Rabbit tail anal plug: anal pleasure and class

Rabbit tail butt plug: anal pleasure and class

When it comes to versatility and diversity in sexual acts, bdsm is the best . keep it simple yet naughty with a good touch of naughtiness. as long as you control the pattern of your passionate sexual activity with your partner, bdsm remains the must in sexual fulfillment. while most people prefer to be showy and provocative by loudly expressing their sexual tendencies , others prefer to keep it as discreet as possible. Of course, butt plugs are discreet and reasonable, that's why you need something new from time to time, and that's where petplay comes in.

Rabbit tail plug: perfect for sex role play

Apart from the fact that rabbits do not require too much attention and are easy to maintain, having a rabbit frees you from having to have a whole range of equipment, such as a collar or a leash (you can opt for a cage, although this is optional). in reality, the rabbit tail plug  is not very visible and therefore ideal for discreet pleasure . it's perfect for partners who don't want to show their sexual tendencies but rather have fun in complete confidentiality. in addition rabbits are not noisy animals, which makes it perfectly suited to your intention to remain discreet. partners who wish to introduce each other to pet play must try the rabbit.

Pompom Rabbit Anal Plug

Rabbits are known to be shy but very cuddly animals, the same goes for our rabbit tail plugs which are both simple but very pleasant. As always at My Plug Anal™, we offer products based on our experiences and therefore we favor quality. Our plugs are made of high quality stainless steel, or medical grade silicone also available in several colors. so that your erotic moments remain full of pleasure and safe. pure happiness at the back of the room, don't hesitate any longer and get started.

The bunny tail plug: memorable anal sex

Rabbit tail plugs are among the softest, discreet but above all sexy. insert it and remove it as you wish to rub yourself against this very soft little ball of hair. tell your master to tickle your cock for easy access to your little buttocks. want to know what it's like to be a pet? try them all one after the other and you will end up adopting one. As the saying goes, to try it is to adopt it!

Some prefer cats, others prefer foxes or dogs, but we think rabbits are far more iconic animals, we all have a favorite bunny. Whether it's a thumper rabbit, a bug bunny or a roger rabbit, deep down we all want to emulate his soft-tailed little creatures.

Rabbit tail plug: the sensations 

The anal plug that accompanies the rabbit tail will not leave you indifferent during your antics . indeed, a good number of people fantasize about the use of wild animal tails because it provokes in them a sexual excitement which will in men make the penis erect and which will in women, moisten their erogenous zones. . however, during your intercourse, inserting the plug into your anus or at the entrance to your vagina will stimulate the thousands of nerve endings that make up your anus leading you to divine sexual pleasure and most of the time leading to good orgasms. It is always interesting to involve the plug during the preliminaries. Indeed, offering fellatio to stimulate your partner's penis or offering cunnilingus to stimulate your partner's clitoris are sexual activities that are twice as erotic and pleasant once the plug is inserted. the plug also makes it possible to prepare for sodomy or doggy style by dilating the sphincter muscles as required. when you want to use an anal plug for sex, even if it is a tail plug, it is important to use normal lubricant or water-based lubricants. Many sexologists recommend it and there is no case trying without lubricant only to find that it can quickly become painful. Finally, you can therefore use this plug for dilation or role-playing. if your partner is skeptical about the use of these but it is part of your fantasies, it is wise to reassure her with many caresses and also to tell her that the use of sex toys is not pornography

Rabbit tail plug: put yourself in the shoes of a wild animal

Collection Anal Plug

Our range includes different models of colors, sizes and materials so that you can find the model that will go best with your little buttocks!

Each of the bunny tail plugs in this range is completed with a cute little bunny tail that will tickle you in the right places at the right times. fall in love today and become one with the rabbit inside you.
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