addictive! Be careful, you could trigger it very often if you practice it frequently (it is not practical in everyday life).

Nevertheless, if you are reasonable, use the proper preparation, technique, and caution, you can open your mind to a whole new world of sexual sensations. Who knows, thanks to us you could reach the "Super Orgasm". Prostate stimulation should be tried by all men at least once in their life, because you don't know what you're missing!
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