Rough Delight - Best positions for rough sex

Rough Delight - Best positions for rough sex

Some people like it more... And not only men, who on a genetic level have the desire to subjugate and rule, but also gentle women. According to surveys, as many as 57% of the fairer sex secretly dream of hard sex scenes with their lover. 

In an era of gender equality and feminism, victoriously sweeping the planet, women are aroused by forceful slaps on the buttocks, dirty words and a passionate grasp of the hair. Violent sex is capable of giving fiery pleasure, in which all complexes, fears and prejudices burn like a fire.

It is worth mentioning at the outset that BDSM and rough sex are by no means the same thing. Therefore, the use of handcuffs and fastening kits, whipping with multi-tailed whips and electric penis stimulation will remain outside the scope of our story. However, no one is forbidden from using seductive lingerie, sword belts and other erotic accessories. Also! Sexual paraphernalia can help ignite the flame of passion and put both partners in the right mood.

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What is hard sex?

In the traditional sense, rough sex is considered sexual intercourse, usually without foreplay, in which the man plays the role of the submissive dominant partner. The woman gets the role of meekly receiving the side, which is characterised by obedience and humility.

The word 'role' is crucial here. After all, although difficult, sex takes place exclusively by mutual agreement between partners who accept and understand the rules of the game. The lovers, as it were, play roles: he is a strong and powerful ruler, she is a weak and strong-willed girl who has fallen into the hard hands of a strong man. Incredibly, rape is one of the most common female fantasies. However, few women actually want to be raped. Here is how women explain their love of rough sex:

  • "... I am weak by nature, I love when everything is decided for me, and I love rough sex, I like to obey both in life and sex."
  • "...I like it much more, I like it when a guy dominates, holds his hands, his throat, handcuffs...not to the extent of BDSM of course"
  • "I like that in ordinary life he is kind, attentive, gentle, etc. with me. And in sex - dominated. And nothing else...


The very idea of hard sex is based on ancient primitive mechanisms that operate to this day. It is they that 'make' women feel aroused by the demonstration of male lip strength, which many millennia ago was key to the survival of both an individual family and the human race as a whole.

Hard sex does not involve inflicting pain or moral suffering on a partner, other than enjoying the experience. Rather, it is an uncontrollable animal passion that dominates both partners.

Types of hard sex

To experience a rush of adrenalin and thrilling emotions, it is not necessary to start a complex game of Master or Lady. But this by no means means that hard sex is simple, primitive and does not involve sexual play and caressing. The arsenal of hot tricks is wide and varied, so that every thrill-seeking couple can find something 'their own'.

  • Sex without foreplay and foreplay

Passion and enthusiasm dictate. And the classic sign of a couple on fire with passion is immediate lovemaking at any time and almost anywhere. A man shows his desire not with gentle caresses and gentle whispers in her ear, but by lifting his girlfriend's skirt and ripping off her panties. He then tilts her forward and proceeds to have sexual intercourse. The action can take place anywhere: at the kitchen table, in the hallway, in a public bathroom or in the front room.

Forget pleasant sensual caresses! Alternative movements made by the partner should be rough, strong and fast.

Alternatively, a man may forcefully throw his beloved onto the bed, while unbuttoning the fly of his trousers and lowering them. And then silently, without explanation or kissing, proceed directly to sex.

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  • Slippers and scratches

Hard, unbridled sex is called hard because it is associated with a certain rudeness. Which man refuses to give a few 'delicious' slaps on the seductive female buttocks a couple of times? At the same time, both parties receive pleasure: a man - from demonstrating his strength and superiority, a woman - from feeling this very masculine strength, as well as stimulating the sensitive endings on the skin of the buttocks. The warm waves of pleasure from a slap will dissipate throughout the body and leave a pleasant aftertaste in the form of increased arousal.

But the scratches are more on the female side. After all, hard sex play is the perfect time to feel like a wild cat and leave tracks on your lover's broad muscular back. Believe me, men look at them with no less pride than they do at thank-you letters from work and sports awards.

  • Pressing

During rough sex, partners often perform gentle squeezing of the female neck and breasts, strong ones - of the arms and buttocks. Do not confuse squeezing with choking and blocking the partner's breathing. Sexual asphyxiation is one of the most dangerous BDSM practices.

But other parts of the body can be squeezed quite intensely. Strong compression of the chest can accelerate the onset of orgasm, because the number of nerve endings in the chest is second only to the clitoris.

A woman can also squeeze various parts of her partner's body, either to express the desire that has gripped her or to create the illusion of resistance.

  • Bites

A proven and publicly available way to please both the irresistible male conqueror and the helpless beauty in his arms. The intensity of the bites can vary: from gentle biting to very sensitive tooth clenching. The most common places for such caresses are the shoulders, neck, inner thighs, nipples and sometimes the genitals.

