Sex on the first appointment

Sex on the first appointment

Imagine: you met a handsome stranger (or a stranger), you agreed to meet somewhere in the park, the first kiss turned out to be just great, everything went far ... And here the question is: is it possible to have sex at the first meeting? Of course, opinions differ, so it is important to analyse all aspects.

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Is this normal?

Girls brought up in puritanical families know very well that having sex on the first date is a sign of bad taste. However, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the ethical aspect of the matter, but also to the practical one.

Here are some factors that can be considered negative:

  • If you have met potential partners on the Internet, have never skyped and do not know what a new love really looks like, it is best to forego intimacy. You might want to make love in the future.
  • Don't forget such serious diseases as AIDS, herpes, hepatitis. It is easy to catch them, it is very difficult or impossible to recover them. Externally, you can never tell if a person is ill or not; the surprise will reveal itself over time, after passing tests at the venereologist.
  • Unfortunately, many people have mental disorders. You can pursue noble goals, but maniacs do not sleep; they walk among us, they work in groups, but what goes on in the minds of these people is incomprehensible. Get to know the person better, get to know his friends and family, and only then do you make love.

But there are cases where sex on a date, even the first one, is appropriate:

  • Many people search websites for potential sex partners with whom they do not intend to build a relationship. Sex is only a physiological need. Both man and woman negotiate the nuances in advance and meet to turn fantasies into reality.
  • You communicate with a new lover in the same company, your parents are familiar, etc. Then making love on the first date will be safe.
  • If you have been communicating for a long time in virtual space, trust each other and think it is time to take it to a new level.

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You have every right to decide and make a choice. The most important thing is to remember the elementary rules of contraception, which must be observed to prevent unplanned pregnancies and infections.

Will we stay together?

There is an opinion that men are more relaxed than women. But this is an illusion. In fact, both sexes are afraid of making mistakes.

All potential partners can be divided into 3 categories:

  • Lovelace: the main objective of these people is to 'collect' more lovers in order to assert themselves. This is due to a number of characteristics, including psychological ones. These people do not promise anything concrete, express their intentions and do not ask for a hand and a heart. Sex for womanizers is a basic need, along with the desire to eat and go to the toilet.
  • Neither fish nor meat: sometimes these people are called 'a man with intentions'. You can have sex, you can meet, but there will be no details. Perhaps such partners are more 'dangerous' than the womanizer; you will not know what to expect tomorrow.
  • Old school: neither a woman nor an old school man will have sex on the first meeting. However, there are nuances here too. Perhaps you will meet a lonely soul, ready to throw himself headlong into the pool. In the morning you will receive a marriage proposal.

 Of course, it all depends on the upbringing, the national characteristics, the era.

I'm alone, will sex help me find a loved one?

Unfortunately, more and more people are experiencing loneliness, even with friends, family, a good job. This is due to the peculiarities of world development: time is literally speeding up. What to do if there is a car, a flat, the chickens don't peck, but the bed is still empty? It is important to answer the following questions:

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  • What is the reason for loneliness?
  • Are you ready to trust and, in case of failure, to try again?
  • Are you serious or do you want to diversify your free time?

 Try to understand yourself, to understand what the cause of loneliness is. Be honest: you are not deceiving a psychologist or a boss, but yourself.

Of course, sex is unlikely to help you find a loved one. Intimate relationships allow you to learn more mundane things, but they do not give a complete picture.

If we don't have sex, will he/she leave me?

Further developments will depend on this. If you dream of being with this guy, building a serious relationship, his intentions will be clear.

A rejection is not enough to break up with a potential partner. Basically, relationships break up for the following reasons:

  • Incompatibilità dei personaggi, soprattutto se le tue opinioni sulla realtà non corrispondono.
  • Infantilismo, riluttanza a crescere.
  • Mancanza di attrazione reciproca, anche se il ragazzo e la ragazza sono interessati l'uno all'altra.
  • Varie opinioni politiche, spirituali, personali.

 Believe me, this is not about sex. After all, the most important thing is not wild passion and impressive size of dignity, but the ability to tune in on the same wave, to find the key to a partner. Otherwise, even the secret tactics used by pick-up artists will not help you.

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