Sleep With A Butt Plug

Sleep With A Butt Plug?

Do you want to sleep with an anal plug to stimulate your anus even at night? In your deep sleep? It is possible and we will give you all the tips right now!

Wearing an anal plug during sleep should only be done if you have already worn one for a whole day and your anus is prepared and trained to wear it for several hours without difficulty.

Not necessarily all at once, do not hesitate to remove it for a few minutes if it becomes annoying. This is the best test you can do to see if you can sleep with a butt plug .

 Diamond Anal Plug

Sleeping with a plug: “Total appeasement”

You should know that the relaxation of the anal muscles does not happen overnight, so you have to train gradually during the day. Start by wearing your plug for an hour, then several hours until you feel comfortable enough to wear it at work , for example.

After keeping your sex toy on for five hours during the day, or more, you can consider sleeping with it for a whole night.

The second requirement for keeping it on while you sleep is to make sure you're using the most comfortable butt plug possible, with a wide base for your safety.

Are you still getting used to it and is it still a bit uncomfortable or awkward? Now is not the time to consider sleeping with your sex toy in your butt. If you're walking around during the day and don't notice it's there, then you're definitely ready to wear your butt plug  while you sleep (and you're in for a treat)!

 Pompom Anal Plug

Ideally, you have to go to the toilet to do… you know… (poo). This is important especially for comfort level, because the emptier your bowels, the more accommodating your sphincter muscles will be for your sex toy.

For the rest, just fall asleep with it in a comfortable way and if your body is ready, it will not come out during your sleep and you should not be woken up by pain or discomfort.

Tips for sleeping with your butt plug

When you feel ready, make sure to lubricate your anus and the plug well before going to bed. In addition to these tips, there are others you should pay attention to before sleeping with your anal toy , here they are:

  • Uses a medium size plug, not a small size to avoid the risk of swallowing
  • Do not use a plug that is too long, a standard length will be perfect
  • Always clean your butt plug before putting on lube and inserting it

When you first sleep with your plug, you may not be able to sleep well because you will constantly think about the fact that it is inside you.

However, over time this will stop happening, and it won't be long before you get a good night's sleep.

When you wake up, you should empty your bowels even if you don't feel the need to, because it's a good way to gently push the butt plug out of your body. Never try to pull the plug out by hand because by then most of your lube will be gone and it could be painful.

If you feel pain at this stage, don't worry. Just rest a bit until you feel ready to start again.

So ? Ready to enjoy anal pleasure even at night?

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