Don't get too carried away. Remember that the expression 'would have eaten you' is figurative and by no means a guide to action.

  • Stretching skin and hair

A rather unusual type of caress, but very erotic and exciting. A man can stretch the skin of the nipple areola, as if pushing it in different directions. Another option is to pull the earlobe.

Many girls get aroused when a man gathers their hair into a fist, pulls for them. Such actions act as the most powerful aphrodisiac. Some even ask their partner directly.

However, once again, before grabbing a girl by the hair, it would be useful to ask her opinion on the matter. Of course, not at the time of sex, but beforehand. Because women are unpredictable creatures and what some people dream up is unacceptable to others.

  • Bad words

Often, with rough sex, the intimate action takes place in absolute silence. The silence is broken only by loud breaths and passionate sighs. However, some are not averse to diluting the process with dirty words, for which in ordinary life you can get in your face. In fancy English, they have even invented a separate term for pillow talk: dirty talk, which translates as 'dirty talk'. However, in common agreement about this type of communication, there is nothing dirty about it.

A man can address his partner with words like 'my little slut', 'show how wet you are', 'take my cock'. And a girl can increase the degree of arousal by addressing her partner in an orderly tone: 'fuck me hard', 'use me', 'make me your bitch', etc.

Remember that obscene words and phrases should only be uttered behind a tightly closed door. It is strongly discouraged to resort to them in the first months of a relationship. Partners should know each other well enough not to take such a game of rudeness for granted. Moreover, it should be borne in mind that not all girls and boys accept to hear such talk directed at them. Therefore, it is better to discuss in advance the admissibility of greasy jokes and dirty words in your bed.

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  • Deprivation of control

This article includes binding and other methods of fixing. Jokers even came up with an aphorism: 'A well-arranged woman needs no foreplay'. During rough sex, it is permissible to use a belt, a clothesline, play cuffs or just a belt from your favourite dress. You can simply squeeze your partner's hands tightly or press hard on his shoulders. Such a game is ideal for those girls who usually tend to take the initiative in sex, but secretly dream that their partner will finally take everything into their own hands, literally and figuratively.

Such a technique requires adherence to strict safety rules and absolute mutual trust between the partners.

  • Role-play and sex toys

For some, certain conditions and accessories are required to tune into the desired 'raw' mode. And sometimes an object is enough: handcuffs, masks, nipple covers or police caps to ignite the fantasy and imagination. The best games for hard sex are Fugitive, Night Robber, Careless Secretary.

TOP 7 positions for hard sex

Difficult and intricate positions for slow and relaxed intercourse: this is not rough sex. A distinctive feature of all the postures that are usually used during it is the simplicity and speed of execution. However, it is a mistake to think that there is nothing to choose from. For partners seeking new excitement and variety, rough sex offers many opportunities for incendiary improvisations and daring experiments.

  • Doggy style or 'man behind

A pose sung many times by artists and singers. It is a joke to say that there are more than 1600 songs dedicated to the knee-elbow position alone! What could be better for wild, unbridled sex than the 'coitus more ferarum' position, which means 'sex in the form of wild animals' in Latin? Fans of 'Game of Thrones' will surely remember the incredibly hot sex scene of the blonde Daenerys and the muscular Khal Drogo, which can safely be attributed to the classics of hardcore sex.

It is the poses in the doggy-style format that provide complete control over what is happening from the penetrating partner. And the woman, in turn, has the opportunity to enjoy the manifestation of male power and dominance.

The pleasant bonuses of such a position include the greatest possible depth of penetration, a beautiful, exciting image, and mobility. You can have doggy-style sex almost anywhere: in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the living room, in a clearing, during an office break.

In the classic version, the woman is on all fours and her partner is behind, holding her partner lightly by the waist. She arches her back slightly and raises her hips invitingly. In the process, light slaps are allowed on the seductive female buttocks, wrapping the hair around the hand. You may press the woman's head on the bed, leaving her hips raised.

  • "Supervisor"

In fact, this is a type of doggy style loved by many. The man stands behind the woman, takes her by the wrists and wraps them behind her back, at the same time tilting his partner forward and helping her keep her balance. With the second hand he unbuttons his trousers, lifts his skirt, if any, and lowers the women's panties. The man's legs are shoulder-width apart, the woman's legs are also spread apart and slightly bent at the knees.

The pose is ideal for when you decide to play one of the role-playing games: a fugitive criminal and a tough police officer, a negligent secretary and a demanding boss.

