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If you feel you are not yet ready for 'cruel punishment' with bondage, you should pay attention to spanking. This is very innocent sexual fun, accompanied by spanking. Such an element of intimate play can literally blow up the previously tedious process of lovemaking and turn this action into a very pleasurable entertainment, full of thrills and indescribable emotions.

Spanking can be translated from the British as flip-flop. It does not matter how you perform these actions: spanking with the palm of your hand or using special devices widely represented in many sex shops. The main thing here is to adhere to the basic rules of the game. By observing all the conditions, you will achieve colossal results and experience truly cosmic excitement.

Spanking by the book

Nature has placed in the essence of a woman the subordination of her male. No matter how much feminists try to prove their equality with men, a woman remains a woman. Most women are in awe when they feel the superiority of the stronger sex. That is why we recommend introducing elements of spanking into your sex life. Such an easy and harmless punishment will serve as an excellent prelude to sex.

The same can be said of the representatives of the stronger sex. The male always dominates the female. If a boy spanks his partner, he can enjoy the feeling of power over a woman. You feel your male strength and energy. So, we realized that spanking will please both participants in the intimate process. Now to the details: the rules of this game.

Before embarking on an exciting spanking activity, it is worth discussing all the details of the process with your partner. Decide what is allowed and what is not. If you are interested in sexual 'punishment', you have probably already heard that the 'safe word' is always chosen by the participants in the game. It is worth stipulating a conditional sentence between them in advance, which means the immediate cessation of the game. For example, when it has become dangerous for one's health or simply bored, the dominant party will be obliged to stop. This will allow you to be in control of the situation and ensure the safety of the process.

You should also take care of postures in advance, choosing the position that both participants in the game will like best. For example, one partner may place a woman on her knees. Have the beauty's ass on some kind of elevation and ask for inviting slaps. We must warn that this position may be a little uncomfortable for the woman because her knee will press against her stomach. In general, dream and discuss position options with your soul mate. Try to find positions that are comfortable for both parties.

Try the position where the woman lies on both legs of her partner sitting on the chair: this is a more convenient option, allowing you to access her bare ass and spank her properly. After choosing the optimal position, you can proceed to direct action. Consider one very important point: remove all rings and bracelets from your hands, otherwise the jewelry could scratch your chosen one during the spanking.

Another important rule of spanking is warming up the buttocks. If you start spanking spontaneously, without preparing your partner for it, the girl will be very hurt. You will cause her discomfort and the woman is unlikely to want to play the game again. You should carefully massage the tender buttocks so that the blood reaches the skin and warms it up. The massage will serve as an additional arousing stimulus to the spanking: when the skin of the buttocks acquires a pink hue, proceed to a more assertive action.

Regarding the spanking itself and the areas to be hit: mentally divide the ass into the upper part (where the spine ends) and the lower part. The spanking should be on the latter, sometimes touching the hips. Spanking necessarily involves the partners' attention. A man should carefully observe how a woman reacts to the spanking. If the lady likes this unusual entertainment, the man can gradually increase the pace. Otherwise (if the girl is hurt or unpleasant), it is better to stop the intimate play and, by mutual agreement, try again another time.

To conclude our section on spanking rules, here is one of the most important 'postulates' of spanking. Under no circumstances should you 'attach' yourself to your partner by holding your hand over his ass. Your actions should be short and jerky, like a 'detached' when playing music. Let your hand spank and bounce immediately, and in between strokes you can stop, distracted by caresses and kisses. The most ideal spanking option is 10 hand claps and a pause for an intimate massage and caresses.

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Good, and ... of course - abuse! Tell your partner during play what a 'dirty, lustful girl' is and how you want to punish her! You should not indulge in embarrassment and keep silent: the action itself implies that you will be stepping into the role of a 'naughty woman' who requires a noble thrashing. So silence is inappropriate here.

What do experts think about spanking?

Is spanking a deviation from the norm or a way to diversify your sex life? Such a burning question is often discussed by psychologists, but, unfortunately, none of the specialists have given a definitive answer.

Some doctors suggest that the love of spanking comes from childhood. "Such children were spanked by their parents and the children, as they matured, 'erotilised' this psychological trauma, turning it into a way of obtaining sexual pleasure," said Sigmund Freud. Modern opponents of this view believe that there is no underlying reason for the unusual hobby. You should not look for a black cat in the dark if it is not in the room.

