the key to a fulfilling couple relationship

Sex: the key to a fulfilling couple relationship?

Is sex the key to a fulfilling relationship? Here is an existential question. A couple where the sex would not go well, would it be an unhappy couple? But on the other hand, do you have to go through sex to be happy as a couple? It is very difficult to answer these different questions as each person is different. However, several studies have been conducted on the subject and provide the beginning of an answer.

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More sex makes you happier

According to some studies, sex represents only 20% of a couple's life. This number may seem quite low, but it is indeed the case. However, based on these 20%, if this part of life goes wrong, the rest of the couple's life suffers. Which means that sex holds a relatively important place in a couple.

Several studies have been carried out and the conclusion is clear: sex offers many benefits in life in general. A happy couple in bed is a happy couple in life.

Sex is much more beneficial than it seems

Most people don't know it, but sex is extremely beneficial for life in general. Indeed, it is a proven fact, sex allows you to relax and feel better in your body and in your mind. Likewise, people who have frequent and regular sex would be much happier in their lives.

In another register, in addition to sex, the kinds of tenderness and affection also make couple relationships happier. So, if we had to answer the question: is sex the key to a fulfilling couple relationship? The answer is yes, without hesitation. But beware, this does not mean that a couple who are not very active sexually is an unhappy couple. Some have a different vision of life as a couple than others.

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So if you have the impression that your couple encounters some difficulties on a daily basis, perhaps you should spend a little more time under the duvet. That said, it doesn't necessarily mean that your relationship can last forever if you have sex regularly. Life as a couple is a whole, in sex is, of course, part.

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