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  • "Playing the classics"

Who said that the usual missionary position is boring and not incendiary? If you strike this pose correctly, you can experience a whole range of enchanting emotions and hitherto unknown sensations. The right start will help set the right tone for a love fight.

The man grabs the woman, lifts her up and throws her onto the bed with force. He then lies on top, spreads his partner's legs and inserts his penis into her vagina. You can slightly delay the moment of penetration and spend time on fingering - sexual play with your fingers. This will help the woman to become aroused and reach orgasm. But don't forget that stroking your loved one with your fingers should be hard and rough. No tender words and tender kisses!

Mutual movements during intercourse should be sharp and strong. A man can lean on his palms or elbows, bringing his face close to his partner's, using any of the hot tricks described above: swearing, biting lightly, grabbing hair, squeezing. The woman, in turn, cannot hold back and 'avenge' the invader, leaving a few scratches on his back and arms.

  • "Horseman"

Hard sex is a game in which a woman can also act as an active dominant partner. For wild Amazons, used to taking men almost by force, the 'knight' pose is ideal. It will allow a woman to feel like the mistress of the situation and enjoy the feeling of power to the full!

The man lies on his back, the woman sits on top, resting on his knees. Then she starts to move, rising and falling, as an option, moving in circles. To create the right atmosphere, she can press the man's hands on the bed, and he, in turn, must carefully retract his helplessness and inability to free himself from the chains of passion.

The rhythm of the movements can be chosen any way you like: fast or slow, depending on the conqueror's taste and mood.

  • "On the hands"

The standing position, when a man supports his partner in his arms by the buttocks during sex, is rightly considered very original and exciting. But in practice, only those representatives of the stronger sex who have the necessary physical training and strong muscles for it can perform it. After all, keeping your woman in weight for at least 3-4 minutes is no easy task. But if a man can do it, then a firework of vivid sexual sensations is guaranteed!

This position allows a woman to be 'in the hands' of a passionate and untamed macho man, to feel his power and strength. If intimate relationships have become dull and monotonous, this option is ideal to refresh them and fill them with new colors.

However, you should be prepared that the first time such a position may not work. Therefore, just in case, it is better to have sex next to a table, chair, sofa or bed, to which you can move when your partner's arms or legs get tired.

  • "Feet up"

If you dream of deep penetrating sex, then this position is for you! The man makes the woman lie on her back and raises her legs. They are raised high and positioned on the man's shoulders. It is no coincidence that this pose is called 'official' among the people, because the legs on the shoulders are somehow associated with the shoulders and testify to the strength and valour of the conqueror.

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The scene of the action may be a bed, so the man is on his knees, or a table, so the partner remains standing. A woman in this position has almost no initiative, which further increases the seriousness of the situation. A man, on the other hand, controls the situation and enjoys the exciting sight of female charms in all their undisguised beauty.

A further advantage is that in this position it is very easy to switch to anal sex, of course, if the partner does not mind. Moreover, the higher the legs, the narrower the vagina, so even a medium or small organ can give a woman unprecedented pleasure.

An exciting highlight can be high-heeled shoes or sexy ankle boots, which 'accidentally' turn out to be worn on female legs.

  • Oral sex

Hard can be not only penetrative sex, but also oral. The man presses hard on his partner's shoulders, making her fall to her knees. He begins to give a blowjob. But the man does not limit himself to pleasure from his partner's licking and sucking movements, but starts to make an alternative movement with a member, thus simulating full-fledged sexual intercourse.

If the partner is not experienced enough in this type of sex, care must be taken.

It would seem that only a man derives pleasure from such sex. After all, a woman does not have a purely physical opportunity to reach orgasm. But no! Pleasurable sexual arousal is experienced by both partners. And if a man is not 'greedy', he may later 'thank' his lady and compensate her for the lack of an orgasm.

Hard sex: perversion or innocent pleasure?

The feeling of danger, also experienced 'for fun', leads to an increased production of endorphins and adrenalin in the body. This is a type of protective mechanism that wise nature has created to make it easier to get out of stressful situations. Adrenaline and endorphins reduce pain and cause a feeling of joy and relaxation.

Hard sex is a great way to increase the level of endorphins in the body. It is a mistake to consider it a sexual perversion. After all, according to the definition adopted in modern medicine, only 'sexual deviations that impede a person's activity as a member of society, ordinary social activity and relationships with others' are considered sexual pathologist. Therefore, what happens behind bedroom doors by mutual agreement between partners and without danger to life and health cannot be considered either a disease or a pathology.

Hard sex has its ardent supporters, for whom it alone is the key to a quality and satisfying intimate life. Moreover, there are lovers of rough sex between men and women. In such lovemaking, people appreciate the opportunity to experience strong emotions, increase pleasure and discover new facets of their sexuality.


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