To study the nature of spanking, it is necessary to conduct an experiment by selecting two groups of subjects. The first are those who have been severely punished by their parents, the second are those who have escaped the wrath of their relatives. Psychologists could study the percentage of spankings in these groups and draw conclusions about the origin of the spanking fetish. Unfortunately, no one has yet done such research and we can only hope that one day medical specialists will study this aspect of human sexuality.

We want to provide data to help you understand why many people are addicted to spanking and what the reason for this passion is.

  • Proximity of the genitals to the buttocks - As the genitals are in close proximity to the 'object of the whipping', the partner may experience sexual arousal, as the spanking will increase blood flow to the genitals.
  • Pain stimulates the release of endorphins - The sensations that arise when this substance is released are similar to a 'pharmacological effect'. If permanent punishment were a part of the child's life as a child, he or she might become addicted to the beating process, becoming aroused by the release of endorphins. Consequently, the child carried this way of obtaining sexual pleasure into adulthood.
  • Primate posture - Male primates mate with females in exactly the positions used by humans for spanking. So the spanking process has a simple 'animal background', having an entirely understandable reason for being interested in fun play.


In order not to mislead you by creating the erroneous impression that the 'roots of spanking' originate in childhood, we will bring to your attention a few points that refute this opinion of psychologists.

  • To date, scientists have not empirically proven that a deviation from the fetish is in the nature of a child's psychological trauma. A number of people practice spanking in their intimate lives without a history of parental punishment.
  • If sexual deviations in the form of spanking can be explained by psychological experiences and childhood trauma (associated with the spanking process), how do you explain other sexual fetish hobbies (e.g. foot-loving, bondage or immobilisation, use of blindfolds) that do so not being correlated with spanking parents?
  • In pre-revolutionary times, parents often practiced spanking and spanking their offspring. So why wasn't there an 'outbreak of spanking' among adult children in that historical period? After all, when Freud was still alive, almost nothing was known about spanking as a sexual game, otherwise the scientist would certainly have mentioned it in his notes.
  • Intimate foreplay with spanking may not always be sexual in nature. Many partners rehearse the role of 'daddy' and 'daughter', clapping to clarify their feelings and emotions. Women's names also have a 'paternal' coloring, when men call them 'baby', 'boy', etc. Girls are cradled, carried, spoon-fed, spanked. In this case, it is inappropriate to talk about the sexual background of the game.

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Types of play: what is spanking like?

Since two partners are involved in the intimate game of spanking, it is understood that one of them hits the other. Based on this, spanking can be divided into active and passive. In the former case, the partner strikes while experiencing sexual arousal. In the passive version of this element of BDSM, the party receiving the spanking enjoys the process.

Furthermore, we can classify spanking into hard and soft. In the latter case, a man has a gentle impact on his partner's erogenous zones, which practically causes her no pain. In the former, special devices in the form of flip-flops are used for play, and the process proceeds in a hard form, accompanied by cursing and powerful stimulation of the buttocks.

If we look in more detail at toys designed for all kinds of spanking, we notice that intimate shops are full of a variety of spanking devices. They are made of wood, plastic and leather, produced in the form of spatulas, strips, palms. All flip-flops do not bend well and inflict resounding blows, causing the least harm to the participant in the game.

Summing up

If you are already practicing BDSM with elements of spanking with force and strength, or simply dream of trying such 'pleasure' entertainment, we advise you to carefully observe safety measures and choose only high-quality devices for this intimate entertainment. By the way, spanking can be put to the test not only in hard play devoted to education by the master of his sex slave, but also in innocent role-play, e.g. in a teacher punishing a negligent nymphet.

We also recommend studying spanking videos, which are widely presented in the vastness of the net. From these videos you can learn for yourself many spicy and useful little things that will be useful in your own intimate play. It is worth paying attention not only to the subtleties and rules of spanking, but also to the partners' outfits. Use, for example, belts made of straps, which have only recently appeared on the market for intimate items. Such harnesses are perfectly combined with spanking and BDSM: they look exciting, provoking an irresistible desire to subjugate a partner.

In general, if you suddenly feel that your sex life has become like 'unleavened broth', perhaps you should season this 'soup' with a considerable share of spankings. Don't shy away from experiments and show unbridled fantasy by using more and more new devices.

We mentioned earlier that spanking and pain help the body release endorphins. These substances are able to produce an unprecedented effect, causing a source of pleasant emotions and sensations. Although spanking is called the easiest way to 'punish a partner', it can offer incredible satisfaction and prepare you perfectly for sex. That's why you should no longer be plagued by doubts: 'to try or not to try'. Dare!

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