Sex: with or without performance?

Sex: with or without performance?

As far as sexual intercourse is concerned, the norm is that it always lasts longer and that each of the two partners reaches orgasm at least once if not more during the same report. This standard is partly due to the industry of pornographic films, in which people can be observed having sex that sometimes lasts several hours. The actors chain the orgasms, in a way so natural that it seems almost normal. However, we must not forget that in real life, sex does not take place in the same way as in a movie.

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What we can see in pornographic films are actors who most of the time use pills to maintain an erection for very long hours and who, on top of that, will have recourse to simulation to make believe that orgasms are achieved on a regular basis. It should also not be forgotten that if a pornographic film lasts about an hour, this does not mean that the report of the actors lasted an hour: the scenes are sometimes cut in order to make it seem that everything was shot in one. time.

It is therefore useless to try to imitate what you can observe in pornographic films. A sexual relationship can be very satisfying if it lasts 5 minutes as it can be if it lasts 30 minutes. There are no standards in this area and above all, we must not forget that penetration does not necessarily have to be the central element of a sexual relationship.

What performance?

We will start by distinguishing two different performances that can sometimes be sought in a sexual relationship. At first there is a performance in terms of duration, a satisfactory sexual relationship is, according to the standard, supposed to last a certain period of time. However, we must not forget that certain factors will be able to influence the duration of a sexual relationship. For example, a woman will not automatically be permanently lubricated for several tens of minutes or even several hours. It will be necessary to use lubricant. However, a prolonged relationship can sometimes become painful due to swollen genitals. As for people with a penis, they will sometimes have trouble maintaining an erection for several tens of minutes, where it will then be less present. Again, there is no point in betting on the duration of a sexual relationship, the goal is that both partners are satisfied even if penetration is not at the heart of the relationship.

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There is also sometimes a second performance that is sought after. This is often called the race to orgasm, it concerns the fact of trying to offer maximum orgasm to a female partner. Unfortunately, this isn't always going to be successful, and constantly focusing on giving your partner an orgasm can take away the urge and desire.

Why is it not useful to look for performance?

Looking for performance can be good if you are in a particular game with your partner and during sex your goal will be to make it last as long as possible or to reach the maximum number of orgasms possible in a certain time lapse. However, in general, there is no point in chasing after the duration or after the number of orgasms. This is not going to have a positive impact on your sexuality and can even, on the contrary, represent a major source of stress which can make you lose your means.

Pornographic films, the example not to take

The ideal will be to no longer take pornographic films and what they can convey as an example. This is also valid for the erotic scenes that can be seen in mainstream films. They are rarely representative of reality: for example, it is very rare for people who share a sexual relationship to reach orgasm at the same time.

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The search for pleasure before performance

Rather than trying to focus on performance or making sex last as long as possible, it's better to take the time to communicate with your partner so that sex is as enjoyable for both of you. for the other. The fact of giving pleasure to his or her partner must not become an obligation in the sense that it must always be better, always longer, it is better, on the contrary that it be natural. This type of relationship allows everyone to take much more pleasure.

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