Should I wear a condom during anal intercourse

Should I wear a condom during anal intercourse?

Are you curious to discover what pleasure hides behind sodomy? With your partner, have you read a number of articles dealing with the subject? After deciding to start, one last concern torments your mind? Should I put a condom on during penetration or not? Read this article till the end and you will have all the answers to your questions.

What are the risks associated with unprotected sodomy?

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Inserting your penis into your partner's anus without first putting on a condom is not without danger. The anus being very innervated, the risks of tearing are real. And with the tears, the transmission of sexual infections such as AIDS will be even more increased. Unless both partners are HIV-negative, or their viral load is undetectable, the risk is far too great to run. This danger concerns both partners, the one who is penetrated and the one who penetrates.

Another risk is that of an unwanted pregnancy. Indeed, although this risk is low, it still exists. Scientifically, there is no connection between the anus and the uterus. In case of internal ejaculation, the sperm will flow out of the anus and it could enter the vagina. If the vaginal environment is sufficiently lubricated, sperm will be able to migrate to fertilize an egg. It is therefore important to protect yourself before taking pleasure through the anus, so as not to have regrets later.

The role of the condom in anal intercourse

A well-used and well-lubricated condom acts as an insulator between your partner's penis and anus. It will therefore allow you to take full advantage of this unique carnal moment in complete safety. It is an accessory that will protect you from the transmission of STIs of any kind. However, it is important to put it on properly and to use a water-based lubricant to limit friction during movement. Because in the absence of adequate lubrication, the condom could crack and cancel the protection conferred until then.

Did you know there are condoms for anal sex?

Anal sex is so popular that the sexual pleasure industry has come up with a condom for anal sex. The condom for anal sex is made of natural rubber and is perfectly suited for anal sex. It is recommended to use this particular condom and water lubricant for your anal penetrations. This will help you avoid the friction that causes condoms to break.

The condom for anal sex has been tested for a long time and today it has a failure rate of less than 1%. Condoms for anal sex are available in three versions (standard, thin or adjusted) and in 54 sizes.

Do you like sodomy? So, now protect yourself before taking action with your partner. It will allow you to be safe from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. The condom has its perfect place in your anal sex, so don't neglect it!

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